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Since I was five years old, I enjoyed playing video games. It gave me something to do when I got bored. This page is to show some of the interests that I have in certain video games and there are even cheap javascript games to play if you are ever bored. Learn more about me and my passion for games. Welcome to Master Phred's Game Page.

LAST UPDATED:  January 3, 2007!

NEWS:  No, I haven't died or anything.  I have been on MySpace for the most part of it.  The only thing I have updated is the “Games I Own” page.  I have dropped the count about 30 or so, but I still own over 400 video games!  I will be making a HUGE update to my website as soon as I get the hang of CSS a little better (all of my pages are in boring HTML).  I will be trashing more than half of my entire website, but the games, the punch-out page, and the main domain will still be in tact.  Check my main page in ..... I would say....  the end of February sometime to see my next website update.  Sorry for the lack of updates; I will try to do more in the next few months.
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