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Welcome to my Home Page. This is my first animated GIF (late '96).
I know its simple but I've made more interesting ones (early '97) since then.
More importantly I used a FREE GIF animator
(see my Graphics page).

I started this page in late '97 after teaching myself a little HTML.
Since then I've taken several *hardware and *graphics courses and made several upgrades to my computer - after I learned hardware I just Had to tinker... not that my 3 year old computer needed more zing... (I'm thinking about adding a hardware section).

* I now have lots of new stuff to add and hope you find something that's useful or fun.

* Most of the courses I've taken were online at ZDU, a part of ZDNet, aka Ziff-Davis Inc. (a publisher of several computer magazines).
ZDU has a free 14 day trial for instructor-led and self-study courses.

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