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To all, I am okay ... I've decided on plan of attack. However, it means cutting back on extras including online-ness until it is solved.

Therefore, blogging and netting will be reduced. Am not totally offline, just less online. You know how to reach me if on urgent business anyway.

It's a problem that most lawyers who do online stuff have. You can't deny that the lawyers that blog/ do netty stuff tend to be a little "weird" compared to the other goody by the book lawyers (no derision meant). As we are a little zany as compared to our more serious comrades in the field i.e. normal lawyers, we suffer from a general problem of "unfocus-ness". It is perhaps true that one can only concentrate on a few things in life. As I am unwilling to give up my Thurs suppers with the BIGs, my Jap classes on Suns and piano ... I guess I will have to blog less until I get myself back on track.

Which means ... no more fanart unless I really have time, a cut down on fanfic and in general ... trying to scale down until I get a grip on my situation. The practice of law is consuming and as much as I like fun, my work is something that I must give first priority to.

~ End Report *now lets see how many days I can go without blogging senseless stuff*
This ain't goodbye, just a reduction of activity

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3/30/2003 01:26:42 PM [link | | ]

... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...

Happy birthday Kim *albeit belated*

^___^ v

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3/30/2003 01:18:33 PM [link | | ]

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Hooi *dies* So after one night of sleep and one morning of being told where I'm going wrong (this I quite like coz at least I know my mistakes altho this implies having been given a warning to shape up ^ ^;; it is indeed shape up or ship out), I have the following options:

1. Quit, go to school, live it easy for one year before giving this another shot.
2. Quit, go to school, consider my options including a new line of work.
3. Quit, bum around before looking for something else which may or may not be in litigation.
4. Trudge on and try to improve on my weak points and hopefully turn out better but if things do not look good come August, I should be seriously consider option 1.

Pros to school or quitting in general: (a) Studying while you're still young is good. Bumming is a good way to recharge. (b) Instant gratification - and I mean INSTANT. Further while I like the law I must without pretensions admit I suck at file management - basically I do not do good administrative work which unfortunately is required in the job.

And then there are the awful typos ^ ^;;

My biggest problem is brain freeze at times. People want some things and I think about it. In the interim period, it is assumed I've agreed and then I'm in deep shit explaining why I agreed to it.

Must psyche self to say immediately: "Let me think about it, I can't decide so I will go seek approval." And then think.

Cons: Might have difficulty picking up after school/bumming plus the lack of salary is not something to relish. Also opportunities like this do not come often - should give another shot since I've been given one.

Hmmm ... decisions ... decisions ...

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3/26/2003 02:25:11 PM [link | | ]

... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


Me thinks the happenings of the last 2 days indicates I should quit and get a new job.

I'm seriously thinking about it. Why? Coz I do want my life back and while present circumstances are improved from the first I could do with less money and less problems.

I suppose the error of yesterday aside, what makes the practice of the law a pain is the dealing with clients and the dealing with bosses. It is a balance between keeping clients happy so deals keep coming in and not running at a loss.

Then there are opponents and there are strange colleagues.

Okay I'm just pissed off with myself. I don't feel very up to my job and I sure as hell don't want to piss off people the way my gran's lawyer pissed me off.

So I'm now wondering, do I have enuff money to sit by the beach for 3 months and sort my life out?

If only my dad hadn't given away the money ^ ^;;

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3/25/2003 07:44:46 PM [link | | ]

... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...

Am wondering if I should work on chapter 7. Lots of work but fingers am itching and my self-destruct tendency is setting me up for trouble.

Was miserable yesterday due to ďfundamental error of lawĒ Ö sigh, I was taught something at my old firm which turns out to me wrong ^ ^;; It got noticed on time but I feel STUPID *huggles Integra*

Integra Ė There there *pats kitten with a certain amount of resignation*
Clow Ė Huh?
Integra Ė The brat grows on you after some time ^ ^;;
Clow Ė More like your brain got damaged
Kit - ^____^

Gave dad a treat for making him bring my bag to work. Can you believe it? I finished my work but didnít bring it to the office *face falls* Was quite fun having supper at HV although dad was trying to tempt me with french fries on hearing me wail salads tend to make you crave for deep fried potatoes. Evil dad.

Going for lunch soon Ö was planning to eat with my sec and Shirs but their schedules conflict Ė ah well, postponed to Thurs but this means I canít quite have lunch with my cousin that day. Hmm Ė atame ga itai.

Yes, Jap test on Sunday SIGH Ö must arrange things so can study properly on Saturday. Iím cutting it way too close Ė only 1 day of studying what was taught in 2 months *cringes and dies*

Integra - *continues patting kitten*
Kit - *purrs happily*

And I donít believe this Ė Iíve been trying to buy DJ from a certain circle in Japan and sheís been sending me things FOC. I feel bad so I usually send her a gift back Ė how can I just take it from her without payment ^ ^;; but when I wrote to her recently again to indicate that I was contacted by some friends to buy the DJ from her, she wrote back to say that she was giving me the DJs FOC because it was me asking.

O_o;; as bizarre as it sounds, here we have a case of a circle who doesnít want to charge kit and kit as a customer who is refusing to take DJ for free.

Now how often do you get that?

Em, I got the Harry Potter DJ. It's sooooo pretty even my mum was awed.

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3/25/2003 12:01:44 PM [link | | ]

... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


This is a blog to read.

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3/24/2003 02:18:52 PM [link | | ]

... there is a monster ...
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Hai Ange-chan and SF-chan. Yes *melts* Integra looks gorgeous in volume 5.

Strange thought of the day:
~ I sometimes get questions whether I'm Chinese and local at that. It could be because of my eyes and chin - not typically Chinese according to Bel altho to me I can't tell. My father gets it more often (after all my mother is very Chinese looking). My sister is usually mistaken for an Eurasian.

So I wonder. Am I purely Chinese afterall. My mother's side of the family is.

I've always assumed my dad's side was too.

Until I spoke to my uncle yesterday and he can't guarantee whether my grandparentes on my dad's side were. My grandfather's mother may not be Chinese. We have no idea about my grandmother's parents. He dug out some old photos yesterday ... you know, great grandma don't look so pure Chinese or was it my imagination? Which leads me to laugh coz on my father's side, we really don't know what we are and to the Chinese, it's important knowing your roots.

Not that it matters. Even if we're Chinese, we're a hopeless bunch of bananas. As a kid, my dad knew more of scones and English high tea than mooncakes. We're happy and that's good enuff. I just don't know who I'm related to beyond the handful that my grandmother had kept in touch with - namely my grandfather's brother and sister.


I once found out at about age 18 that a good friend I had known since 7 was my cousin. That was so bizzare. Now I'm starting to wonder if there are going to be more "revelations". *glomps Integra and pretends to need comforting*

Integra: UGH!!! *tries to shove rabid kitten away*
Clow: O_o;; *sniffle*

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3/24/2003 10:08:18 AM [link | | ]

... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


Popping in quickly for email clearing and all.

Em, if I see ya tonite, could you bring Zero so I can mail it off tomorrow. Sigh, I was supposed to be at Bel's but the work calls ^ ^;;

Double sigh ... family is very pissed off with my piles of mess i.e. mountains of clothes and books in hall and in bedroom. Don't blame them coz it is an awful mess but I'm so tired.

In fact I would take a cigar or two but for the fact Dr Nii has sworn she'll (as well as beloved pupil) kill me ^ ^;;

Anyhow, for your amusement, I present this.



1. To all the demostraters against war. I do not think you're wrong - I tend to agree with the views that if you have to be rid of Saddam, it should be by other means. However, I regret to say I think your method of protest is feeble and ineffectual. If you really think the war is so wrong, go chain yourself to something in Iraq and not in LA.

I think it's pretty clear the people who started it are hardly going to be fazed about you sleeping on the streets and causing "peaceful civil disobedience". It's either do something in US to stop Bush or the last gamble is the human shield movement - that one I may not totally agree with but they've got guts and you've got to give it to them folks who are willing to act and not just talk.

2. To all the people at my friend's wedding yesterday. I dread talking to most of you. It was nice seeing my friends again. It was nice seeing the bride so happy and cheery. It was NOT nice having to put up with bootlickers and openly antagonistic people.

You see, this firm I'm with is my third. I did my pupillage at firm no. 1 before signing on as an associate for 2 years before I decided I was sick of local only work and wanted to do some international stuff. As my good friend in firm 2 was looking for fellow sufferers, he asked me and I accepted. That's all.

Unfortunately firm 1 took it bad. I've ranted about how I've been treated about 1 year back, I do not wish to do so again. Suffice to say, I became public enemy no. 1, the traitor etc. you get the picture.

About 8 months after joining firm 2, the guys who hired me left to join this present firm. Some of us were taken. I don't know how they went round choosing people but I don't pretend to evaluate my own worth - I'm just lucky this round and no more.

Unfortunately, most of my friends are in firm 1 and so is the friend getting married yesterday. On Fri I was waiting below my old building for W for lunch. The lift doors opened and the reaction was varied from purely ignoring you (I smile and wave out of courtesy but if you don't want to care, I'm not torn up just amused) to screeching about how nice it was you're in a US firm and baiting you to tell them how much your salary is.

Right ... I'm getting more than the local outfits but I work for it. Besides, I promised my boss not to reveal information on my pay to people in the profession and so I won't. I can tell my close friends but why should I be under any obligation to answer people whose motives are suspect?

When I left my first job, it was a very uncertain time. Economy was at a bleak and it was well known firm 2 had just adopted a strict hire and fire policy for the newbies - if you don't do well, you're shown the door immediately. I was taking a risk coz I could be out of a job within months with no easy openings in sight. I was taking on work that was not well spread in the market i.e. it would be a whole new field of work for me. I don't see why I should be faulted for having gambled my chips and not lost. Some of them were just waiting to see me crawl back and beg for my old job. I didn't, nor do I plan to.

Usually I can live with it but I hate the false fawning and all. I'm still Kit of 2 years ago. Slightly messy, a little eccentric, a little odd ... still poor and still eating at coffee shops. I can't give any favors nor can I sabotage anyone. It's no use trying to curry favor coz I can't do any.

I don't know how some people enjoy flattery. To me it's offensive.

And it makes me sick.

And so I when I have to meet my friends below their building and scoot off for a quick meal, I usually pretend to read something. Yesterday was pretty unavoidable tho' coz it was a wedding lunch afterall. And so I had to live with this bunch of crap ... which made the whole lunch miserable but for the time I could speak to my real friends unmolested.

I don't mind telling you about my work and what it entails if you're truly interested in international construction work. I do mind when you're not really paying attention but trying to get my attention so you can ask me about salary.

You think I'm stupid? I'm no genius but give me some credit.

And then there was the partners. Some were nice. The others were either eyeballing me from afar or if they spoke, the conversation was definitely barbed and doubled in meanings.

So I left with a rather bitter taste in my mouth. Bel was with me fortunately and a little shopping cheered us up a little - well my heel broke and so I was walking around barefooted looking for a shoe - wat a sight.

I've something to say about Bel's no good BF but that's her story not mine.

We went to Nine West and cooed over the bags. I love the leather bag designs but 100 for a bag which you have to protect from rain, sun and humidity is really a pain unless you're a sucker for bags.

Sat down at breeks for a nice drink. I guess she's right. Firm 1 takes a very strong approach on people who did pupillage at the firm but leaves. The first scenario is the kind who quit for studies or just bum until they find a job. Those are forgiven and can be taken back.

Type 2 are those who quit for a job overseas or for a job with a bank or company. They are viewed with unhappiness but the partners will still be nice to you because you could be a potential client in the future.

And there is type 3 who join another local firm. We're the ultimate sinners and will be subject to the warth of the firm for the act of betrayal.

I suppose I shouldn't even be letting this bug me but I'm very tired after Friday having had to rush around and then speak to a professor in London at 1 am on the intricacies of engineering in an oil plant and if there's anytime to make me depressed, it is now.

No matter, I've got to go to my uncle's now so I'll leave this and go.

As usual I make no sense. I've come to the conclusion I treat my blog as a pyschiatrist. Sorry to have grossed out/ pissed off / horrified any readers especially those in law but it's a tough line even if the work is great.

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


In case anyone's trying to call me, call the office line (altho I'm leaving at 8:15) coz I left my mobile under my bed :P

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3/21/2003 07:50:30 PM [link | | ]

... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...

I see. Hi Grace *waves*

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...

Having spoken to Muslim and non-Muslim, pro-war and anti-war friends, I have decided.

The removal of the Iraqi government is something that must be done. The Bush administration should however, not be so high handed about it and act as if as they are the agents of good.

Especially since the US can't deny they put him there.

The peace activists should just stop lighting candles and figure out how to make sure the innocents are fed when the fighting's done and how to prevent this from happening again.

End of story.

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...

Am pooped *collapses*

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... there is a monster ...
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Yes and the post below finally hits home Kit is a gal not a boy.

Sorry personal peeve. SF and El and Ange know.

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...

*huggles SF* Be it water or tea, get enough fluids. Considering warm lemon tea? The lemon makes the tea less dehydrating.

Thanks for the chocos last nite Angie. Take care of ya-self and mums. El - Thank goodness you didn't bring any of that garlic experiments your sis was working on, I would had died.

And how is it possible that I can see you guys waiting near the roasted meat slices at the Sembawang Canal new building and Serene at the bakery less than 4m away and both of you can't see each other ^ ^;;

Alex, hope you had fun. Good luck with the results. Nice meeting you again Grace. Do you have a blog? Poor SF while most people have good and bad advice, she just gets double dosage of the latter.

Fish, pity you couldn't make it last nite. Will we be able to squeeze something before you go?

Serene - *flying glomp* I so adore that last picture - yes the one with the leash *grins evilly*.

Oh when is Hellsing 5 and Cafe 3 arriving *looks hopefully*

Then again I can so see little Integra and big hellhound in that position.

I WANT A BUTLER. I have observed all lawyers at this firm - at least the guys have wives who are full time homemakers. The woman cooks, takes care of the kids, prepares the husband's dinner and fetches him home from work. Of course the guys here do the Jap thing and give their wives their full salary and take a monthly pocket allowance. SO I CONCLUDE I need either (a) a househusband or (b) a butler. In any case, I'm not handing over my whole salary.

Applicants interested in (b) may apply. I will consider ^___^;;

Overheard in boss's room:

Boss: Ok now you do this?
Kit: Alright. Turns to go but leans paper against wall outside boss' room to make amendments instructed.
Boss *picks up the phone and calls other partner on speaker*:
Ooi S.

S (lady): Yes?
Boss: Are you tied up?
S: No but if you are in your office, I don't want to know.

Kit: I can't take this anymore. *runs off trying not to laugh too loudly*

~___~;; And there was the time they got pissed drunk and all the partners booked into a hotel room so their wives won't find out they had been ODing on the liquor. There were 5 guys. Two were very drunk, three were drunk. Boss carries S. The other two supported the other very drunk one. As they leave the restuarant, they meet their clients at their clients' dinner and dance. Sheepishly they wave their hellos and try to move out until S yells: [name] I love you too and smooches him on the cheek infront of clients.

*dies laughing* I wasn't with the firm yet but I heard it from the horses' mouth when they were mildly tipsy. I'm going to have quite a bit of fun. Not sure about my liver tho.

And the world goes on. A quiet prayer and may it all be well with our souls.

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


Dear Mr Kong - are you serious? Do you think it is possible?

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...

Sixth Circuit's Morrison v. Circuit City Stores, Inc. Opinion Provides Needed Guidance on Enforceability of Mandatory Arbitration Agreements

Concerned with growing jury verdicts, unwanted publicity, and the high costs often associated with litigating claims made against them by their current and former employees, many employers are turning to mandatory arbitration programs as a means of resolving employment disputes. On January 30, 2003, the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit handed down its much-anticipated en banc decision in Morrison v. Circuit City Stores, Inc. The case provides much-needed guidance to employers who have or are considering mandatory arbitration programs.

Comment: This is odd. Why should the education level of the employee be such a determinative factor? Is this tantamount to saying mandatory arbitration agreements in employment contracts are enforceable only against those above a certain salary bracket / job level?

No matter what the terms of the arbitration are? This cannot be right.

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3/20/2003 03:22:01 PM [link | | ]

... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...

Beloved pupil:

Stop blamming blaming everything on me.

You're evil and you know it, I just had to remove your last beacon of resistance against the dark side.

*evil laugh*

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3/20/2003 12:16:46 PM [link | | ]

... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...

So war has started.

Hmm ... Blair's speech is bloody brilliant but I can't quite make up my mind yet.

For one, in all objectiveness, Bush has not really presented the "big problems" that Iraq holds. He has given hints to his credit, but to sway international communities, especially those with vested interest in peace and/or Iraq's *ahem cough cough* oil wells, he should have taken out more from his little bag of goodies.

Bob, people are going to die here. There are children who will probably have their heads blown off without even knowing what's happening. Your country's been blessed with power, don't use it like it is a firecracker.

But then again I understand that while more "right" more info could jepo US's chances of getting those WMDs. Afterall can you imagine?

Bush: I know where you've got them, X marks the spot on the map.
Sad: Oh you got me there except I'm moving there and about this other secret site?
Bush: Yes?
Sad: You're off by 2 km but with any luck I might move it soon too. By the way, are you planning to suspect this area at all?

Duh Ö

To a certain extent, democracy demands too much time, too much transparency. How do you draw the line between efficiency and moral governance? But surely a little more evidence and less riding roughshod over the international community would help?

I might be shot for this but I live in a country where democracy is juggled with efficiency and so I think total freedom is over-rated. I've been mocked by overseas friends for living in a society where I'm told what I can do and what I can't. True, it would be nice to live where I could do as I please but then again I like the fact my neighbours couldn't march into my house and take my things as they pleased.

Well so I canít get gum easily to chew but then again I donít have gum at the bottom of my shoe after a walk on the streets.

So there, tough honies, it's a world of balance, you want perfection? Wait until you die and if you're lucky, you might just find paradise.

And then I look at the so-called Anti-war protesters and I scoff. For all intents and purposes and maybe not rightfully justified, they remind me of the high on coke flower power people screaming, peace and make love not war ... oh cheeh, it's fine to sleep around and screw your best friend's wife but a bit of war and it's a total sin against humanity?

Wake up and smell the coffee bub. The world is cruel. People are scum. Find a slightly kind man and it's like WOW. Donít pretend to be an epitome of purity when youíre not. You can't deny that there is a problem of WMDs here. Are we doing a witch hunt?

Perhaps but would it be worse to find out that we've been breeding danger and blatantly refusing to see what is so obvious. I agree peace and world tolerance is the way to go but you should have spoken earlier when you could have stopped all these seeds of terror from taking root. You didn't did you?

You were too busy going about your comfy little lives, ignoring the problems of the lesser rich kingdoms or peoples. You want to fight war? You have to do more than protest with little pack cards.

And painting national monuments are just as cool as flinging eggs on a stone to clear it out of the way.

No darling, living with your head in the sand is not the way either. One cannot blatantly ignore the fact there is ugliness in this world and you have to deal with it. You rape you pillage and you point your finger at your neighbour. Don't believe me? Check where the household goods in your house came from. Chances are something will be from some factory exploiting child labour.

So drop the high pretense, you're no better than your fellow sinner next door.

It's like those people who protest against racism and then go home get drunk and bash the wife. I'm not saying all protesters are wife beaters no but get off that high pedestal already.

And then there are those who donít care.

Well, you canít because in life you really have to take a stand. Donít care enuff and youíll find yourself wishing you did. The reason why Hilter had it so good in the beginning was people didnít care.

Duh so Czechs are being attacked but my English farm is safe.

Yeah, until the Nazis start dropping bombs on your chicken coops.

But still my ramblings give me no clear answer. Is war against Iraq good or bad? Is it right to care or not? Should you be even reading the mad ramblings of a short of sleep crank?

I don't know. I will admit with all honesty that part of me wants the Americans to clear out the problem. Afterall look, the rest of the world doesn't want to do the dirty shit, here's someone who will pay and send their own people to die to clear a problem ... blood's not on my court and it's good in the long run. If they get the correct crooks, good for them and for me. If they got the wrong guys, I can either pretend it never happened or if Iím in the mood to act high and mighty, I'll just shake my head and pretend to be some moral "I told you so" person. Scumy? Well if you think less of me for being brutally candid I can't say much but isn't that what's on most people's mind? And these same people are protesting against war. Tell me, who can honestly say he is righteous in this whole mishmash of things?

And in case you think I'm running a nuclear arms factory here, I don't think war in the way it is planned now is good. Surely there must be something that can be done to minimise the casualty of the innocents. As I said before, Sad' is hiding in some underground bunker. Do you think he cares that his poor has been gassed to death above him? And to a certain extent, come off the high pedestal as well - the talk as if as it's a pure exercise to introduce freedom smacks of hyprocrisy. While it would be suicide to admit that a good part of the war is factored by the fact the manís supported people who have hurt you and has declared jihad on you to a certain extent and has lots of precious black goo in his backyard, you arenít exactly doing this out of the goodness of your hearts. And donít forget, you are the ones who sold this man his WMDs Ė one reason why I tend to believe the Powell report despite the fact there are gaps in the presentation is that guess who could have sold the stuff in the first place?

You still here? Well, have ya been reading CNN and the Guardian? Interesting how they interview Iraqis who are (a) resigned (b) desperate to be rid of Sad' and (c) openly declaring war on the allied (or not so allied) forces.

Must it come to this? Would it have been wiser to have acted earlier? Is it wiser to back down? Truly how did we allow our world to fall to such an extent? Has not the earlier 2 world wars taught us anything?

All I know is this. God have mercy on us all. None of us is truly innocent from what we face today. None of us can truly say we are right Ė not the pro-war factions, not the anti-war factions and not the I donít know what the hell is happening factions too.

And definitely not me.

In summary, shit happens and it just did. We have to stop sititing around and blaming each other. Solve the damn problem with minimal damage to all and hopefully we don't have to have this discussion too soon again. Oh by the way, I'm not pretending I'm such a high and mighty joe here either. I am selfish and my views do not have loved ones who might die in this war. If you disagree with me, please do ... just be polite about the flames I have no patience for people who just scream so and so is an idiot, a demon from hell ... sucks etc. without explaining the basis for such conclusions.

But I pray for a short quick and fast war and that good may come out of this, even in these dark times.

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...

Nope Fish, I still can't open your blog without IE closing.

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... there is a monster ...
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Gutter gang see ya tonite?

Ange, my condolences. I'm sorry I didn't realise it earlier.

S, I was at law school last nite ... man, the place is so quiet and ... studious ... felt so strange considering during my time law school was filled with people bumming around and making noise and just slacking off. Oh dear now I feel bad about having been such a lazy bum.

I need to start work. Need to start *falls asleep*

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


Just came back from the lawyers with my dad and cousin.

Part of me is pissed off at the fact such an idiot can exist and part of me is giggling at the cross examination I gave him.

You see (for those who have missed the ramblings of the last few days), this lawyer letís call him B wrote to my father to say that he would act for my father for certain matters, blah blah blah and to ask for monies to account.

Obviously I jumped when I saw the letter. Under the law, only the executor of the will can act for the estate. My father not being the executor (because my gramps had made it known my other uncle was acting for her) could not have any authority to act for the estate including the clearance of estate duty etc.

My dad not having suspecting anything earlier became very wary after I told him the whole affair was very fishy. So my dad calls him and obviously that triggered a letter to try to bambozzle my parents. Except by then we are on high alert. In fact I didnít see the letter until just now but it screamed ďDANGERĒ!!!

And then we find out this guy has also written to my other uncles asking for them to agree that he should act for them.

Which reminds me, I better call my uncles Ö

Anyhow, I get my cousin M (actually my dad asked M along to prevent me killing B who I had no qualms as dismissing as either a crook or an idiot before this meeting Ė fine Iím prejudiced, sue me) and my dad to make an appointment with B to find out what heís trying to do with the file. We arrive at his firm and he is surprised to see that my dad is not alone Ė kinda like finding the victim has bodyguards :P

He couldnít explain why he was asking my dad to do what he was asking my dad to do perhaps I donít know, other than the fact he can charge my dad for giving him advice I could dispense half drunk?

So here he was going on and on without explaining really, why my dad should get him to do work. How the monies were now in my dadí hands etc. etc. which only confirms my suspicion he was fishing for work.

As far as Iím concerned, his way of dealing with things (being more concerned about drafting an agreement between my uncles and dad as to how to divide the monies) isnít how probate works and Iíve done probate work mind you. And whatís this about not dealing with estate duty Ė you have to write to the tax department to confirm you donít need to pay tax because the estate has less monies than 600 thousand not keep quiet and hope they donít ask. UGH!!! I had the last straw when he said he would write to the public trustee to appoint him for the estate Ė DUH, you only go to a public trustee when there is NO will or when there is NO monies. Neither of which apply in our case! So I told him point blank no, we were not doing anything until the will is announced and he goes green. By the time I was done and mind you I was extremely polite, he was white and sulking. I could have blown up in his face but I am proud to say I did an Integra Hellsing Ė cool but authoritative. Hey, itís not often I get to be client ^___^

Good job B, even my cousin and dad who were initially of the view that I was being paranoid decided that neither my dad nor the estate would engage him. The only credit I must give him is he did homework and having sussed from my uncles and dad what the grandchildren of my gramps did Ė under the guise of friendly chatting went to ďcheck outĒ the troublesome grandchild who was a lawyer Ė also on obtaining a copy of the obituary from my uncle. For all intents and purposes, you are NOT a family friend, alarm bells were going off in my head when I learnt he had been asking about the family.

Was amused when he said to me today ďAh you must be the one from XXX (my old place) firm.Ē

As far as I know, my dad cannot tell you which firm I am from to save his life. If there is one thing my father is hopeless at, itís names. Which makes it difficult to rebut the presumption someone has been searching the law society book which incidentally has not updated my change of firms. In any case, it would have been easy for him to find me under my "old firm" since there are only 3 lawyers with my surname, 2 of which are guys. So B will probably call up my old firm now and bitch about youngsters having no respect for the old Ė to be told Iím not there anymore Ė TOUGH :P

So ends todayís tale of Kitís evil doings Ö now to back to MY work ^___^

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...

Oh dear, who could it be?

Ooi BIG people, gutter meeting this Thurs.

Was mean to dad, must call home to apologise. Still didn't think he was very smart by doing what he did but will be nice about it. Silly dad went to divulge some info to whom I have a sinking feeling is a con-man ~__~;; my father is too nice for his own good. Mind you he's as evil as I am, he just doesn't want to exercise it tho.

So much work *looks at in-tray and collapses*

Fish ... your blog is crashing us mortal IEs again.

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


Received from the boss' secretary *huggles Sh* All lawyers and/or working people should like this:


To: All Staff

As you know, the realities of the downturn have hit home and I am forced to introduce the following cost-cutting measures to help shore up our beloved company.

I know you will understand that the pain is temporary and the gains will be there for all of us to reap when the company comes through these difficult times stronger....... and ready to ride the next big wave. So with immediate effect, all staff will be required to adhere to the following:

a. The cups on the two vending machines are to be recycled. [Insert name of pantry lady] has already serialised them.

b. Sabbatical leave: Executives booked for New York will now go to Kukup in Johor Bahru instead. Senior executives can go further - up to Yong Peng. [For those not familiar with the Geography in Singapore, JB is a 2 hour drive away and YP not much further]

c. Our chalet lease in Pulau Ubin has ended. However, as the management takes a keen interest in staff welfare, we have arranged with [insert name of Admin manager] (from Admin Dept) to rent out one of his rooms at Blk 923, Pasir Ris Drive. His flat was chosen for its proximity to the sea and you can still see Ubin from the window. [P Ubin is an island off Singapore, Pasir Ris is a housing estate very near to the sea]

d. Entertainment claims: Staff will be required to go for a 30-min demonstration by [insert name of office finance accountant] from Finance Dept, who will show you how to withdraw your credit card slowly from your wallet (58 secs), so that others at a business lunch will inadvertently beat you to it when the bill comes.

e. The Valentine's Day white chocolates (Deluxeur) which I gave out in February: Those of you who have yet to open the box, please return them expiry date: Jan 2004).

f. Monthly Best Employee Award: The $1000 cash award will now be replaced by a box of Deluxeur white chocolates.

g. Annual Best Employee Award: The 14-day Disneyland/Hawaii tour and solid gold Rolex Oyster watch will be replaced by TWO boxes of Deluxeur white chocolates.

h. Medical: The Oxfordshire-Hopkins Medical Group will no more be on our panel. [insert name of HR personnel] will give you the address of Hong Tong Hong Medical Hall in Sungei Road. Bring you company pass for a 10% discount. [While it's not always true, Sungei Road has been associated with cheap bargains]

i. Country Club Memberships: Senior executives must return their membership cards to [insert name of HR personnel], who will then register your name with Bishan Community Centre.

j. Transport Allowance: No reduction of rate! However, it will be paid on alternate months.

k. Gifts for clients: New choices. The Bohemian Crystal list will be replaced by the one from 7-eleven.

l. Annual Dinner & Dance: No change (Dec 24, yay!), but the venue is switched from The Ritz-Carlton to the void deck of [insert name of HR personnel]'s flat in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10.

m. Bonus: This time, staff welfare comes first! Instead of the usual amount, we raised it up to $2 million. Each employee will be given a Singapore Sweep ticket. The draw is on Dec 5.

From: Chief Financial Officer

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...

By the way, chesslaw people, while you are correct in assuming I'm a regular bloodsucker like the rest of the regular bloodsuckers out there, I suck blood in Singapore not US.

In fact, the only US-y thing about my practice is that my firm has its headquarters in the US but I'm just your regular common law lawyer - putting me in the category, professional lawyers in US is a mis-representation on your part, for which I accept no liability.

Altho I do need a HK lawyer's opinion on mediation - any takers?

Warning: From this point in the doucment, I admit I'm rambling/ranting /just wasting air:

Conversation between me and client:
Client - We'll get it done this week, subject to our usual caveats about war, disease and death
Me - Dear M, I don't care ... I need it done, even if someone dies
Client - Right, we'll avoid the route thru the Middle East then
*both laugh nervously*

But seriously ... in the wider scheme of things, it's strange how your little mind is more concerned about the work done this weekend as compared to say, large scale death and destruction pretty soon? I'll fess, I'm not quite as outraged by this whole thing as I should be - then again maybe it's just coz I'm not surprised about motives of both sides. The only sad thing is that there was a time I cared more about things like this. Whether it be old age or a sense of resignation, I tend to adopt an attitude of "whatever comes comes".

At the risk of being flamed, I present my thoughts in this matter:

~ Get rid of dictator arguably good
~ But is it worth the lives of innocent especially when you know the said dictator will be cosy and safe in his nice little underground bunker (maybe someone should just gas the aforesaid bunker)
~ You are what you choose, put a madman at your helm and you suffer
~ But what if you didn't have a choice
~ War destroys peace
~ But can arguably restore it
~ Greed for oil disguised as crusade or inability to express yourself
~ Arrogance by a misplaced trust in might
~ Or is it mere cultural indifference
~ War is an unavoidable product of humans living on the planet or a manifestation of troubles between people
~ World endorsement of peace
~ Or divided countries with conflicting interest?

It is interesting to note that war has been used more than once as a economical revival tool - as perverse as it is. I'm not going to be as naive as to assume the best intentions for the war, then again I'm not ignoring the need for it in certain cases. Ugh ... am incoherent but hopefully you get the picture. There are no right and wrong answers, makes no sense to you what I'm saying - that's why it's called ranting.

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...

[quote]"As with anything unusual, I blame it all on my beloved teacher."[unquote]

Oh dear, I wonder who that could be? *whistles while glomping Integra and reading new Hellsing dj*

On a more mudane front, have survived onslaught by snarky opponents, ditzy clients, strange encounters and mildy panicking bosses over the last few days. It's really bizzare I'm up to here in shit and yet the truth is I do not care. I just work, have fun and if things work out they work out if they don't I can't worry about things that are not my fault. As strange as this sounds coming from me, I've been so "ZEN" I scare myself. Then again, am getting dragged back to earth by frustration as to how mad my dearly departed gran's lawyer is. The moron is suggesting things to my uncles and my dad which make me suspect he either doesn't know what he's doing or he's trying to create work for himself.

I mean ... how can you say you don't want to report the assets to avoid estate duty? One with a semblance of a brain would have thought you would declare the estate but seek concessions and exemptions. *shakes head* - I so have a sneaky feeling that I'm either too cocky for my own good or the man is too dumb for his.

Anyway, am scheming to get my friend to handle the matter instead. That's the thing about being a lawyer, you become more aware of your rights but at the same time, become less patient with people who try to gloss over yours. Without trying to overly influence some people, if you like problem solving and can live with stress, a lawyer's life is not all that bad.

In fact, I actually like my work and the fact it forces me to use my brain from time to time (not always, just time to time) *runs and hides from pyschiatrist*

Inu-chan, are you graduating soon? Joining the ranks?

BTW, Nii-kun and Kouryu-chan, my Jap classmates are so inspired by the tale of water polo Bedok Reservoir style they have expressed interest in my next trip there.

Ahhh ... looking forward to more mayhem and madness ^___^

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


Posted yesterday but for some reason Blogger was not working:

"Workwise this weekend was a disaster. I slept the whole of yesterday after getting home from work, woke up only for tea before snoozing the day away. Today was equally hilarious ... went for Jap before champ brunch. After that I totally crashed again - 7 glasses of bubbly and Kit's giggly tho' not plastered, was in no condition to read a technical engineering report.

So work done over weekend = 0

But I'm happy ^___^ (ignores Integra's comments about drunk lawyers)"


Unfortunately, that was followed by dinner where one of the veges had hidden garlic. Pupil-san saw the aftermath after 3 purging sessions and still a garlic-poisoned kit is not a pretty sight *not that she is even in more sane conditions*

Gomen beloved pupil ... me was kinda so off last nite ^ ^;; Anyhow ... I hope your supervisor is of greater help ^___^

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


Foster has a really good devonshire cream tea.

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...

Drank a lot last nite.

That's all I'll say and by 11, the lights were going swirly after 1 beer, a major lack of sleep, lots of yummy kebabs, a glass of teh aliah and too much laughing ... and second hand smoke.

So I staggered home ... couldn't make it for piano today but somehow am in the office. Bleh ...

Very decadent party tonite ... should I go?

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


Lots of injury on hand due to heaving court bag up and down planes and trains.

Ouch but yummy.

Got upgraded to business again ^___^ oh gosh, I'm going to be so spoilt coz now when I fly economy I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...

Yahoo! Search Results for integra hellsing bites alucard - Lookie who's the first hit *LOL*

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...

Law blog:

How many different type of mediation rules are there in Hong Kong? Is there only the HKIAC's?

Anyone from Hong Kong out there who can help? Will repay with greatest adoration and thanks.

~ Masako, will it be too much trouble? I need a copy of the Act but haven't found a shop that sells acts in Malaysia - in Singapore, it's sold at a special bookstore so I suppose that might be the case for the Arbitration Act (Malaysia) too. Any Malaysian lawyers?

I'm abusing my blog here :P

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


Someone found my blog with the search "Alucard bites Hellsing"

LOL ... which Hellsing? ^___^

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...

Had oodles of fun yesterday. Will leave the rest to blog about it. I will blog about evil deed / fun count:

1. Left signboard at college gates before running away +1
2. Rained, effectively destroying board before enuff people saw it -0.5
3. Fed swans, ducks rubbish (birds and fish etc.) +1
4. Fed terrapins cheese balls (water polo for marine life) +3
5. Tricked kids into playing too +1
6. Taught kids junk food was for playing not eating - 0.5
7. Guzzled wine, salmon, cheese and bread for lunch and slept on grass greatly amusing self +2
8. Went shopping - got clothes +1
9. Realised am too fat -5
10. Went for high tea, had earl grey and champ ontop of sandwiches, cakes, scones, quiche and strawberries (clotted cream and jam - yum) +4
11. Went to Liang Court and bought cutest to die for stationary (gave one of the nikuman to EK today) +3
12. Looked at wallet and receipts -7
13. Snoozed and laughed over fanfiction.net +1 (minus points for discovering the "A" word)
14. Had cheese mushroom prata - mantra, it's your day off ignore everyone and do no good +3
15. Beer at bus-stop +2
16. Wondered about effect of alcohol consumption on waist -3
17. Non-aircon 200 home +3
18. Called friends +4
19. Slept like a pig +3
20. Had to wake up this morning for work -4

Yes, it was a good time. Fish let's meet before you go off?

BTW the numbers have just crunched:
My father gave away half a million dollars, I kid you not.

Oh my gosh!!!

My father is either a saint or an idiot ... considering I stood to inherit that money from him, excuse me while I plot a movie on Saturday as well as to get piss drunk at Mike's house, have lunch again with M on Sat and a champ brunch on Sun after Jap class to alleviate the pain.

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


Plotting to go to Korean in April.

Plotting Australia in September.

Plotting Japan in December.

*looks at bank account and cries*

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...

The recent most common word in search engines leading to my blog: Integra (Hellsing).


Alucard can take Seras, Pip, Rip, Walter, whoever but the blonde of steel is mine MINE you hear?

Thank you.

Mine mine mine ... *runs off to hug Hellsing art, dj etc.*

I was trying to part with one Hellsing dj that wasn't exactly pretty but the tiny sketch of bunny Integra stopped me.

I'm hopeless *shrugs*

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...

Met beloved pupil and beloved colleague last nite. Sake ... yum ...

Rather irritated. Apparently there are issues with the inheritance. My father has just given up most of it so that my other uncles and cousins who were cut from the will will have something.

Except M thinks it's bloody unfair. He offered to take his portion from the will and give some to my dad but I don't think so ... his own dad would flip.

Yes, that side of my family is a sad sad case - my 3rd uncle is trying to help my dad out but my dad doesn't want to take his share coz my uncle will need it. M's dad needs money badly so my dad doesn't want to take his or M's share out to divide. And then there's my a**hole 1st uncle's family to deal with.

I don't want the money you idiots, keep it those who need it and those who don't, let your conscience be your guide.

But my father is pretty cool really ... even if he appears stupid to everyone else, there's more to life than just money and principles more worth than gold.

I sound like such a self-righteous pompous fool don't I?

But then again since you guys (all but a few) don't know my folks, it's not a big deal that I'm screeching my heart out ~___~;;

Temptation of the day: To create a feud or not ...

Forget it for now. Must do work ... goof off tomorrow (08:30 sembawang canal MRT station) and then it's off to KL on Friday.

Masako, I'll settle the accomodations for you. Let you know over the weekend.

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


Hmm, cannot update fanfiction - distressing because have spotted spellos and all in chapter 6.

My Hellsing DVDs are back. Unfortunately the cover is scratched quite deeply - am unhappy - but then again it looked like someone with claws tried to open it. Both freaky and perversely amusing.

Sigh ... one mad part of me demands I go buy a new one to install in my Hellsing altar at the office.

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...

But Kouryu, where it comes to fanficing, you and Nii are the experts.

Hee hee ... I've actually started on a sketch of the whole Hellsing family ^___^

Needless to say, me being biased me have chosen:

1. Seras looking cute
2. Alucard looking maniacal
3. Integra looking snooty
4. Walter looking calm
5. Pip smoking away cooly

Hee hee ... *laughs madly herself*

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


I got my Jap test results back today.

*looks at results and smirks Alucard-style*

Suffice to say I'm happy. I'm back in my favorite rotting place - no prizes for guessing where but I'm treating myself today by reading the novels in my office - shouldn't have moved the DJ back last week.

Ahhh ... gooofingggg offfff ...

Should I do chapter 7?

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


Chapter 6 is up. I need to fix it and revise it but I can't do anything more with it now *cries*

And my submissions are SO NOT done. *hits head on table*

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


Without being too snarky, was reading reports on bus today when the foreign news was being broadcasted: "Do not take it as a god-given right ... too dependent ..."

Hmm ... I wonder. There are a lot of things I take for granted but to demand things as a right is something that my parents have always drumed me and my sis against. You wonder sometimes whether you fall into a trap of thinking all good things should go to you without appreciating the grace that comes along with it.

Planning champagne brunch with colleagues, need to get horrendously spoilt soon *checks bank account* Should probably start learning how to drive soon. This ontop of Jap, dj, archery lessons and etc. etc.

Okane to Jikan ga arimasen.

Glad you had fun pupil dear, I do apologise for hare-brained idea not going as well as it should. Will visit your gutter yes? Colleague dearest ... thank you and pass you your stuff soon.

Meeting cousin for dinner *cheers*.

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


Warning: Sanzo's armed and dangerous.

So I gave the kid a weapon *shrugs*

Stole it off my boyfriend with the big pointy teeth. Henceforth will be disguising as his tall woman boss.

~ Koumyou

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...

Nearly forgot: Watched WR last nite. Animation is good but storyline ...

Hmm ... like "teeth's" eyes - emerald blue. But Kouryu had to point out that I would probably never wean myself off the half English babe of my life now ~___~;;

Kouryu, hope you enjoyed your birthday box. Ukyo and I did everything from scratch, well almost everything.

3 fangurls, a computer, a room and sake - receipe for disaster. And I was horribly late as usual but Ukyo can bear witness that I tried leaving at 7 until that call came in ~___~;;

Forgot to bring my Daimaru card and vouchers - silly me.

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


And coz I won't be shipped to Dhubai next week or off the Malaysian shores, I declare Wednesday goofing off day.

Hope your test was ok Ukyo. I'm quite sorry we were a bit too playful last nite ~__~;; gomen. Your POT is with me tho'

Have work but am trying to ignore it - dangerous.

Where's my Hellsing volume 5?

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


Notwithstanding below, Ukyo-sanzo I deny that I am Integra.

Am not rich, tall, pretty and in possession of vast family fortune, pet vampire and excellent butler.

Fic bunny has just bitten - 2 new possible Hellsing fics including new darker ending for Marked.

Kallang tonite - Kouryu and Ukyo-sanzo?

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...

You're Integra Wingates Hellsing. You lead the
Hellsing Organization, and you don't take crap
from anybody, not even Alucard.

Which Hellsing character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


Because my beloved pupil commanded, I'm back briefly.

Am alive - so Dr Nii and Kouryu, we meet Wednesday? Time, venue?

Work is getting interesting (too interesting). The English bar has written to my referees? Why? They normally don't write to your referees but just approve your application ... oh no, have they heard about me ... I'm innocent I tell you I'm innocent, don't believe those rumours!!!

Got my Hellsing dj and am happy despite workload building up. Am translating Hellsing manga. Anyone interested?

El, all the best for your tests and SF all the best with catching fic-bunnies. Marked needs to be updated and I'm too pooped :P

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


Welcome back Fish. Thanks to ya and mura for the concerns.

And coz this was too hilarious to pass:

The Yaoi Selector: Which Seme are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Muraki again? ^___^;;

S, I think everyone doesn't want to be caught studying in law school coz it's cooler to appear like a genius when you do well and when you don't do well the fact you didn't study makes a good excuse.

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... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...

... how long will it be before I lose control
... how long will it be before he finds me?
... oh preserve my soul, preserve my pride
Preserve my sanity thru this nite ...