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Esspro 7 Natural Progesterone Cream

If you are experiencing...

PMS/Cramps Irregular cycles Hot flashes
Menopausal symptoms Lowered libido Bone loss
Headaches/migraines Breast tenderness Swollen feet/ankles
Mood swings/depression Panic/weeping/hysteria Vaginal dryness
Inability to Lose Weight Blood sugar imbalance Hair loss
Fatigue Leg/muscle cramps Fibrocystic breasts
Foggy thinking/memory loss Feelings of being crazy Anger/irritability
Lost interest in sex Female-related cancer Uterine fibroids
Water retention Allergies Age and liver spots
Low blood sugar Facial hair Dry aging skin
Adult acne Low thyroid symptoms Insomnia

...you may be experiencing hormone imbalance!

Hormone imbalance can adversely affect a woman in any season of her life, from her cycling years, through menopause, and into the postmenopausal years. Hormone imbalance in most women today is the result of estrogen levels becoming excessive and/or progesterone levels becoming deficient.

All of the above symptoms have been linked to excessive estrogen. Many women have found relief by using nature's answer: Natural Progesterone.

Esspro 7 is the purest, most effective Natural Progesterone Cream on the market. It contains floral water, distilled water, cocoa butter, sunflower seed oil, aloe vera, wild yam extract, Progesterone, vegetable alcohol, cocamide, palm oil, vitamin E, Siberian ginseng extract, flax seed oil, ionic trace minerals, wild yam extract, natural progesterone, lecithin, black cohosh, blue cohosh, clary sage floral water, and essential oils of clary sage, geranium, sage, ylang ylang, blue yarrow & fennel. This cream delivers hormones directly into the bloodstream, using transdermal (through the skin) absorption.

Women in the 90's are plagued with the side effects of synthetic hormones they may receive voluntarily or involuntarily through pollutants, meat, etc. There are no known side effects from the use of Natural Progesterone. Furthermore, there is extensive research linking Natural Progesterone to the reversing of bone loss in premenopausal to postmenopausal women and helping to solve many of the problems of hormone imbalance in women.
(3722) 2 oz [approx 2 months supply] $20.


NOTE: The information contained on this site is not intended as diagnosis,
treatment or prescription for any disease or condition, nor is it presented as an alternative
to regular medical attention. If needed, please contact a health care professional.


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