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John Pechacek

Home: Westchester, IL (20 minutes from Chicago)

Years in Fantasy Football: 6 (Multiple Leagues)

Championships: 5

How many leagues do you participate in each fantasy season: It varies, but I'll participate in at least three leagues from now on.

Key to Fantasy Football success: Running backs win championships. This is my number-one credo. Depth and wise free agent pickups are also crucial. And always play your best players regardless of who they are playing.

Favorite Players/Team: (and why) My favorite player of all-time is Chicago Bear great Walter Payton, because he was a complete player who gave a maximum effort on every play. Of course he was a great running back, but he was versatile enough to take some snaps at quarterback one game in an emergency situation for the Bears. I'll always remember his unparalleled stiff-arms, stutter-stepping and his blocking ability. Rest in peace Walter. My favorite current players tend to be the guys on my fantasy teams each year who flat out get it done on a consistent basis like Shaun Alexander in 2001. My favorite team is the Chicago Bears. Thank God they're a good team again. Living in the Chicago-land area, I have been watching Bears' games since I was a boy. The Bears have so much tradition and past glory, that it's hard not to be a fan in this town.

Head To Head / Roto / or Keeper League? (What is your preference & why) Head-to head is the most fun. It's more involved than a Roto league, because you can talk trash to your friends and place hot-wing wagers and bets when you play each other. But, I prefer Roto, because then if you score the most points you win. In Head-to-Head competition, you could score the most points and not even make the playoffs. The better teams will always win in roto. I prefer a keeper league where you protect any two players picked after the second round or picked up as a free agent. I always say draft night is where stars are born and dreams are made. So by only allowing two players after the second round or free agents to be protected, you still have many stars available for the next season's draft while also being rewarded for picking good players that you can keep. The other thing I think should exist in the keeper league is offseason trading of draft picks and players. For example, I'm protecting Joe Horn (drafted in the fourth round) and Shaun Alexander (free agent). I have guys like Keyshawn Johnson and Garrison Hearst, who I will peddle to teams with not a lot of talent available to protect for a draft pick. Offseason trading allows us fantasy fanatics to have something to do all year round.

List the names of people you'd like have over for a Super Bowl Party: I'd invite players from my fantasy football team that helped me win money like Jeff Garcia, Shaun Alexander and Joe Horn.

Your Fantasy Football Team Name: In it 2 Win it

Bottom Line Goal: I have an undying passion for fantasy football. You have to do your homework in order to be a winner. I want to help you become a more successful fantasy football owner with my analysis and advice.

John Pechacek is the author of "This This and That of Fantasy Football," an in-depth analysis of all the week's NFL games from a fantasy football perspective. He also offers advice to readers via his fantasy football mailbag and predicts the results of each NFL game. John also writes for

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