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Lucy "K-Lee's Cutt'n Loose
Goldie x Parker born Jan. 19th, 2002

Birchwoods K-Lee's Blue Skys "Sky" x K-Lee's Queen Of D-Nile CGC "Cleo"
Born September 30, 2000.  About 1 week on this picture.

Haley "K-Lee's Wish Upon A Star"
about 14 weeks old, one of the puppies from the litter pictured above.
Haley got Best of Breed and a Herding Group 4 at her 1st Fun Match.
At Paper Cities Kennel Club March 18th, 2001.

Nia is Halee's litter mate.  She also is about 14 weeks old in this picture.

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These puppies are out of Sky x Cleo and Sky x Angel.


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Barkley "K-Lee's Ez Tri" at the Marshfield Area Kennel Club Match.
Barkley got a Herding Group 4 at the Paper Cities Kennel Club Fun Match, March 20th, 1999.
  He is out of Sky x Angel.  

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