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Young Living Single Essential Oils


Young Living Essential Oils are distilled with low pressure and low temperature to maintain a therapeutic value. Producing a pure oil is very costly and may require several hundred or thousand pounds of plants to extract one pound of oil.

Angelica - Angelica has been found to be beneficial in bringing the memory back to the point of origin before trauma or anger was experienced, helping us to release and let go of negative feelings. It is sedative, anticoagulant and calming. (Contact Patricia Kunz for price info.)

Basil - Research has indicated that Basil may be beneficial for alleviating mental fatigue, spasms, rhinitis and as a first aid treatment for wasp stings and snake bites. It may also help when there is a loss of smell due to chronic nasal catarrh.
(3500) 15ml. $20.00

Bergamot - This oil known to have about 300 chemical constituents which make it a very beneficial oil. It has been used in the Middle East for hundreds of years for acne, boils, cold sores, eczema, insect bites, insect repellent, oily complexion, psoriasis, scabies, spot varicose veins, ulcers, wounds, sore throat, thrush, infectious disease, depression and also has a refreshing uplifting quality. (3503) 15ml. $21.00

Birch - Birch has a cortisone-like action and is beneficial for bone, muscle and joint discomfort. It has been helpful in decreasing pain from arthritis, tendonitis, and rheumatism. (3506) 15ml. $12.00

Black Cumin - Helps with digestion and supports the immune system. It is usually kept on the dinner table and used for food flavoring during meal time. It is antiseptic, antispasmodic and carminative. (Contact Patricia Kunz for price info.)

Cedarwood - This is an oil is recognized for its purifying properties and is used in avoiding hair loss, dandruff, acne, psoriasis, arthritis, congestion, coughs, sinusitis, cystitis and nervous tension. (3509) 15ml. $8.00

Chamomile (German) - This oil has been highly respected for more than 3,000 years for its helping of skin conditions such as dermatitis, boils, acne, rashes, and eczema, as well as for hair care, burns, cuts, toothaches, teething pains, inflamed joints, menopausal problems, insomnia, migraine headaches and stress-related complaints.
(Contact Patricia Kunz for price info.)

Chamomile (Roman) - Roman Chamomile has helped alleviate restless legs, insomnia, muscle tension, cuts, scrapes, bruises and is anti-infectious. It is used extensively in Europe for the skin. (3512) 5ml. $20.00

Cinnamon Bark - It is used in the Middle East and Orient for fighting viral and infectious disease. Dr. J. C. Lapraz found that virus, bacteria and fungus could not live in the presence of cinnamon oil. It's best diluted with V-6 vegetable mixing oil because of its high phenol properties which make it feel warm to the skin. Do Not Diffuse.
(3515) 5ml. $19.00

Cistus - high in phenols, supports and strengthens the auto-immune and immune systems. (3518) 5ml. $32.00

Citronella - is antiseptic, antibacterial, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and insecticidal. (Contact Patricia Kunz for price info.)

Clary Sage - This oil may be beneficial in regulating cells and balancing the hormones. It helps with circulatory problems and hemorrhoids. (3521) 15ml. $46.00

Clove - Clove is anti-infectious, anti-bacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiparasitic, and antiseptic. It is used in European hospitals for dental infections, viral hepatitis, bacterial colitis, cholera, amoebic dysentery, infectious acne, nervites, cystites, sinusitis, bronchitis, flu, tuberculosis, hypertension, thyroid dysfunction and fatigue.
(3524) 15ml. $10.00

Coriander - shows in research at Cairo University, that it lowers glucose levels by normalizing insulin and supporting pancreas functions. It also has anti-inflammatory and sedative properties. (3527) 5ml. $26.00

Cypress - Not only is this oil beneficial for the circulatory and lymphatic systems, but Cypress that may also help in cases of edema, cellulite, varicose veins, and water retention. It is anti-infectious, antibacterial and antimicrobial. (3530) 15ml.$15.00

Davana - is anti-infectious, soothing to rough, dry and chapped skin, and stimulating to the endocrine system, perhaps improving hormonal balance. (3533) 5ml. $15.00

Dill - has also been proven, through research at Cairo University, to help lower glucose levels by normalizing insulin levels and supporting pancreas functions. In European hospitals, it is also used for bronchial catarrh and liver deficiencies. (3536) 5ml. $11.00

Eucalyptus - This oil is powerful when dealing with viruses of the respiratory system. It is anticatarrhal, expectorant, mucolytic, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antiseptic. It has been used for sinusitis, colds, flu and allergies. (3539) 15ml. $11.00

Fennel - Fennel is antispasmodic, antiseptic and stimulating to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. With its hormone-like activity, it may help facilitate delivery and increase the production of milk. (3542) 15ml. $10.00

Fir - This oil has traditionally been used to help support the body and reduce the symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism, bronchitis, coughs, sinusitis, colds, flu, and fever. It has been found to be beneficial in fighting airborne germs and bacteria. It is antiseptic, anticatarrhal, antiarthritic and stimulating. It works well diffused. (3545) 15ml. $10.00

Frankincense - This oil, which has been used religiously for thousands of years, is now being researched and used therapeutically in European hospitals. It is anticatarrhal, prevents scarring, antitumoral, immune-stimulating and antidepressant. It is stimulating and elevating to the mind and helps in overcoming depression. (3548) 15ml. $62.00

Galbanum - This oil, which has also been used for thousands of years, is recognized for its antiviral properties and overall body strength and supporting properties. When combined with other oils, such as frankincense or sandalwood, the frequency increases dramatically. (3551) 5ml. $55.00

Geranium - This oil has been used for centuries for skin care. Its strength lies in the ability to regenerate tissue and nerves, and assist in balancing hormonal problems. It is excellent for the skin of expectant mothers. Its aromatic influence helps release negative memories. (3554) 15ml. $22.00

Ginger - Ginger has been used in the Far East for thousands of years for relief from arthritis, rheumatism, sprains, muscular aches and pains, catarrh, congestion, coughs, sinusitis, sore throats, diarrhea, colic, cramps, indigestion, loss of appetite, motion sickness, fever, flu, chills and infectious disease. (3557) 5ml. $9.00

Grapefruit - May be beneficial for digestive complaints, obesity, reducing water retention and cellulite. It also works well as a disinfectant. (3560) 15ml. $8.00

Helichrysum - European researchers have found that this oil, with its tissue regenerative properties, helps reduce tissue pain and may help improve skin conditions and circulatory function as well. It is anticoagulant, prevents phlebitis, helps regulate cholesterol, stimulates liver cell function, is anticatarrhal, mucolytic, expectorant, antispasmodic and reduces scarring and discoloration. In 1991, Gary Young discovered the pain-reducing benefits of helichrysum and in 1992 discovered its benefits in helping to improve certain hearing losses. (3563) 5ml. $50.00

Hyssop - Hyssop has been used for thousands of years because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. It opens the respiratory system and discharges toxins and mucous. It is anti-catarrhal, mucolytic, decongestant, anti-asthmatic, anti-infectious, antiparasitic and anti-inflammatory of the pulmonary, regulates lipid metabolism and prevents scarring. (3566) 5ml. $14.00

Jasmine- Jasmine is beneficial for the skin, reducing problems such as dry, greasy, irritated or sensitive skin, muscle spasms, sprains, catarrh, coughs, hoarseness, laryngitis, uterine disorders, labor pains, frigidity, depression, and nervous exhaustion.
(3569) 5ml. $47.00

Juniper - This oil may work as a detoxifier and cleanser, reducing dermatitis, eczema, and acne. It has also been used to help promote better nerve and kidney function. (3572) 15ml. $28.00

Lavender - This is known as the universal oil which may be beneficial for skin conditions such as burns, rashes, psoriasis, and may also help with insomnia. It is antispasmodic, sedative, hypotensive, calming, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-infectious, cardiotonic, anticoagulant, prevents scarring and relieves headaches and PMS symptoms. (3575) 15ml. $17.00

Lemon - This oil has been found to promote leukocyte formation, dissolve cellulite, increase lymphatic function and promote a sense of well-being. It is also beneficial for the skin, serves in the purification of air and water and works well in removing gum, oil and grease spots. (3578) 15ml. $9.00

Lemongrass - This oil works well for purification. It may be beneficial for the digestive system and has been reported to help regenerate connective tissue. It is a vasodilator, anti-inflammatory, sedative and supportive to the digestive system.
(3581) 15ml. $8.00

Mandarin - Mandarin is appeasing, gentle, helps with insomnia and promotes happiness. It is antispasmodic, antiseptic, antifungal, affects hepatic duct function, and works as a digestive tonic. (Contact Patricia Kunz for price info.)

Marjoram - It may be calming to the respiratory system, and assist in relieving spasms and migraine headaches. It is anti-infectious, antibacterial, antiseptic, soothing to the nerves and may work as a diuretic.
(3584) 15ml. $15.00

Melaleuca - Often called Tea Tree Oil, it is anti-infectious, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antiparasitic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, immune-stimulating, decongestant, neurotonic and analgesic. (3587) 15ml. $17.00

Melissa - Despite having very powerful antiviral constituents, it is very gentle and delicate because of the nature of the plant and helps to bring out those characteristics within the individual. (Contact Patricia Kunz for price info.)

Mountain Savory - This oil is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, immune stimulating, and a general tonic for the body. (3590) 5ml. $18.00

Myrrh - Myrrh was found by the Arabic people to be beneficial for skin conditions such as athletes foot, chapped and cracked skin, eczema, ringworm, wounds, and wrinkles. It was also used to help with asthma, bronchitis, catarrh, coughs, gum infection, gingivitis, mouth ulcers and sore throat. It may also help alleviate diarrhea, dyspepsia, flatulence, and hemorrhoids. It may also help decongest the prostate and normalize hyperthyroid problems. It is anti-infectious and supportive to the immune system. (3593) 15ml. $47.00

Myrtle - Research has this oil to help the respiratory system with chronic coughs and tuberculosis. It is suitable to use for children's coughs and chest complaints and may help support the immune function in fighting colds, flu and infectious disease. It may also help normalize hormonal imbalances of the thyroid and ovaries as well as balance the hypothyroid. (3596) 15ml.$15.00

Neroli - Neroli has been regarded by the Egyptian people for its great attributes for healing the mind, body and spirit. It is antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, anti-infectious, and works well as a support to the digestive system. It brings everything into focus at the moment. (Contact Patricia Kunz for price info.)

Nutmeg - This oil has an adrenal-cortex-like activity, which helps support the adrenal glands for increased energy. Historically it has been known to benefit circulation, muscles, joints, arthritis, gout, muscular aches, and pains, rheumatism, flatulence, indigestion, sluggish digestion, nausea and helps fight bacterial infection. It helps to support the nervous system to overcome frigidity, impotence, neuralgia and nervous fatigue. (3599) 5ml. $8.00

Orange - Orange has been recognized to help a dull, oily complexion, mouth ulcers, obesity, fluid retention, colds, flu, constipation and dyspepsia. It also brings peach and happiness to the mind and body. ( 3602) 15ml. $8.00

Oregano - This oil has powerful anti-viral, antibacterial, antifungal and antiparasitic properties and may aid in the ability to balance metabolism and strengthen the vital centers of the body. (3605) 15ml. $20.00

Palmarosa - Palmarosa helps with skin problems, such as candida, rashes, scaly and flaky skin. It is antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. It is supportive to the nerves and cardiovascular systems. (Contact Patricia Kunz for price info.)

Patchouly - This is beneficial for the skin and may help prevent wrinkles or chapped skin. It is a general tonic and stimulant and helps the digestive system. It is also anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, antiseptic, tissue regenerating, works as a decongestant, and helps relieve itching from hives. (3608) 15ml. $10.00

Pepper, Black - stimulates the endocrine system and helps increase energy. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-catarrhal, expectorant, supportive to the digestive glands, and traditionally used for rheumatoid arthritis. It also increases cellular oxygenation.
(3611) 5ml $8.00

Peppermint - This oil is reported by Dr.Penoel to help reduce fevers, candida, nausea and vomiting and aid respiratory function. It may be used in water for flavoring and helps in cooling the body during hot summer days. (3614) 15ml. $15.00

Petitgrain - This oil is anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, anti-bacterial, and reestablishes nerve equilibrium. (3617) 5ml. $35.00

Ravensara - This oil has been recognized for its antiseptic activity and value in healing respiratory problems. It is anti-infectious, antiviral, antibacterial, expectorant, and supporting to the nerves. It has been shown to help with rhinopharyngitis, flu, sinusitis, bronchitis, viral hepatitis, cholera, herpes, infectious mononucleosis, insomnia and muscle fatigue. (3620) 5ml. $21.00

Rose (Turkish) - Rose has the highest frequency of 320 Hertz. Its beautiful fragrance is almost intoxicating and aphrodisiac-like. It enhances the frequency of every cell, bringing balance and harmony to the body. It is anti-hemorrhaging,anti-infectious and prevents scarring. Dr. Penoel states that it may help with chronic bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis, sexual disabilities, frigidity, impotency, skin disease,wounds, ulcers, sprains, wrinkles, thrush, and gingivitis. It is stimulating and elevating to the mind, creating a sense of well-being. (3623) 5ml. $130.00

Rosemary - This oil may be beneficial for skin conditions and dandruff, and may help fight candida and support the immune system. It is anti-catarrhal, anti-infectious, antispasmodic, balances the endocrine system, is an expectorant and helps overcome mental fatigue. (3626) 15ml. $10.00

Rosewood - Rosewood oil is soothing, creates skin elasticity and helps the skin rid itself of irritations and problems, such as candida. It is anti-infectious, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antiparasitic. (3629) 15ml. $10.00

Sage - In Europe, it has been used for skin conditions such as eczema, acne, dandruff and hair loss. It has also been recognized for its benefits of strengthening the vital centers, metabolism, and aiding in menopause. It may help in relieving depression and mental fatigue. (3632) 15ml. $19.00

Sandalwood - This is an oil very similar to frankincense in action, known for its benefits in supporting the lymphatic, nervous and cardiovascular systems and relieving the symptoms of sciatica and lumbago. Traditionally, it was used for skin regeneration, yoga, meditation, and has been found to help remove negative programming from the cells and increases oxygen around the pituitary and pineal glands. (3635) 15ml. $40.00

Spearmint - This oil may aid the respiratory, nervous and glandular systems. It is antispasmodic, anti-infectious, antiparasitic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. It's hormone-like activity may open up and release emotional blocks and bring about a feeling of balance. It has been used to increase metabolism to burn fat, as well as soothe the intestines, relieve colic, diarrhea and nausea. (3638) 5ml. $8.00

Spruce - This oil may aid the respiratory, nervous and glandular systems. Its aromatic influences help to open and release emotional blocks, bringing about a feeling balance. (3641) 15ml. $15.00

Tangerine - This oil is calming, sedating, anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant and helps with anxiety, dizziness and nervousness. (3644) 15ml. $10.00

Tarragon - Tarragon has been used in Europe to reduce anorexia, dyspepsia, flatulence, intestinal spasms, nervous digestion, sluggish digestion and genital urinary tract infection. It may also help reduce premenstrual discomfort and pain with nerves and sciatica. It is neuro-muscular, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, antiviral and antibacterial. (3647) 5ml. $15.00

Thyme - This may be beneficial in supporting immunological functions and overcoming fatigue and physical weakness after illness. It is antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and works as a uterotonic, neurotonic and cardiotonic. (3650) 15ml. $20.00

White Lotus - Revered as one of the most exotic and treasured flowers in ancient Egypt, this oil provided the foundation of medicine as it was found to possibly contain anticancerous properties and may help prevent diabetes. Science has done little research on this plant or oil, so there is much yet to learn; but the fragrance is very intoxicating and uplifting to the emotions. (3653) 5ml.$75.00

Wild Tansy - This oil has been shown to be very supportive of the immune system. It encourages an up-lifting feeling, a positive attitude and a general feeling of well-being. It is anti-viral, anti-infectious, anti-bacterial, fights colds, flu and infections. According to E. Joseph Montagna's P.D.R. on herbal formulas, wild tansy may also help with weak veins, promote suppressed menstruation, improve weakness of the kidneys, tuberculosis, heart disorders, palpitations, sciatica, rheumatism, inflammation, sprains, bruises, sunburn, toothache, inflamed eyes, colds, flu, gout, dyspepsia, jaundice, stomach sickness, diarrhea, soothes the bowels and tones the entire system. (3656) 5ml. $22.00

Ylang Ylang - The oil of Ylang Ylang may be extremely effective in calming and bringing about a sense of relaxation. It is antispasmodic, balances equilibrium, helps with sexual disabilities and frigidity, and has been used traditionally to balance heart function. (3659) 15ml. $21.00


NOTE: The information contained on this site is not intended as diagnosis,
treatment or prescription for any disease or condition, nor is it presented as an alternative
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