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One of the lances of King Naresuan. The wooden shaft was cut and made into a sword hilt.
This is made from Namphi steel.

The lance was buried in a temple in Uttaradit when the great King battled north to restore the Siamese empire.

Monument of the great Phraya Pichai of Uttaradit.


1. After the first fall of the golden city of Ayuddhaya, King Naresuan the Great declared Siamese independence after the famous fight with the Burmese viceroy on elephant back. The King's weapons were made from the Namphi steel.

2. After the greatly expanding the Siamese lands in the reign of King Naresuan, the golden era of Ayuddhaya was reestablished during the reign of King Narai the Great. The regal sword of King Narai was made from the Namphi steel blessed and charmed to negate and neutralize all evil and harm. Khun Luang Sorasak, later used this imperial sword to vanquish the enemies of Ayuddhaya in battle.

3. Khun Paen, the great soldier of Phra Ramathibodi the II whom legends were told after possessed a Namphi sword called the 'Daab Fa Fuen'. The eery making of this sacred sword can be heard in the Story of Khun Paen. This sword is kept in the National Museum in Bangkok.

4. Phraya Pichai (the Governor of Uttaradit), the brave general of King Taksin the Great (who declared independence from the Burmese after the second fall of Ayuddhaya), went into battle with a Namphi sword named "Nantakawut" in his left hand and an ordinary sword in his right. After his victory, the righthand sword was broken and hence the name "Daab Hak" or "Broken Sword". My belief is that the Namphi sword in his left was used as a guard for protection and as a second weapon due to the steel's superb qualities

5. Following the coronation of the past King Rama VII of (the current House of Chakri), Phraya Visetachai an officer of the Uttaradit province presented His Majesty with a sword made from Namphi steel. It is placed in the collection of the Royal Weapons (Phra Saeng Sastrawut) to this day.

6. The glorify Her Majesty the Queen's 60th anniversary, the world's largest Namphi sword was created. It is 9.24 meters long, weighs 450 kilograms, involves use of 557.8 kilograms of Namphi steel, has a sheath and a handle of Pterocarpus indicus wood embedded with pearl designs, girdled with etched silver casings. It is now kept in the Uttaradit City Hall.

The worlds largest Namphi sword. The warning sign reads,
"Do not touch, this sword is charmed and bewitched."