Goodnight, Beantown


This 1983 CBS series focused on the working relationship of a Boston TV anchorman Matt Cassidy (Bill Bixby) and reporter Jennifer Barnes (Mariette Hartley) who was brought in by the station to be Matt’s co-anchor, much to his initial consternation.

The series premiered April 3, 1983 in a 5 episode run and returned on Oct. 2, 1983 for 13 more episodes.



…………………………………………………………………….with George Coe & Mariette Hartley


 with Tracey Gold


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with Sam Holliday


 Season 1:

1. PILOT Matt learns that the station is hiring a female reporter, Jennifer Barnes, to co-anchor the news. Unbeknownst to him, she coincidentally moves into his apartment building with her 13 year old daughter, Susan (Tracey Gold).

2. The Out of Towner: Jennifer is intrigued by Matt’s old friend, who is now a famous author.

3. The Source: Jenny is certain she has a story about gambling in the suburbs.

4. Custody: Jennifer’s ex-husband comes to Boston.

5. Please Stand By: Jenny and Matt are separately sent on assignment to the same story.



6. Hooking for Mr. Goodbar: Jenny is assigned to investigate Boston’s "ladies of the evening".

7. What’s Good for the Goose: Jennifer wants equal treatment when assigned news stories.

8. A Felon Needs a Girl: The innocence of a local bank robbery suspect is debated on air by Matt and Jenny.

9. Invasions of Privacy: Where to draw the line in invading a person’s privacy to report the news, proves a personal issue for Jenny and Matt.

10. Popsicle: Matt is disturbed by the behavior of an elderly neighbor lady who is gardening late at night. (* spoiler)

11. Our Man in the Slammer: Matt refuses to reveal a news source.

12. Looking Forward to the Past: A self-help book about living in a rut gets the attention of both Matt and Jenny.

13. Valerie’s Fan: Special Features reporter Valerie begins to receive anonymous gifts.

14. Happy Medium: Matt is far from impressed about using a psychic to gain news information.

15. Peace on Earth: Wanting 2 minutes of airtime, a man takes control of the newsroom.

16. The Consumer’s Best Friend: The station hires a male consumer reporter who takes an interest in Jenny.

17. Lost and Foundering: Matt and Jenny try to find an independent militia group in the woods.

18. An Old Flame Flickers: Matt renews a relationship with his high-school sweetheart.



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