Bloodhound Gang

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Bloodhound Gang

Album: Use Your Fingers

- Rip Taylor is God
- We are the Knuckleheads
- Legend in my Spare Time
- B.H.G.P.S.A.
- Mama Say
- Kids in America
- You're Pretty When I'm Drunk
- The Evils of Placenta Hustling
- One Way
- Shitty Record Offer
- Go Down
- Earlameyer the Butt Pirate
- No Rest for the Wicked
- She ain't got No Legs
- We Like Meat
- Coo Coo Ca Choo
- Rang Dang
- Nightmare at the Apollo
- K.I.D.S. Incorporated

Album: Hooray for Boobies

- I Hope You Die
- The Inevitable Return of the Great White Dope
- Mama's Boy
- Three Point One Four
- Mope
- Yummy Down on This
- The Ballad of Chasey Lain
- R.S.V.R
- Magna Cum Nada
- The Bad Touch
- That Cough Came with a Prize
- Take the Long Way Home
- Hell Yeah
- Right Turn Clyde
- This is Stupid
- A Lap Dance is so Much Better when the Stripper is Crying
- The Ten Coolest Things About New Jersey
- Along Comes Mary


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