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Global Village Program

What is the Global Village program?

The Global Village program is a series of short-term mission trips designed to provide an educational and spiritual experience within a cross-cultural environment. Our objectives usually are met through new relationships team members form with their host affiliates. By living and working with the host community, participants have an opportunity to personally witness and contribute to HFHI's effort to eliminate substandard housing throughout the world.

Why should I join an international team?

Accepting the opportunity to live and work with an international affiliate is often a life-changing experience. Through your willingness to partner with people in other cultures, you learn about poverty housing, development challenges, international economics, world cultures and HFHI's ministry and mission. And as you learn about important principles such as "self-help" and "sweat equity," you also learn to give of yourself in a new and diverse global village. Learning about the host community's culture, language and social practices is an important part of the mission trip.

How are HFHI mission trips different?

Unlike tour groups, our itineraries are not highly structured. Itineraries are balanced with plenty of work, rest and freetime. Our hosts offer teams a "backdoor" welcome to their community and encourage teams to visit some of their cultural "treasures" available locally. Team members form a once-in-a-lifetime team. They travel, live, work, pray, share and eat together, often in primitive settings. Traveling and working in foreign countries can be as frustrating as it is rewarding. It is vital for participants to remain flexible and committed to their team leader and team members. The first command for every team member is: Be a blessing.

How much does it cost to participate?

The cost depends on the country and HFHI affiliate visited. Cost estimates below include international airfare, room and board, travel insurance, plus a donation toward the construction cost of houses built in the host country. Many participants raise funds to pay their team fee by contacting local churches, civic groups, friends and family. We can offer suggestions on how to start your own funding campaign. Cost estimates per person are:

Africa $2,500 to $3,000
Asia and South America $1,800 to $3,000
Central America/Caribbean $1,100 to $1,500
Europe $1,800 to $2,000

Do I need a passport?

In most cases you need a current passport, one that is valid for at least six months beyond your travel dates. Passport applications are usually available at your local postal service or from a county clerk's office. There is often a passport processing fee, and you should allow sufficient time for processing.

What countries host your mission trips?

HFHI has affiliates in over 50 countries across our four regions of Africa, Asia/Pacific, Latin America/Caribbean, and Europe/Newly Independent States, many of which host short-term mission teams. See our on-line schedule for the locations of currently-available open-registration programs.

How can I sign up to go?

We have two types of short-term mission teams: open registration teams for individuals and closed registration teams for organized groups. Individuals can apply for an open registration team by submitting a participant profile with your choice of countries and available dates. If opportunities exist, we introduce you quickly to the appropriate team leader(s) for an interview. Call the Global Village department in Americus (1-800-HABITAT, ext. 549) or e-mail GV@habitat.org for an informational packet, which includes an application.

How are individuals selected to join an open registration team?

The team leader selects the members of his or her team from our pool of applicants. At HFHI headquarters, your area coordinator serves as your contact person to keep you updated about team opportunities. When you have settled on one or two options, your coordinator puts you in contact with the leader(s) for the team(s) you have selected. This process continues until you have received an invitation to join a team that meets your criteria. Once you have received an invitation from a team leader, you must place a deposit of $350-$400 to secure your place on the team. (This fee is not refundable but may be transferable for up to one year.) The team leader becomes your primary contact person and helps you prepare for your mission experience. See our on-line schedule for information about currently-available open-registration programs.

How do groups sign up to go?

Groups should call our office to request available locations and dates from the appropriate area coordinator. Scheduling a team should be done early. It takes at least six months to properly prepare for an international assignment. Many of our teams are scheduled a year or more in advance. Team size commonly ranges from 8 to 15 participants. Call the Global Village department in Americus (1-800-HABITAT, ext. 549) or e-mail GV@habitat.org for current information about short-term mission opportunities in our host countries.

Who are your team leaders?

Our team leaders are selected by our area coordinators. They offer their services as volunteers to HFHI and to each team member. Team leaders are responsible for planning all aspects of the mission trip. They select the team members, establish the itinerary, plan the air travel, budget the trip fees, make necessary reservations and arrange all details with the host community.

General guidelines to consider

1. Travel insurance--Insurance for medical and emergency evacuation services is required by the HFHI board of directors. This cost is included as part of your deposit. Note: Cancellation protection and baggage insurance are not included in the team fee.

2. Language Fluency--At least one of every five team members must be fluent in the language of the affiliate visited. If this is not possible, an interpreter will be arranged for by the team leader.

3. Health--Participants must be in good health. Most of our international affiliates are several hours from the nearest medical facility. Also, work assignments normally require strenuous manual labor, sometimes at high altitudes.

4. Safety--International travel always contains risk. Everyone at HFHI takes safety seriously. We keep informed of the latest travel advisories from the U.S. State Department and the host country. The participant has the responsibility of understanding the associated risks and making the final
decision to participate with a team.



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