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Tiko is MPSIIIB Tested Normal
Tiko is my foundation bitch.  Her hips are OFA Good and her eyes were tested clear of hereditary defects.  She was the Schipperke Club Of America #1 Brood Bitch for 1996, when she produced four champions.  She now has six Champion offspring.  She was bred by Marilyn Miller and I obtained her from Amy Gossman "Dante Schipperkes". 
Tiko is retired and living with her new family.  She is 12 years old and going strong.

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Tiko now has a Register Of Merit Title she has 6 Champion offspring.
Callie, Bullet, Dream, Pearl, Megan, & Koal.  As of Aug. 2001

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Pedigree of: GP CH Dante's Spellbound

Am CH Dante's Punchline MGW Am CH Skipalong's Bottom Line CDX ROMX MGP Am CH Skipalong's When You Say Bud ROMX BIS CH Elfe Mir's Billy Billie Bi Ho
Am CH Skipalong's Bon Fyr ROMX HOF
--- Skipalong's Blak Rushn Arca CH Windrift Witches Brew
Am CH Tudox Alpha Sirius CD
CH Braken's Supertramp V Dante MGP Am CH Skipalong's Tufenuf ROMX Am CH Skipalong's Supertuff
Am CH Skipalong's Black Orchid
CH Braken's Blackberry Bramble CH Braken's Mark O'Camplaren ROM
Am CH Basically Braken ROM
--- Elfewinkles Ms Molly GP CH Elfe Mir's Sunshine Star --- Dream On's Sundance Kid Am CH Spindrift's Hijacker
Am CH Dream On's Jubilation ROM
--- Rosie's Little Dream Lady --- Dream On's Man of Mystery
--- Rosie's Little Sugar Bear
--- Talisman's Badger Game --- Marglen's The Gambler CH Marglen's Entertainer
--- Jetstar's Wind N' Sand O'Marglen
--- Talisman's Munchkin CH Glan Kay's Fafner
CH Harmony's Junebug ROM


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