Blink 182
Tom Delonge


Tidbits on Tom....

Tom is a trekkie. He believes in aliens and alien conspiracies etc. He also believes that he has "been abducted and probed in the anus... on purpose".

Prior to joining Blink, Tom worked at a fast food joint called "Gary's Chicken and Ribs" in Poway, CA.

In the scene of the video 'All the Small Things' where Mark is doing his Ricky Martin imitation and getting wax poured on his chest, if you look in the background you'll see a couple making out. Its Tom and his girlfriend, Jen.

Tom has 8 tattoos.

Tom paints his fingernails (on his left hand only) black.

If you look in the background shot on the "All The Small Things" video, when the girls pour the candle wax on mark, you can see Tom making out with he girlfriend.

Tom discovered alcohol at an early age, and was expelled before his 15th birthday for drinking at a basketball game.

Tom was elected homecoming king to piss off the school administrators.

If you listen very carefully, towards the end of "Degenerate" you can hear either Tom or Mark fart and say 'excuse me'.

Tom works out every day on tour.

Tom has a huge belief in aliens, maybe the song Aliens Exist will back that fact.

Tom's mother's name is Connie.

Tom's mom, Connie, is now a real estate agent. His dad, Tom, is a energy company executive.

Tom has a sister, Kari, and brother, Shon.

Tom doesn't smoke.

His favorite CD of all time is "Less Talk, More Rock" by Propaghandi.

Tom & Jen got married on May 26th 2001.

Jen got hooked up with Tom at a party.

Tom's wife Jen is studying at college to be an interior designer.

Tom appears in the movie Idle Hands as a fast food employee, who wears a sombrero. He only has one line.

Tom appears on the new Unwritten Law album "Elva". After the last song you can hear a phone message Tom left for Scott Russo about hearing the demos for the record.

The very first album he ever bought was a DI album.

Tom attended Poway High school in California.

His wife, Jennifer got mad about the line from Dumpweed, "I need a girl that I can train..."

Tom chose the name [Blink] simply because he likes short verbs.

Tom has his lip pierced

Tom once got expelled for a year for drinking alcohol.

Full name: Thomas Mathew DeLonge
Nickname: "Hot Pants"
Marital status: Married to Jennifer Jenkins on May 26, 2001
D.O.B: December 13 (3 days before mine!!!) 1975
Contribution to the band: Singer/ guitar player
Current residence: Encinitas CA
Pets: German Sheppard named Grey
What he does in his spare time: Hang out with his wife
Kids: one daughter Ava

Tom was born Thomas Matthew Delonge, Jr., on December 13, 1975 in Poway, California. Tom was raised by his mom, a real estate agent by the name of Connie, & his dad, an energy company executive by the name of Tom, Sr. He had an older brother, Shon, & a younger sister, Kari.

Although coming from a nurturing background he was a problematic child. Tom discovered alcohol at an early age, and was expelled before his 15th birthday for drinking at a basketball game. Tom made a triumphant return to school, & all of his friends voted him Homecoming King. Actually, this was part of a scheme to piss off the school administrators, who had a mutual hate for Tom. He was also known for waking his parents up during the wee hours by blowing noteless tunes from a trumpet. Although not seemingly talented with music he did apply himself to the guitar. He became interested in the instrument on a church camping trip. One camper brought a guitar along, and Tom spent more time playing around with the guitar than he did with the camping activities. Tom got his first guitar from a local friend who's dad worked at a dump. Someone had thrown away a perfectly usable guitar. So, Tom's friend gave it to him.

Tom discovered punk on a holiday in Oregon, when he went to visit a friend. This friend was heavily into punk, and introduced Tom to bands such as Stiff Little Fingers, Dinosaur Jr., and The Descendents. Despite having previously thought punk was nothing but fast noise, Tom fell in love with the sounds he heard.   Shortly after high school, Tom got together with his pal, Mark, formed a band called Blink, & the rest of the story tells itself. Tom is known for his sick, twisted mind & fascination with aliens and conspiracies. He currently lives in Encinitas, CA, & spends his free time with his wife, Jen.  


"I hope this song touches you like your father does."

" old are you? 15? OH MY GOD!!! Put those things away."

"It's cold, it's raining.....and this is the most boringest place on earth."

"I wanna have an orgasm on stage here, all I need is some light kisses to the tip of my penis. Just little small ones."

"We write songs about love, life friendship, food.....your mom."

"For me, sex with a girl is a race to orgasm, and I am undefeated."

"Just one boobie will make me horny as shit. And if you have three boobies, then I'll get really really horny!"

"I can't live without Mexican food.

"Marks penis only turns in a 90 degree angle."

"Is this healthy? The rain, the cold, the Germany? The snot, the nose, the fever?""

"I don't get boy bands these days. Thye don't write their own songs and everything is choreographed from their dance moves to how they have sex with each other after the show."

"Do I look feminine when I stand like this?"

"Fuck me, I'm losing respect for myself as an artist.....and as a lover."

"Humor has become so cliché and boring that nothing's funny anymore unless it involves something totally disgusting that offends somebody or makes them feel really uncomfortable."

"I wet myself at night when I'm asleep, just like everybody.....I spy on my dad when he's taking a shower just like everybody else in this world.....we're not just a joke band"

"We don't want to act like adults. Anybody who can stay in a state of adolescence will be much better off later on. Look at people who are working nine-to-five jobs out of college, and look at professional skateboarders or guys in punk bands. See who's having more fun."

"Please don't throw up your dirty toilet paper, we're not hungry"

"This type of music has a limited time span so we have to evolve and do the best we can now."

"I masturbated like 5 times in the last 24 hours, it hurts, I think it's gonna fall off"

"Our take on punk is really just fun: it's fun to offend people and do what we want to. But it isn't that offensive. We make music for ourselves and everybody else who gets it. It's a lifestyle scene. If you don't get it you don't have to listen."

"I haven't grown up at all since I was a freshmen in high school, and neither has my penis."

"This is a scene and the bands that have been in it a long time deserve the breaks. Doesn't mean they've changed. We haven't. We're still writing songs about girls."

"We take our music very seriously."

"I study that stuff, man, UFOs ... I'll tell you that I think in the next year the US government is going to come out and admit that aliens have visited Earth. The reason I think that is that I listen to this radio show at home which deals with all this stuff."

After asked about getting spit on in concert he told someone - "Usually I'm too drunk to really care about it. Sometimes I'll look at my shirt and see a bunch of loogies and get all grossed out, but it's all in the name of fun."

"Some people think we're idiots and perverts, which we are."

"I came up with a little formula," Delonge says. "If you write songs about girls you get girls at show. We write a lot of songs about girls." 

"And as for signing to a bigger label .... well I'd like to make a lot of money and fuck credibility. If I did it doesn't make me any different. Just richer."

"This is a scene and the bands that have been in it a long time deserve the breaks. Doesn't mean they've changed. We haven't. We're still writing songs about girls."

"Actually, we are featured [ in American Pie] as incredibly sexy guys. The film company went out and did this huge 'sexy guy' search across the world and they found me. And I said, 'Well, I have this band, if you want to use them.' And they said, 'If that's the only way we can get you...' And I said, 'Yeah...'"

"I think we need to [rehearse] more often. At least that's what people have been telling us for ten years."

"It's so obvious that I have the most masculine attributes. If femininity were a sport, [Mark and Travis] would have a gold medal."

"I don't know if you've ever had an enema, but it definitely brought my family closer together and I hope it brings my band closer together."

"I've always liked girls. I think vaginas are much more attractive than penises. I think penises are God's cruel joke, I don't even like them--and I have one."

"If a person has brains, they probably don't listen to our music. If a person has any pride or any kind of family values, chances are they probably don't listen to us."

"Some people think we're idiots or perverts. Don't argue people, we are both."

"I'm not gay, alot of people think I'm gay. I have a girlfriend, she thinks I'm gay."

"I'm picturing you all naked. Now I'm picturing you all in wheel chairs. Ok, sorry that was fucked up."