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This is Jaimie "Longsine The Carnival Queen CD CGC.  She is OFA
Excellent, eyes were certified normal, VWD normal.  She was the first dog
I did obedience with.  I got her companion dog title in her and my first three
shows.  I also did some agility training with her.  She is the dam of Cleo and
Shadow.  She is now in a loving pet home.

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Shadow "K-Lee's Shadow Dancer OA, NAJ, CGC.  OFA Excellent, eyes normal.
He is out of Jaimee, and a litter mate to Cleo.  He has his novice agility title, he
got a score of 95 out of a possible 100 at his and my first agility trial.  Judge
Gail Storm.  He got his second leg at the Wisconsin Rapids Kennel Club 
Agility Trial Sept. 25, 1999, Judge Carol Smorch with a score of 98.  
He got his third leg at Cudahy Kennel Club 4/22/00.   Judge Joan Simon,
With a score of 95 and 1st place in his class.  
He is started in obedience, and I hope
to get his companion dog title for him also.  
This picture of Shadow was taken
at the Sheltie National Agility Trial in Chicago 1997.

Sept. 4, 2000 1st place in his height class in Jumpers with Weaves at the 
Marshfield Area Kennel Club agility match.

Sept. 23, 2000 1st Open agility leg his 1st and my first time doing Open,
at the Wi. Rapids K.C. show and second in his class. 

Nov. 11, 2000 2nd Open agility leg with a perfect score and 2nd place.
And his 1st leg in Jumpers With Weaves our 1st showing in that.  He got a 
perfect score and 1st place at Timber Ridge Agility club Judge: Sionag Black.

Feb. 17, 2001 3rd Open Standard leg with a score of 91 & 1st place to get his 
OA title, & his 2nd Jumpers With Weaves leg with a perfect score & 1st place.  
Feb. 18 he got his 3rd Jumpers with Weaves leg with another perfect score & 1st 
place to get his NAJ title with 3 perfect scores and 3, 1st places.
  Judge: Diane Craig.  At Marshfield Area Kennel Club Agility Trial.
So now Shadow is: "K-Lee's Shadow Dancer OA, NAJ, CGC".

Nov. 10, 2001 1st Open Jumpers With Weaves leg with a perfect score & 1 place.
Judge: Ronda Crane.  At Timber Ridge Agility Club.

Feb. 17th, 2002 2nd Open Jumpers With Weaves leg.
Judge: Sionag Black at Marshfield Area Kennel Club Agility Trial.
At this trial I wiped out and Shadow had two jumps left to go and
he finished the course without me LOL, and still qualified with a score of 85
Good thing he didn't see me wipe out.

11/8/03 Trimber Ridge Agility Club.  Shadow got Double Q's, his 1st leg in Novice Standard Preffered
with a 4th place and a score of 95.  And his 1st leg in Novice Jumpers with Weeves Preffered
with a 2nd place and a perfect score of 100.  Sunday 11/9/03 Shadow got Double Q's again,
his 2nd leg in Novice Standard Preferred with a 1st place and a perfect score of 100. 
And his 2nd leg in Novice Jumpers With Weeves Preffered with a 2nd place and another
perfect score of 100.  Judge: Jacqueline Hoye


Below is a picture of Shadow that was in the Doctors Foster & Smith Catalog
Issue 2000 Vol. 00-21

To see a picture of Shadow with Santa click here,
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Shadow at the Winnigamie Agility Trial Aug. 2001


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