First, we would like to thank our mothers who brought us into this world!  We would like to thank Ms. H for her time, support, and for “getting excited.”  Thanks to Mr. Phys, even though he only got excited “on the inside.”  Thanks to Ms. Pamboukian as well, for telling us we could go all the way.  A great big THANK YOU is extended to our new pen pals, Australian physicists and professors Ray Volkas and Robert Foot, who took the time to answer our questions, and especially to Professor Foot for his extremely intriguing book.  Thank you to Shine's father for the inspiring neutrino topic, and to her aunt for materials - shopping.  Thanks to all our friends for their patience through our nuclear meltdowns.   And last but not least, we thank each other, our dreams, and (once again) Ms. H for our title!

Dreaming Of A Mirror Universe   |   What is Mirror Matter?   |   What are Neutrinos?   |   The Solar and Atmospheric Neutrino Anomalies   |   Nature's Four Forces   |   The Detection of Mirror Matter   |   How Will These Theories Affect our Lives?   |   Did You Know...?   |   Conclusion   |   Bibliography   |   Acknowledgements   |   Related Links