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Smother was the Simpletons first recording, recorded in January 1994 at studios at Southern Cross University in Lismore.


Man can spend a lot of time
Wondering what was on Buzz Aldrins mind
Man can look for a lifetime
But he might just lose it in 6 months time
Man can cherish a memory for life
But if he videotapes it he will never think twice
Fast forward your special day away
And if in doubt just press play

Loving, hating, joy and sorrow
Yesterday, today, tomorrow
We live and earn
Paper, rock, scissors, time

Im wondering what was on Buzz Aldrins mind
Only one winner in a three man crew
Trying to smash, slice and smother you

Theres a frozen lake with a duck on ice
Theres a pain, theres a prize
Theres a first word, theres a womb
Here comes a wrinkle, here a wooden spoon

Today we sail, tomorrow were frail
Like a dead mans shirt in a jumble sale
We live and earn


A stripper gets dressed when the show is finished
A hooker begins when the night is dimmest
Topsy turvy youre not worthy
Your bath is clean but your jokes are dirty

Shed say
You try to flatter me
Ill try to flatten you
Shed say
In my mind theres no axe to grind with you
Shed say
In my mind theres no axe to grind with you

So wont you crave my memory
The way you crave my pastry
Wont you crave me

Hunger strike and appetite go hand in hand
Bobby Sands arms are thin
Shed skin me if she knew where to begin

Na Na Na

This is a story of a girl
Who formed a little world
She was the President
She was the government
Every night shell hold parliament
She went around the bend
She was my girlfriend
Every night shed get undressed in front of me
And sing like this
Oh Oh Oh Na Na Na

She went to the mental home
Every night shed phone
You love me, I love you
You're crazy, but Im see through


Shed sing
Im a teapot, why arent you
Ill give you hugs and kisses
And Nazi salutes
Shed sing what's happening here
Your timebomb has got no fuse

Here is the story of a man
Who was a Bay City Rollers fan
What he do, what he say
So, so, so far away
He was so alone
So he went to the mental home
Where he met a girl
Who got undressed in front of him
And sing like this


Shed sing
Im a teapot, why arent you
Ill give you hugs and kisses
And Nazi salutes
Well she walks down the street
And hates to repeat
Yes the baby was due
But it never came through
It never came through
And either did you

A deathbed was made
In the delivery room
She gets congratulations, commiserations
Oh what a shame, well you try again
When I visit, I go alone
Its visiting time in the mental home
She never came through and either did you
She never pulled through
And it never came through
Here we are
Na Na Na

Canvas of Green

She works in a 3 man tent
She wants to go to bed but you gotta pay rent
I want to go but I just dont know
Shes as sexy as hell but she lives there as well
She sells commodities, shows off her legs to me
Youre not supposed to be just for anybody

While the men in town lose their legs
She puts in her tent pegs
Better make them strong
Make them last all night long
The lady in lace always works late
Giving that service to strangers
The canvas of green is where Ive just been
At the canvas of green

Well she likes company
Or she needs the money
You wanna go camp tonight?
You wanna be a man tonight?
You wanna be a dirty man?
Well if you want you can


If you are asked where you reside
Dont just run away and hide
Dont reply no fixed abode
State the town and the area code

2480, Lismore 2480

Hot summer days, pollution free
Come to Lismore you soon will see
No traffic jams, no big thugs
Plenty of air, plenty of drugs

2480, Lismore 2480

Its a wonderful place
A really nice town
Its not a hole
In the ground
Theres just one flaw
Im bored

No good bands, unemployment
Nights devoid of enjoyment
Cant find girls, cant fall in love
Cant find a home get me out of

2480, Lismore 2480

Guitar hero.
Lets go!