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Crawled around the gutter today. Wheee ... go us. The group dedicated to walking along the strangest places ...

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5/30/2003 11:56:18 PM [link | | ]

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*whoops, cheers, waves manically*

JUST GOT LEAVE ... will be on leave from tomorrow until 10 June!!! Have booked self on plane to Melbourne ... snucking away on Monday (since Jap exam on Sunday ~__~;;)

See ya when I'm back!!!
PS ~ BIG, what time tomorrow?

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5/28/2003 03:38:44 PM [link | | ]

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Tadah ... more Integra torture ... woo hoo!!!

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5/27/2003 08:18:31 PM [link | | ]

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Yeap Nadia, SF and I are going to start a blog war. We're going to slime each other to death *laughs evilly*

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5/27/2003 10:07:36 AM [link | | ]

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To all the people whom I have not communicated with for some time both via blog and in real life.

I'm sorry.

I tend to make friends fast and I tend to lose contact pretty fast unless I meet up with them enuff.

I wish there was more time. Or maybe I should make more time.

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5/26/2003 07:33:50 PM [link | | ]

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You are Trinity-
You are Trinity, from "The Matrix."
Strong, beautiful- you epitomize the ultimate

What Matrix Persona Are You?
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*dies laughing*

Sorry pupil-san. Gomen ... hope your test was well.

Lily-san, testuo ganbette. Am happy ... trial is postponed to next year ... of course my tokyo trip is a tad in trouble but I think I can work it out. Plan is to finish up work now and then take a break ... need to study for test so am thinking of taking most of the week off. It's 8 months of vocabulary I tell you. Will plan trip to Japan soon ... yes yes kami-sama and Nii, I am a travelling tour guide from hell. ~__~;;

Matrix reloaded - not great but I was expecting worse. Trailer was cool tho ... am not Trinity unfortunately. For one if I was dating Neo, I'll have to either blow his or my own brains out :P

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5/25/2003 04:46:10 PM [link | | ]

... there is a monster ...
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So pupil-san seems to be slightly disturbed by the Animatrix as well ... altho Serene, kami-sama and Nii seem rather ok with it.

I don't know ... it could have been the fatigue but I didn't really enjoy the show that much. It had potential but the constant zipping and reloading between each short story was very irrritating and unpleasant. I don't know but the production also felt very amatuerish and I had the feeling of watching a bunch of art students' collective short animation project. Seeing how the credits was stuffed with big names, it was a let down. The animation was OK but considering you had madhouse and Oh! productions, I really thought they could have done better. Plus the thingee felt pretentious, the Matrix as I last saw it was a action Man vs Machine thingee. It made no pretensions and that made watching it quite fun. The animatrix however, tried to hard to "show" the evils of mankind and that kinda spoiled the fun for me coz it was too preachy.

<< spoilers >>

I don't think that even if mankind was "kinder", the future would have turned out different. Man is inherently greedy. If machine was made in his image, it would have been corrupted too give and take some time. They learned pretty quick about using POWs as experiments didn't they - something we ourselves would be happy to deny.

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5/22/2003 12:43:19 PM [link | | ]

... there is a monster ...
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Words of wisdom from me not pupil-san but I think people just blog less these days because (a) they're too tired to blog due to work overload or (b) due to the novelty of blogging wearing off, people are less inclined to blog unless they have something interesting to say - so no more droning about work in general or how much ramen one has had for the week.

Of course there is the unfortunate knock-off effect coz as soon as one person in a group starts blogging less, his or her friends have less things to blog in response etc. etc. which could affect their friends in other blogging circles.

Then again, world events haven't been too pleasant lately and that might impact people.

Unless you want to start a blog war like in the good old days ... albeit a staged one, it's going to be a little tough to have lots of blogging activity in the present doldrumic environment. Anyhow, to the BIG, can we confirm how many people are going to watch the movie tomorrow?

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5/20/2003 06:27:49 PM [link | | ]

... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...

Sook's birthday. Had lunch with friends. Must plan towards end of the year escape plans!

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5/20/2003 02:15:18 PM [link | | ]

... there is a monster ...
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Hmm, after endless mulling and whinning and discussions. I think I've decided. Apologies to all friends to whom I'm been wailing for the last 2 weeks.

I think I have to quit my job and either work at Starbucks or any coffee joint and spend about 6 mths travelling on a backpack. Need to go have fun and get it out of my system. If I never get to work here with these people again, so be it. They're the best lawyers to work for in town but hell, I'm only young once. I'm not advocating not working hard but you can't turn the clock back and I'm not waiting until I'm 65 to look back and wonder "what if".

Besides, SC did it before me already. He's going to tour US for one year on a "I don't know if I'll return basis". It's scary walking the blank now insofar that the economic conditions are not at their best but life is uncertain all the time. I need to do what I need to do to get it out of my head. I can't continue working here and wondering 'what if I did this instead'. It's not fair to the people here coz I'm not giving my best at work and it's not fair to myself coz I'm not getting the best out of life nor doing the best in my career - I'm basically half decided at everything I want to do. I need to go do my bummy work, my travelling etc. so that's that. Starting from now, I'm cutting back expenses. Come June, it's no more frivolous stuff, no more buying things for the heck of it. Going to save up and come either September or December, depending on my bank account, work etc. etc. I will walk the plank.

Even if I never get a job as a lawyer again, so be it. I'm really lucky my parents don't require me to support the family but they are the ones I feel most guilty towards - afterall, I won't be able to treat them again after I de-employ myself but if I don't do this ... I'll be miserable and they've said that's the last thing I should be doing to myself.

So watch this space. The day I disappear, you'll know I'm out in the deep blue sea.

As Em said, I'm not one for stability and plain sailing ... you forgot one thing dear, I'm a little mad and self-destructive too ^___^

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5/19/2003 07:30:16 PM [link | | ]

... there is a monster ...
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Hmm was a little late to say cheer up but ... sent you something in the mail. I hope it gets to you soon. If not the post office is going to hear no end of this.

Thank you. That was lovely ^___^ want more ... and I hope things look up on your end as well.

Am stealing a breather. Didn't manage to get any work done yesterday (public holiday) due to oniichan and S4. My mum was amused to see you guys again. Don't worry about that little "spate". We then to squabble over the PS all the time.

"You didn't tell me exiting the dungeon would lose all my money."
"No, I told you you can only leave the dungeon after all the enemies are KILLED."
"But you didn't tell me about the money."
"But I told you you had to kill them all first."

To the casual observer it sounds like we're about to kill each other ^ ^;;

Yesterday was fun. Including feeding the lions ciggies. S4 strikes again. Cricket looks nice but the idea of playing in the hot sun in long sleeves and pants is MAD. Speaking of exercise, I really need to dust the old basketball and shoot some hoops again.

Sooo tired. Slept 2 hours on Mon/Tues due to work. Dragged self home on Wed morning for a short nap before returning to work on Wed whereby ended up not eating or visiting the loo until 7pm when all was finally done. BTW, am damn scared now. Boss to return work with comments in 2 hours time ... *panic*

Of course I didn't help matters by turning up at you know where to help you know who with his stuff until 2 on Thurs morning instead of going home to sleep. Sister in law was very sweet and kept getting me drinks etc. during that nite but oniichan so owes me dinner ...

But yesterday was great. The S4 ended up going to the judgment hall and picnicing on the steps. Ukoku is a GREAT baker I tell ya and Kami was being bullied by
all and sunder as usual. Cartwheels - whee ... For the rest of ya who might be interested, we went picnicing again as usual. Was fun goofing off where it was usually so somber *snicker*. Especially where the stone lions guarding the gates of the hall of judgment were concerned. Had strawberries with cream and lots of tarts, expensive and not so expensive water, salmon and bread ... no cheese balls this time ^__^

Read DJ and laughed some more before trying out Jap sweets which I bought solely to get the fridge magnet - guys, you know how we were gushing over how cute the magnets were? They're actually models of the best-selling cakes in St. Clair. Go see their homepage. Oiishi-yo. Now I want more. X Men 2 was quite good but there are so many plot loop holes ~___~''' Surprise Party was cute tho. Finally, so sorry to run off during dinner. But did promise mummy dearest to go home and help with some legal stuff she needed today. Gomen ... have been quite lousy of late.

Meeting my cousin for lunch (had to cancel with Bel but needed to see M). Dreading Jap test results on Sunday and boss' comments *shudder* That's my grouse I suspect. I don't mind working hard but when I am but still appear to be an idiot, I start wondering if I should cut losses and move onto something else. I don't believe in staying stagnant but one cannot over-stretch oneself by too much either. Am hungry ... need to raid pantry. Listening to Simon and GarF end on end truly makes me zen. Will think about sofa bed but if I wanna quit and rethink my life (including backpacking Europe for one year during the siesta, I shouldn't be wasting money).

EK and VP are in Tioman now enjoying the beach ... I want to go too *sulks*

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5/16/2003 11:54:40 AM [link | | ]

... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


Grip time:

Sorry dear reader but here's where I bitch.

1. I love my job I hate my job.
2. I think I'm going to be fired *dies of horror*
3. I want to fire myself.
4. I hate sleeping on the office floor and getting 2 hours respite while shivering like hell.
5. I like the thrill of the work.
6. I hate it when I have to work non-stop with no breaks for toilet or food from 9am to 7pm.
7. I like the clarity of thought I get when I'm starving and forced to work against time.

I need help ... anyone knows a good shrink?

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5/14/2003 08:16:02 PM [link | | ]

... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


Note to self. If I ever have to sleep on the floor again, I'm going to steal cushions from the partners' rooms.

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5/13/2003 09:06:44 AM [link | | ]

... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


Since today is a day of doom and gloom ... I don't think it'll hurt to say I think I'm gonna fail my Jap.

*Runs off to look for happy energy refills*

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5/12/2003 11:19:11 PM [link | | ]

... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...

I'm Tezuka!
You're Tezuka!

(Prince of Tennis) Which Seigaku Regular are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

So I know what Kami-sama and Ukoku are ... Genjo go take the test. Thurs everyone?

BTW have solved the problem by offering drinks. The new coffee with jelly at 7-11 is quite good.

Sorry about dinner Ukoku. I guess it was a really bad time coz I'd just come out of a frying session. I deserved it but it doesn't make things feel better - in fact I feel the axe over my head. Not that I care ... at the worst they can fire me, my ego will smart but I'll live.

I really can't decide if this is the life I want. I like the law so I don't think I'll go running to MOE yet but the question is whether I should aim for something which allows me to have a life. I like practice but I feel too dumb for my present place and there is a little voice telling me that chewing too much off than I can swallow is NOT a good thing. The other little voice eggs me on coz the reason why I left my last place was coz they weren't teaching me properly ...

It's painful ... like having your teeth extracted and I'm not exactly the most hardworking and stable of persons. I guess the shortage of sleep is getting to me.

Gomen ...

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5/12/2003 11:15:52 PM [link | | ]

... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


Got a question for you people. Answer me in all fairness and not because you may be my friend and do not want to upset me.

Just had a squabble with EK. Feeling awful coz I really like her as a friend but the last 5 minutes was not a highlight in the friendship. If you can, spare me 3 minutes and let me know whether her interpretation of the matter is correct?

Conversation went on like this.

EK: So you got the letter?
Me: Yup. Look it's here. I don't understand why opposing counsel wrote this *points to 6 page letter*. It's tantamount to suicide.
EK: I guess she didn't know the basis of our complaint.

[Basically we were having legal arguments, this was opposing counsel's reply.]

Me: I suppose so. She thinks we're writing to diss her but we're really complaining about this and this ...
EK: Who's the partner?
Me: This guy.
EK: She probably sent it out on her own without telling him?
Me: Can't be.
EK: I think she did.

Me: Don't tell me that's how it's done in Malaysia?
EK: That's too much, you can't look at one firm and condemn the whole country? *walks out of my room*
Me: Huh?

3 minutes later I pop into EK's room.

Me: Look if you thought I was saying all Malaysian lawyers are bad, that was not what I meant. What I wanted to say was that how is it possible a second year lawyer sends out such an important letter without running it by the partner? My reference to Malaysia was in respect of whether practice is accelerated so much so a second year runs the file so independently important letters don't need to be run thru a partner.

[Letters to record conversations and to copy things to clients are fine to send out on your own when your running the file but unless you're a partner yourself, surely you must show the important letters to the partner and obtain his approval?]

EK: No, that's not what you said. You said Malaysian lawyers are bad. Are you saying Y and K are bad because they're Malaysian lawyers?

Me: No [for the record I like Y and K]. I'm asking about accelerated practice. I know we have had this conversation before and that you say UK lawyers are running files on their own after 2nd year but I find it hard to believe because of what my friends they tell me.
EK: No, they do and I was running files on my own 6 months after call. Anyway this conversation is useless.

Me: Look, if you think I insulted Malaysia, I'm sorry but I really didn't mean it that way.
EK: Hmm.

I left the room feeling hellish. If there is anything I would say on my deathbed, it's never underestimate anyone. Even now I'm not about to assume my opponent doesn't know what she's doing. I hope she doesn't but I won't assume. I don't think I'm smarter than anyone and probably never will but the above matter just makes me wonder whether (A) this whole thing started coz I come across as a bigot in the first place or (B) it's just a bad day for the both of us.

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5/8/2003 06:21:33 PM [link | | ]

... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


Am tired. Stayed until 3:30 last nite to rush some work. Am tired and scared and miserable but some stubborn part of me refuses to give up.

But so sleepy. Finished rushing things so time to take a minute out before dealing with remaining mountain of work. Jap test this Sat ... jikan ga arimasen. Em, you got DJ but I can't meet you guys on Thurs coz going to KL. Sat?

Must settle Gran's will matters this week and must oniichan on Saturday nite at Clementi as instructed.

~ Faints and dies

PS: Am addicted to Doll's soundtrack - have forked out yen to get it Amazon.co.jp and looking forward to receiving that and other goodies ordered. When is Harry Potter 5 coming out?

My Engrish is getting worse ... so need s-l-e-ep. Was supposed to get up at 7 today but failed miserably. Unlike most people, I need at least 12 hours of sleep a day - think Huazelei from Meteor Garden.

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5/7/2003 02:47:58 PM [link | | ]

... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


Had supper with Vel and oniichan and sister in law on Friday nite. But was so tired I slunked off early at about 11. Went home and collapsed on bed only to wake up at 12:30 on Sat (oops, missed piano), opened mail to find pretty FF7 doujin (yuffie and vincent yeah) before indulging in Suikoden 3.

Dreadfully late for EK's lunch thingee since I was supposed to be there at 12:30 but managed to drag self away from PS 2 when rain stopped, grabbed a cab to her place before sinking teeth into her home made prawn noodles - yum. Sprinted to Bugis and watched "Dolls" with Kami and Ugoku at Shaw Towers.

Thought it was strange but not too bad. Am in love with the soundtrack and pretty pictures tho. This is one of the shows that make you go wat the heck during and then walk out wanting to find out more about it.

Official website's setup - http://office-kitano.co.jp/dolls/top.html is soooo nice.

But if anyone sings "Magical Beam" one more time, we are all going to so cry. Dinner was good altho Mai Maissons is usually not so crowded - was a bit funny coz Nii aka Ugoku was getting cranky from hunger - hmm and watching the chefs from the bar was hilarious. Managed to convince waiter to move us to table - I swear I wasn't being evil. After watching a few tables clear, I looked at the door and not seeing the horribly long queue there asked the chap if we could move off the bar counter and onto the table *guilty*.

Coffee was blah and we were so bored Kami and I tried lighting the cinnamon stick to smoke. Walked to Chijmes where we met weirdoes - go see Genjo's account of weird ruggers asking us if we wanted to kiss the dolphin (followed by scary nurse boy and surgeon boy).

Kami = *ignores*
Genjo = *smiles Hakkai like grin*
Ugoku = Go stick it where ...
Koumyou = No thanks *wonders if there is a stupid limit really*

It probably is a stereotype but do all ruggers come across as so daft? And of all people do the 4 of us look like little girlies who would be impressed by a balloon fish?

Have been working quite a bit to make up for Sat. Not having fun *sulks* Am also almost jumping out of skin each time I see boss' name on phone ~___~;;

Am REALLY contemplating things especially since the SARS epidemic in the region reminds you how fragile life really is.

Oniichan moves to Clementi this week.

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5/5/2003 01:43:39 PM [link | | ]

... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...


Nadia, the answer to your question is "never question a sanzo's quip of wisdom, especially when he is drunk".

Both phrases came courtesy of Koumyou Sanzo - who in SF's words would be the philosopher stoned.


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5/2/2003 02:10:03 PM [link | | ]

... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...

Since everyone is blogging about it:

Yes, we were polluting the temple pond yesterday. The terrapins are now rabid fans of cheese balls and potato chips. EK has called me an animal torturer ~__~;;

Did a tad of work in the morning (not enuff) before rushing off to meet people and troop to the temple library branch no. 1. Bought lots of cute stationary. Couldn’t decide whether to get Jap assessment books. Went off to temple garden but dropped off at wrong end. Long trek to suitable pond – which was smart coz it was nearer the exit to home and we managed to get into a cab before it started raining … but not bad, it could have been worse. At least we got 90 minutes of cloudy weather or so.

Must do picnic more often but wish it would be cooler. We probably need to go some weekday morning or something really. Tea at Fosters was fun tho’ as well as the trip to Breekos. My mum was amused we ended up back home. Gomen for being a lousy host and chasing you out of quarters early without walking you guys to bus-stop. Was sooo tired. Slept immediately until 9 today (horribly late for work).

Really nice meeting the Sanzo-family again.

Nii, good luck with packing. Stop abusing Kami and I think you're scaring Genjo.

Genjo, cheer up *waves bottle of rum*. All the best for the interviews.

Kami-kun, I’ve passed the pink gel to Belle. Will see you guys on Sat.

Plotted more pranks and made chocolates last nite. Am getting closer to setting up shop to rival Royce *gets pelted for shameless promoting* Am hungry and not in mood to work. Going to visit oniichan and Vel tonite ^___^

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5/2/2003 12:50:10 PM [link | | ]

... there is a monster ...
... imprisoned within my blood ...

... how long will it be before I lose control
... how long will it be before he finds me?
... oh preserve my soul, preserve my pride
Preserve my sanity thru this nite ...