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Background and Episode Guide

An Introduction to Ron Moore's Battlestar Galactica
Ron Moore Questions and Answers
An interview with Ron Moore (December 2005)
An interview with Ron Moore (August 2006)
David Eick Questions and Answers
Cast Members Talk About Their Roles
Crew Members Talk About the Series
Interview with David Weddle
Interview with Bradley Thompson
Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide
Character Outlines and Mission Statement
Caprica Information Page

The Miniseries

The Miniseries - Part One
The Miniseries - Part Two
The Pilot Episode - From Original Script to Final Version

The Original Series

The Battlestar Galactica FAQ (original series)
Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide (original series)
Galactica 1980 Episode Guide
The Different Versions of the Battlestar Galactica Pilot
Extra Scenes from the Telemovie Syndicated Package
Battlestar Galactica scripts
Battlestar Names and Their Name Sources
Time Units and their Earth Equivalents
Miscellenous information on Cylons and Earth
Background on Original Series Documents at This Site

An article about the creation of Battlestar Galactica from 1978
Interview with Glen Larson and John Dykstra from 1978
Interview with Glen Larson from 1979
Interview with Don Bellisario from 1979
Don Bellisario and Terrence McDonnell on writing Galactica
Interview with Galactica 1980 story editor Allan Cole
Interview with Richard Hatch from 1993
Interview with Richard Hatch from 2005
Interview with Dirk Benedict from 1998
Interview with Herb Jefferson from 1998
Interview with John Colicos from 1989

Awakening a sleeping giant - Tom DeSanto's Galactica
Battlestar Atlantis - the Larson / Moyer partnership
The strange saga of Biodomes Galactica
Interview with Johnnie J. Young, producer of Richard Hatch's BSG trailer
Interview with Tom DeSanto from 2003
Another interview with Tom DeSanto
Contrasting the Moore and DeSanto pilots
Letters on the Low Turnout at the Galactica Reunion in 1993

Other Sites of Interest

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