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Jeff Haas

: Salisbury, NC

Years in Fantasy Football: 7

Championships: 4 Yahoo Championships, 2 championships

How many leagues do you participate in each season: I know this may sound crazy but I have averaged around 8 leagues a season for 7 years. I plan on taking on 12 leagues in the 2002-2003 season.

Key to Fantasy Success- The key to Fantasy Football success is research, research, research. Knowledge is the power over your oppenent. A good draft just turns the key.

Favorite Team/player: Team- My favorite has to be the Tennessee Titans. My home town team is Carolina, so I always pull for them as well. Favorite players include: Brian Urlacher, Deion Sanders, David Boston, Pattrick Jeffers, S. Rolle, T. Dilfer, S. Alexander, J. Garcia, and Sapp.

Head to Head. Roto, Keeper; which do you prefer and why? I prefer Head to Head competition. Just for the simple fact that you are facing another team owner each week. Strategic and more exciting in my book. Keeper leagues are kinda boring b/c of the lack of draft options as well as same players year in and year out. (depending on league rules). Roto leagues are the most boring scoring system there is. I would NEVER suggest anyone to play in a roto league.

List the names of people you would like to have over for a Super Bowl Party:
Of course the Infinity squad, Adam Sandler, Dennis Leary, Jim Carey, RVD (Rob Van Damn-WWF Super Star) Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Samuel L. Jackson, David Spade, The whole cast of SNL and Mad TV.

Your Fantasy football team name: RVD Titans, Infinity, Stompin' Mudholes

Bottom Line Goal: My bottom line goal is to give others what I have received to get me where I am now. "Knowledge" for the price at which knowledge should cost, NOTHING! I want to share with everyone my opinions on fantasy football. I want to help everyone get to the top where they belong if they are willing to do some research.

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