Did You Know...?

An estimated 640 trillion neutrinos fly through the Earth every second without being even slightly diverted.

Billions of neutrinos stream through your body every second, yet only one or two will scatter from you in your lifetime.

An electron is ten million times, and a proton is one hundred million times, heavier than a neutrino.

Only about one to ten per cent of the universe's total mass is constituted of visible matter.

Every second, two hundred trillion trillion trillion (2 x 1029) neutrinos are produced by the sun.  A supernova blast produces one thousand times as many neutrinos than the sun is ever expected to produce in its ten billion year existence.

We emit about 340 million neutrinos per day due to the potassium-40 in our bodies, which is beta radioactive.

Canada has it's very own neutrino observatory, located in Sudbury, Ontario!
Underground view of the SNO
(Sudbury Neutrino Observatory)

There are also 2 large neutrino detectors located in both Los Alamos (Mexico) and Kamioka (Japan).

Views from the SuperKamiokande detector (left) and the Los Alamos detector (right)

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