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Our company offers in-person tutoring to students in Southeastern Michigan, including Ann Arbor and Detroit. In addition to having scored above the 99th percentile on the LSAT, local tutors are all students at or graduates of the University of Michigan Law School, and have experience with top prep companies like TestMasters and Powerscore.

Fees for tutoring generally run about 1/2 that charged by corporate competitors, like Kaplan and Princeton Review, who often charge up to $150 per hour. While we may sometimes adjust our rates for disadvantaged students, our standard rate is only $70 an hour, and we cap all meetings at $100 max.
Our Approach
On-line Tutoring
In-Person Tutoring
We now offer affordable online tutoring across the country (and across the globe). Through e-mail, IM, and telephonic assistance, we have helped students in New York, London, L.A., San Francisco, Chicago, and other cities significantly improve their scores. Online tutoring tends to be even less expensive than standard tutoring, because students are only charged a low, per-explanation fee for each question.
True LSAT mastery involves the development of various different skills, including mental understanding, speed, and endurance. In fact, in many ways, preparing for the LSAT is like training for a marathon. We therefore set students up with a schedule of real LSAT exams that enables them to develop these skills in the most effective, thorough, and efficient manner possible. By the time of the exam, students are thoroughly conditioned, and ready to address all the various question types.

In addition, because we work with students one-on-one, we are able to target and address the needs of students much more effectively than a corporate course. Individual tutoring is generally superior to courses for this reason, and our service is among the most effective and affordable tutoring options available. (Most students end up paying far less for our services than they would for a corporate course, despite the fact we have superior instructors, and generally superior results.)
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