Dreaming Of A Mirror Universe

Welcome to our site devoted to the study of neutrinos and mirror matter!  We created this site to raise awareness about these exceptionally interesting subjects, since we discovered many people are not informed about these "matters," that may, in time, change widely accepted theories and science as we know it!

This web site is only a portion of our project: after months of research, we also created a five-page report, and a display board for our school exposition, and we are also attended the Bell Regional Science Fair March 17, 18 and 19.  This web site is an additional portion of our project, aimed to inform anyone who is interested about the wonderful world of mirror matter, and also includes how neutrinos are an important factor in the proposal of mirror matter.  

There are various topics to discuss, therefore this site is split into distinct sections (refer to links below), in hopes that we can pass on our knowledge in a clear and concise way!  

Any questions still plaguing you?  
Feel free to write us at stephi2000@hotmail.com and we will be sure to answer you as soon as possible!

Shinoor & Stephanie
Web Site Creators

Our first display, presented at our school on February 14, 2002

Our REVISED (and much more aesthetically pleasing!) display, for Bell Regional.

UPDATE:  We are happy to announce that we won a gold medal at our school science fair,
and a gold medal, and a McGill Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Cash Prize at Bell Regionals!
Thank you to all our teachers, mentors, judges, etc. for their continued support and encouragement!

As promised, we have updated our site to include new links which have been e-mailed to us.  Thanks to everyone for their continued interest and encouragement!

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