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Welcome to MoneyMom.com. MoneyMom is a registered trademark.

Stay at Home Moms can Work at Home ... Home based business opportunities for stay and work at home moms! Business tips, tools, support, and moral support for moms and dads working at home in any capacity!

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Congratulations on finding a LEGITIMATE and HONEST way to earn an income from home via the Internet!



If you are like me you have probably tried every "make money from home" opportunity that you could get your hands on.  


You have numerous skills that you want to put to work - from home.  


You don't like "selling" or just aren't good at it.


You are a parent that NEEDS to earn an income, and could very easily earn a  lucrative income working for a large company, but WANTS to stay home with the kids and avoid the "latchkey kid" syndrome.


You hate the idea of going to work for 8 to 10 hours a day while a stranger (childcare provider) deals with all of the daily tasks involved with caring for YOUR children.


 You don't want to miss anything that your kids do or say.


You are skeptical of any elaborate "get rich quick" schemes that ask you to pay for pamphlets, courses, and seminars that will "show" you how to earn money from home.


You simply want to stay home and earn enough to help support your family (or just enough to have some "fun" money to keep you and the kids from being bored all day) while caring for your home and children.


Please Read On......



This site was designed to show  you that it IS possible to earn that extra income without putting all of your savings into marketing and advertising.


There is a way  to earn commissions legitimately and honestly without paying for every pamphlet, software program, how-to book, and "make money from home" program you see on the internet.  


This IS for real!



The links presented in this site are provided to help you to follow your dream of working from home without trying to run a scam on you.   Many of these offers are FREE and come with no obligation!


Remember that as with any honest opportunity - making decent money can't happen over night, this is not a "get rich quick" scam, it's a legitimate business venture that will allow you to choose your own hours, and put as much or as little effort into it as you need to earn the income you desire over the next several months, years, even decades.


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