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Campus Chapters

What is the mission of Campus Chapters & Youth Programs?

Our mission is to capture the imagination, energy and hope of young people ages 15 to 25 in order to productively and responsibly involve them in the work of Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry that seeks to eliminate poverty housing from the world and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action.

What is a campus chapter?

A campus chapter is an unincorporated student-run, student-led organization that performs three main functions: building or rehabilitating houses in partnership with Habitat affiliates and homeowners; educating the campus and local community about affordable housing issues and the work of Habitat for Humanity; and raising funds for the work of Habitat. Participation in campus chapters enables students to put their love into action and to build partnerships with people sharing a common goal. Participants gain greater awareness of the need for decent and affordable housing, encouraging a deeper commitment to social action.

Can other service organizations work with Habitat?

Chapter associates perform the same three functions as campus chapters but are already-established groups that agree to work with Habitat for a defined purpose and period of time. Fellowship groups, volunteer service organizations, alternative spring break programs and Greek organizations (social and academic) are examples of organizations which may become
chapter associates.

How widespread are campus chapters and chapter associates?

Since 1987, more than 480 campus chapters and more than 900 chapter associates have been chartered in 48 states and in Botswana, Canada, Honduras, Japan, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Poland, and Zambia.

How do campus chapters and Habitat affiliates work together?

Campus chapters and affiliates work together to further the mission of Habitat for Humanity. Habitat affiliates, grassroots organizations of local people coming together to address local needs, assume the legal and long-term fiscal responsibility for building homes and for family selection. Campus chapters organize educational events, fund-raisers and building opportunities ranging from volunteer days to complete house sponsorship. Together, they support each others events and activities, participate on each others boards, coordinate mentoring and tutoring programs for the children of Habitat homeowners and organize activities for children to be involved in the work of Habitat for Humanity.

What does the Campus Chapters & Youth Programs (CCYP) department do?

CCYP involves youth ages 5-25 in Habitat's mission by forming and maintaining campus chapters on high school and college campuses in the United States and around the world; facilitating the formation National programs for young people outside the United States; supporting affiliates and campus chapters to involve youth in age-appropriate activities; coordinating student involvement in Collegiate Challenge and other HFHI special events

What is Collegiate Challenge?

Collegiate Challenge is a weeklong service program for high school and college students age 16 and older that allows students to spend their school breaks working with Habitat affiliates throughout the U.S. During Collegiate Challenge, students build houses while helping to empower communities, form relationships between people sharing a common goal and create environments where positive interaction can take place. While the major event spans an eight-week period between February and April, opportunities are available year-round.

Why form a campus chapter?

The formation of a campus chapter establishes a formal partnership with Habitat for Humanity International. Membership in an international organization instills credibility, gives name recognition, allows for the exchange of information, assures support and leadership development from the Campus Chapters & Youth Programs department and provides opportunities to network with other campus chapters and with Habitat affiliates worldwide.

How do I start a campus chapter?

To build a new campus chapter, generate interest in Habitat for Humanity at your school. Develop a core group of students, faculty and staff who are committed to Habitat's vision. Due to the transience of student populations, someone who is not a student must be designated as a chapter advisor. This may be a campus minister, a faculty member or an administrator who is interested in Habitat. Contact the nearest Habitat affiliate to schedule a work day, if possible. Organize on-campus events (educational or fund-raisers) to boost interest in Habitat. These could be arranged in conjunction with the local affiliate.

Contact the Campus Chapters & Youth Programs department at HFHI to request an application or for more information.



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