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I bought Minstrel when she was just five weeks old, the breeder was kind enough to allow me to take her early as it was quite a drive to make twice. She was quite the character, she was SUPPOSED' to sleep out in the kennel with the four other labs I had at the time, but Minstrel had other ideas. oh she would go to bed ok and go straight to sleep, but at 5am each morning without fail she would start up this ever so forlorn howling. after a few weeks of this I decided it was better to let her sleep indoors.. better for her and my sanity!

Minstrel at one of her first shows


Minstrel in full flight, playing with Mads n Tara


About now Minstrel started to struggle with her sight, little did we know she was going blind with GPRA. At first we thought she was just 'daft' till we got her eyes tested and learned the truth.


One of the last pics of the two chocs together, Tara was very unsteady and in a lot of pain, but kept wagging bless her.


Couldnt have arranged this shot.. Dallas, Madison n Minstrel sunning themselves


Two years old and looking Great


Five years old in this one and still looks like a youngster


These two pics show how much trust a dog can have in you.. she could hardly see but still jumped for fun, knocked spots off the others!


Minstrel (7) and Mads (4) sitting in the sun



another pic taken in the last week. Minstrel laid with one of Dallas' toys


Our one in a MILLION girl