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Can i Help?

Dottie's always trying to help. This concrete should hold up to her claws. i think she's blocking my light.

And Now it Looks Like a Pond

September 1999. It's getting close but we won't have fish in it this year. The top pieces had to be roughly fit together...a task harder than it looks. They were numbered with crayon after they were fitted to make it easier putting them up. They still have to be acid washed and the inside of the pond decorated and planted.

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See How Dottie's Always Butt'n In?

June 2000. It's hard to tell but the "drain" pipe is extended up into the middle of the round part to make a fountain. The water  hyacinths (a floating plant) are kept from floating around with a fish line spot-glued with Marine Goop under the top ledge

Child Labor

The  baby (is that a pour baby?) is made to pour water endlessly onto the water cress. The "panhandle" of the top pond was made into a "veggie/rock filter". The 2" pipe enters on the top right corner of the picture, right below the drain spout. It was angled down and then elbowed to follow the bottom for about a total of two feet. Many holes were drilled in the pipe to disperse the water throughout the rocks. The pipe was covered with fist sized rocks and then a 6 inch layer of beach stones. The plants were stuck into the stones.

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This Water Bowl Is Too Big

Dottie and i are always trying to drink this thing down. The water level's not dropped but we haven't given up yet. Since the "veggie/rock filter" and waterfall have come online, the water in the pond has cleared dramatically. The sound of the waterfalls sounds like rain crashing down all the time. The view from the house is as good as we thought it would be.

Can't You Just Hear the Sound

Someday we'll get a recording and put it with the picture

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Weir Not Afraid of Snakes?

The weir keeps the fish in the top pond. It is cemented-in galvanized hardware cloth. If you look closely you can see the little garter snake that wove his way through the weir like a basket to get to the other side.

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