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My goal is to identify RSD and teach others about what it is and what it does to us. Education is the best weapon. 


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I used to write a lot but for reasons beyond my control stopped writing for several years. I first signed on the internet in March, and around the end of April I found Xena fanfiction. I started writing with a vengence. I've met several kinds of people and their talent and ideas sparked ideas in me. I started writing fanfiction in April and my first story was posted in May, I write under the name Kwipinky. Fanfic writers treated me with respect and amazed me with their desire to help newcomers and old used to be's like me. Lastly, it is great to have met the Warrior Princess and my muse is indebted to her for giving her writer's CPR.



A Plan that Worked (Requiem for the Warrior Princess part II) Gabrielle is trying to adjust to losing Xena when a plan of Ares' forces her to work with a damaged young man. They learn to work together to save Xena. (This is my last Xena Fanfiction story. It has been much fun and very exciting writing about Xena Warrior Princess and her  journey with the Battling Bard.)


Requiem for the Warrior Princess Xena goes on trial for the killing of a former friend.

Ares Rift" This story takes place after Xena and Gabrielle are feared dead and their families gather to celebrate their lives at Cyrene's tavern. Hercules isn't convinced.

A baby dragon is the key to saving Greece from a catastrophic volcanic eruption.

Xena gives Gabrielle a home.

Bittersweet Banter
Xena can't seem to get a song out of her head.

In the Game of Love
Ares seeks Aphrodite's advice after the events at Mt. Olympus.


Vows Herodotus takes Gabrielle home and Xena considers leaving her there.

Very Innteresting
Exhausted Xena and Gabrielle seek shelter.


My Daughter, My Nemesis  Callisto threatens. Xena might have to kill her daughter. 


Like Mother, Like Daughter Alti summons of Xena and Gabrielle results in disaster for the shamaness, but a meeting of two people answers a few questions.


Port Authority Xena pays back a debt from her childhood.


Adrift Gabrielle deals with life minus the Warrior Princess.


Duel of the Hearts Gabrielle deals with heartache and pain remembering Hope. Aphrodite steps in when the bard tries to find peace in Poteidaia.


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The Bardic Circle 



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