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This is the page where Fifi gets her say

Hello everyone, thanks for dropping by. My name is Phoenix, I am the latest show stopper here at Holcroft. I am already a bit of a celebrity you know, and us celebs like to make a dramatic entrance. Well I dont think you can get better than this. My mum had already given birth to all my brothers n sisters, settled down to go sleep thinkin she'd done.. but no. I decided, now everyone was heaving a sigh of relief, extra paws (Paula) had gone home, that now would be the ideal time to make an entrance.
so the first sound I ever heard was 'mum' squealing coz she'd resigned herself to not having a baby black girl.. how wrong can some folk be???! lol.
 I am adored by everyone and I now know how to get away with murder.
 my first name was FIFI LE FAT.. coz no one thought that my wee legs would ever be capable of lifting my big body off the floor. but I have to say.. look at me now mama.


Think 'mum' had me picked out right from the start,
cant blame her really I AM gorgeous. Granny Mads is teaching me lots atm, like how to get the best out
of your pet human. I wanna be just like her.


"Fifi likes to help around the house, she takes washing out of the washer, brings towels down to the kennel (usually thru the rain puddles), takes washing from the line, removes floor coverings, and improves drainage by de-sealing the kennel."

Beauty and Intelligence