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life and people is/are mostly unhappy if they could see it ! :o()

life and people are mostly unhappy if they could see it ! :o()

life and people are mostly unhappy if they could see it !

life and people are mostly unhappy if they could see it

stillness ain't  quietude  but the ability to look at what I say and utilize it !

life is short




short  !

life is too short   !  !  !  !  !  !

life is short




short !

life is too short ! ! ! ! ! !

life is short

life is too short !

life is too short ! ! ! ! ! !

life is short

life is too short !

life is too short ! ! ! ! !

I have seen so many writers  with more potential  ruin themselves with trying to fit what they write  to some rather dull and screwed up zen way of looking at things, if you set that template down and just write direct and accurate to your own experience ! ...

I have seen so many writers  with more potential  ruin themselves with trying to fit what they write to some rather dull and screwed up zen way of looking at things, if you set that template down and just write direct and accurate to your own experience ! ...

I have seen so many writers with more potential ruin themselves with trying to fit what they write to some rather dull and screwed up zen way of looking at things, if you set that template down and just write direct and accurate to your own experience ! ...

nothing will make sense to you without solitary retreat experience, the thing is to get the experience without the distorting religious bullshit and zen is just as bad for that as Catholicism !

rokazulu on reddit zen  asks

how do you stop thinking?

no one ever teaches you how to stop thinking and conceptual thought,
they just say to stop it




it's observe what you think, not stop it !

thought can't stop because that itself is thought ! :o)(

in the end most of my thought revolves around some idea I have of fixing the world or people or situations, this is my simple pattern of being,
other people have other patterns..........:o)(

basically zen has two practices, the above which is called shikantaza, and a sort of puzzle solving or questioning ,  I don't use the phrase  “koan study”  because most koans are voynich crap, but wide ranging quality reading and a sort of working out how things are.............:o)

djed  is the spine of  osiris ,  the god of the dead and the underworld !

yeah you can argue there's a zen sense to that !!

lol kensho ;o)

obliviron on reddit zen  asks

how do I get enlightened

seriously, I want to be enlightened, I don't want another train ride
through beautiful scenery that misses the stop

am I asleep or insane?



it's not a train ride but travel on foot through rough and dangerous country !

you have to leave the bullshit behind which you will never do so you will be one of the endless millions who waste their time wanting this fiction/real that cannot be had by them ! :o)(

enlightenment is going outside yourself, you just seek for what you want !

you  (ed. reddit zen questioner)  obviously are not familiar with the catholic mystic tradition,  john of the cross,  Teresa of availa,  st. catherine of siena

zen is a form of the quality perennial mysticism as per these great saints

a benedictine  retreat

the absolute in zen/Buddhism  =  god in chrisitianity

neither Buddha nor jesus existed as historical people,
both fictions out of very elaborate fairy tales ...................


“ you see this gentle loving  ‘ word ’  born in a stable while mary was on a journey, to show you pilgrims how you should be constantly born anew in the stable of self-knowledge, where by grace you will find me born in your soul ”

from the dialogue 157 of catherine of siena

negativegpa  writes

my girlfriend always tells me I should stop and smell the roses

I tell her  “I've already processed the roses”



she is a person of more sense than yourself !

negativegpa  replies

that she is.  what else am I going to do ?



zen is just a name, a boundary, but what is really of interest is the unboundarized condition !

zen is just a name, a boundary, but what is really of interest   is the unboundarized condition  !

zen is just a name, a boundary, but what is really of interest is the unboundarized condition !

I don't feel reddit zen is fake at all, people may be fake on it, but the way it works is to show zen pretty much as it is, however off putting that may be ! :o)

if you read the old stories it's not really that different !

authenticity is by and large rejected by just about everybody ! :o)(


when I was travelling through zen centers, the only person I came across that I felt was  “ authentic ”  was toni packer and she didn't talk much to me at all !

there's not a lot to say, it's only the difference between people that makes something to say and reddit zen has plenty of that !

actually now I know more there's more I would have said to her, but really it takes many years to formulate things coherently !

she, even while I was there, was having health problems, especially diabetes and actually she was starting to lose her mental edge !

there's really no-one to converse with, true understanding is so rare and that's why quality reading is SO important, the wonder of being able to converse with sa'di, Emily Dickinson and charles bukowski by reading them and to be transported into the competent realm of people who actually understand and not get embroiled in the mad mass
that reddit zen is so in evidence of !

reddit zen is the living reality, but it's the conversation with these great minds of the past that is uplifting and illuminating and cannot occur in any other way !

also, one shouldn't derate oneself, when I post there is authenticity ! :o)(

if you get  migraine ,  it's much better if it's without aura because aura means oxygen starvation in the brain's visual center !

zinc supplementation reduces serum  homocysteine
and improves vitamin B-12 and folate concentrations

vitamin E  should not  be taken at the same time as oils like sunflower oil having omega 6 in  !

“ vitamin E promoted the formation of an  adduct ,  a structure that links a chemical to DNA, and which may cause mutations ”

β-carotene or vitamin E and smoking don't mix as they  induce  the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the smoke to form adducts with DNA !

an interesting  study  on junk food causing obesity which in turn causes fatigue/laziness !

an interesting series of  lithographs  of russia in 1872 !

nikolai  ilyin  (6th pic down)  founded a new religious sect, the yehowists and was persecuted and imprisoned in the solovetski monastery because of that !

terem !

mirrored  from

over the years I have seen so many people turned into some sort of moron clone because they get stuck in zen and don't understand that what it's about is truly perennial to quality mystical religion and any quality poetry and literature !

“ for the snark was a boojum you see ” !

from  eihei dōgen's  shobogenzo

all evil  is not exactly the same as what is considered wrong among us in the monastic community or among those in the mundane world, nor is it exactly the same as what was thought of as evil in the past or what is thought to be so in the present

and it is not exactly the same as what is considered evil among the lofty or among ordinary, everyday human beings

and vast indeed is the difference between the way that good, evil, and neutral are spoken of in buddhism and the way they are spoken of in the world of ordinary, everyday people

what is seen as good and what is seen as evil depend on the times
but time itself is neither good nor evil

what is good and what is evil depend on what thoughts and things they give rise to, but whatever arises is likewise inherently neither good nor evil

to the extent that thoughts or things are alike, they partake of good alike, and to the extent that they are alike, they partake of evil alike

nevertheless, while we are pursuing our study of that which is  ‘absolute, supreme enlightenment’ ,  while we are listening to instruction on it, while we are training and practicing until we personally experience the fruits of realizing it, it seems something profound, something remote, something mysterious

we hear of this peerless enlightenment from our good spiritual friends
and we learn of it from scriptures

and the first thing we hear is,  “refrain from all evil whatsoever”

if you do not hear it said to refrain from all evil whatsoever, it is not the genuine dharma of buddha: it will be the preaching of demons

you must understand that to hear  “refrain from all evil whatsoever”  is to hear what the genuine dharma of buddha is



eihei dōgen has a very indian style of verbal infill to pad out and make convoluted something very simple, that our notions of good and bad are flawed, that is the notions themselves are flawed and any implementation is an unsatisfactory dealing of a very mixed bag ! :o)(

it's not really a competition, with message boards all you take away is your own development, I am using him to develop, but he is not using me to develop
that's what and all it amounts too ! :o)(

within a month of posting here on reddit zen, you should be looking different, do you?

from  case 5 of the cleary brothers translation of   ‘ the blue cliff record ’

one day hsueh feng said to the community,  “ on south mountain there's a turtle-nosed snake ;  all of you should take a good look at it ”

thereupon wayfarer leng came forward from the assembly and said ,  “ if so, then there are a lot of people in this hall today who lose their bodies and lives ”

zen    is much more    about  poetry  than  prose !

zen    is much more    about poetry than prose !

zen is much more about poetry than prose !

you  (ed. dota2nub on reddit zen)  don't come across well
dull, a bit stupid, entirely lacking imagination and verve ! :o(

try and develop yourself when you post !

that's really the whole point of being here !

you opinions and writing are gone in a couple of days, what remains is you, that can be some stupid self reinforcing opinion fart or someone who has moved forwards a bit ! :o)(

no-one is going to lift you up, you have to lift yourself up !

a prayer that will be answered

by  anna  kamienska   and  translated by  stanislaw baranczak and clare cavanaugh

lord let me suffer much

and then die

let me walk through silence

and leave nothing behind not even fear

make the world continue

let the ocean kiss the sand just as before

let the grass stay green

so that the frogs can hide in it

so that someone can bury his face in it

and sob out his love

make the day rise brightly

as if there were no more pain

and let my poem stand clear as a windowpane

bumped by a bumblebee's head



i will suffer and die

not even the fear









the ocean in coitus with the


frogs in the




will buryme



the day will always/never arise brightly





a bumblebee

stung this poem !


a bodhidharma  quote

unless you see your nature, you shouldn't go around
criticizing the goodness of others

there's no advantage in deceiving yourself

good and bad are distinct

cause and effect are clear

but fools don't believe and fall straight into a hell
of endless darkness without even knowing it

what keeps them from believing is the heaviness of their karma

they're like blind people who don't believe there's such a thing as light

even if you explain it to them, they still don't believe, because they're blind

how can they possibly distinguish light?



unless you have seen and conversed with infinity you shouldn't go around criticizing
the 7th zen   patriarch ,  he is after all enlightened !

to deceive yourself is to be a double fool,
to be wrong and wrong about being right ! :o()!

good and bad are indistinct and depend on context and time ! :o()

cause and effect and the notion of cause and effect
are  (unclear!)  and hazy to say the least ! :o)

fools don't find out for themselves and weight their experience accordingly but regurgitate in an endless fashion the pap of other retards !

caught in their own egotism they remain in an  “anti”  realm
and don't doubt their  (being!)  (having it!)  right ! :o()

One of the areas of contention with vaccines is getting too many done too close together !

dota2nub  writes

finally you  out  yourself !

a perennialist !



well the seventh  patriarch  would be the perennial sixth wouldn't he ! :o)

a reddit askdocs questioner  asks

I'm 22 F, good health

all my life, I've had a very sensitive, irritable stomach

I would get the runs every month, maybe 2-4 times a month

I started drinking a significant amount of coffee in October 2013

ever since, my stomach has been strong and my bowels RARELY EVER act up.

I think it is related because I can't find anything else that could have changed my stomach like this in just a few short months, and the coffee is the biggest change in my life.

what connection does this have?



from this  study

“ coffee stimulates  gastrin  release and gastric acid secretion ”

microwave radiation emitted from 3G mobile phone
significantly induced DNA strand breaks in brain

lol, that's not very healthy ! :o)(

results  conclude that 3G mobile phone radiations affect the brain function and cause several neurological  disorders

there's no way you can understand  “ the tempest ”  without knowing the author was sir henry Neville !

a reddit zen questioner  asks

I've read lots by alan watts, as well as some essential shunryu suzuki  (zen mind, beginner's mind; not always so) ,  but i'm feeling compelled to read some d.t. suzuki

I've heard he writes from an enlightened perspective, and I'd like something that's closer to allowing me to experience zen directly, rather than an historical account of Zen, or an instruction manual on meditation

Thanks :)



alan watts was a drunken lsd  fuck ,  shunryu suzuki was just plain fucked and d.t Suzuki was a Nazi sympathizer and raging japanese imperalist

read the cleary brothers translation of the blue cliff record and Emily dickinson !

my observation is misguided reading like the Suzukis and watts coupled with meditation drops you in a smelly stupid hole people never seem to climb out of !

there !





directly !

zen is a con designed to make idiots like  you
waste their lives in some pathetic illusion of understanding ! :o(

whatthefuckiszen  replies 

you seem to say

1.  zen is not useful for intelligent people

2.  if one knows Zen, one won't waste life

3.  zen means no understanding is possible



well of course we all think we are intelligent don't we ! ? :o)(

no. 2  I think is right,

no. 1  is wrong because people are such a crazy mix of stupidity and intelligence, that's is, there is really no base to measure on unless you are a cow ! :o)..'.}..'{

and  no.3  is very wrong because there is an understanding !

good reply btw, you actually said something at least half right, so different from the endless avoidant bullshit posted here on reddit zen ! :o)

whatthefuckiszen  replies 

Let me see whether I get it right now

1.  zen is not useful for all  ‑  intelligent and the ignorant alike.

2.  If one knows Zen, one won't waste life

3.  Zen implies an understanding but how one arrives at this understanding  ‑  the specific steps one takes to achieve this understanding  ‑  is not defined

It is just a magic that happens

Much like how puberty happens in adolescent girls

It is just magic that appears from nowhere

4.  It is possible that one's understanding of Zen wouldn't necessarily agree with another's understanding of Zen. i.e., Even though two people may claim a Zen experience the details, particulars and nuances of the experience may be drastically different.

There is plenty of proof for supporting the  (4)  even right in this thread

Do you hold the view that an existential crisis is essential for appreciating Zen?



zen is just about infinity in life, it's the same as the better quality mystical christianity and Sufism !

also mystical poets like Emily Dickinson and dylan Thomas !

and actually shakespeare's/sir henry neville's  “ the tempest ”  is very zen

the reason zen hit the protestant western world like a ton of bricks in the 60's is that protestantism has no mystical tradition, unlike say the  Benedictines  in catholicism !

I like your number three, yeah that's how it is !

including that pubescent girls are a form of murder ! :o)

the reality of true understanding is that it is very very rare, something you might get the gist of from the old stories, sort of one in a generation or something, so you are always dealing with the fact that just about everyone is pretending, that's really hard to understand and get and there's no real life company and your only compatriots are the dead, and that's who you have to read, sa'di, sappho, Heraclitus, Emily Dickinson montaigne and so on .......... :o()

basho and wang wei are the better part of zen reading, unfortunately zen is mostly an oral tradition, so what we know is transcribed and recorded with the inherent distortions and voyniching of that...........

there is some good stuff in zen but you have to be discriminating, like one trick with for instance the blue cliff record is the commentator wasn't enlightened, so be wary of his own bullshit, but some/many? of the cases are authentic !

it's sort of a big ask to make your way through it I can say ! : o)(

it's really hard to get, but you can certainly see it in reddit zen, but also real life zen, is  99.9999%  just are totally insane on the subject and this is always how it has been and will be !

“ Do you hold the view that an existential crisis is essential for appreciating Zen? ”

well you know, that's jesus on the cross ! :o)

the catholics at least have got that right, they have a real person hanging there, not the blank shiny bronze cross of anglicanism/episcopalian ! :o)

my response to the surprisingly  usual  viewpoint that it doesn't matter who wrote shakespeare's works !

Thackeray wrote jane austen ?

stephen king wrote Gulliver's travels ?

hitler wrote the blue cliff record ! ?

since knowing about the author provides context, it's Hugely important !

I never really liked Shakespeare thinking shakespeare wrote it, he doesn't look right in his portrait as the true author and in fact he was an underworld  “heavy” ,  because theatres of the time were also brothels of a sort, that's how you got his involvement with sir henry  Neville  !

when you understand sir henry neville really wrote shakespeare's works, his plays literally open up like flowers to understand them better...................... :o)


I spent weeks researching the sir henry Neville question, you need to put a lot of work under your belt to get a clear picture................ ! :o)

“ people who had most of their daily  exposure  to even moderately bright light in the morning had a significantly lower body mass index  (BMI)  than those who had most of their light exposure later in the day,  the  study  found

the earlier this light exposure occurred during the day, the lower individual's body mass index, the later the hour of moderately bright light exposure, the higher a person's BMI

if a person doesn't get sufficient light at the appropriate time of day, it could de-synchronize your internal body clock, which is known to alter metabolism and can lead to weight gain ”

“ over their lifetime half of  uncircumcised  males will contract an adverse medical condition caused by their  foreskin ”

a reddit askdocs questioner  asks

do people die from symptoms or the disease?

I was having an argument with someone who supports the theory that vaccines cause autism and they brought up the fact that people die from symptoms, not from disease

how true is this statement?



as the us government is paying out very large sums in compensation to vaccine injured children the answer is obviously yes !

neither vaccine manufacturers nor the government dispute that immune response injury can occur with vaccines, what's in dispute is what percentage of the population is affected adversely!

the tragedy is that there's a complete lack of biological research in this area and it won't be funded because research would provide evidence incriminating the government in a level of liability of the order of what the iraq war cost !

I am not anti vaccine, it's just a shame to see something with so much potential causing so much harm because basically the research funding needed to design better vaccines, tests for susceptible children, and safer combinations and schedules goes to adult diseases and children get the short shrift financially as usual !

there needs to be liability law changes before we will ever see any sense on the matter !

the crucifixion of dr. wakefield was a deliberate example of what will happen to anyone who places the government at any risk of expert evidence validating parents claims !

children are at lower risk of vaccine damage when they are healthy, there are less viruses around, the food is good, and there is some sun on the skin which is basically summer !

the sixth patriarch transmitted to the 7th patriarch in a vision

when you get enlightened, people only want to kill you, huineng spent a fair portion of his life on the run and was nearly killed several times !

basically the whole religious/monastic thing is bullshit, if you can show that it is convincingly which an enlightened person can, then the blind idiots only want you out of the way ! :o(

pepto-bismol contains the toxic heavy metal  bismuth  !

looks like a bad year for gastro ! :o(

ed.  feb/march/april 2014

drinking neat, freshly squeezed lemon juice helps with gastric flu !

ryōkan taigu in translation is an image of him and what he wrote, not his actuality !

the stupid donkeys bray before the miscast statues they call his writing/poetry like it's the real thing ! :o(

the translation is not ryōkan !

the real zen is a celibate tradition, it's way too hard to do with the suburban  “wife and kids” ,  in fact it's wrong and  “wife with kids”  needs a quite different approach !

Suzuki is a case in point, his family and life got too damaged !

kobun was the same lol drowning with his daughter ! :o(

you can be a bit nutty celibate and it doesn't seem to hurt the same way, that's the issue with Suzuki, a bit nutty and it hurt him and his family too much, with his family responsibilites he didn't get what zen is right enough, celibate he could have been one of the great masters rather than spewing the 5/8ths arsed bullshit he did !

to do zen properly you are going to go mad, celibate you will survive,  “married with kids”  you just become a dull fuckwit in a bad mental space ! :o(

the big change is the explosion of non dual teachers which have pretty well taken all the zen audience

if you factor non duality - neo advaita in, being a teacher has become extremely competitive, thousands of teachers and a very broke audience

mostly teachers are personally funding the work that they do,
brad warner would be good example..................

it's actually financially ruinous to be a zen teacher...............

so in fact you are forced to the net in a centerless operation
because of its superbly low cost structure...........


there used to be a lot more money around in zen
and young able bodied people to help build the centers

older people have huge health costs and risks now,
that's another thing destroying zen in the center model

“ the  greatest  is you, if you wake up to it ”

yeah that's the fundamental solipsist viewpoint which is correct,
we are the entire universe .................

I said suzuki roshi was a bit fucked in the head, it's apparent in his writing and talks,
there's something wrong.........................

it's just the usual screwed up soto zen  “kids and family” ,  he paid an unfortunate price, but really it's only celibacy that has the freedom to look at what zen is truly about !

you have to be  careful  with fish and sea food because they accumulate heavy metals like mercury for fish and arsenic for shell fish

fish like large tuna and even moderate sized shark have lot of mercury in

I think steve jobs ate a lot of shrimp or high arsenic shellfish
and arsenic can be a factor in pancreatic cancer !

really I only eat fish/shellfish once every week or so and make sure the fish is quite small !

I think some people are pescatarian because it reduces iron levels, but imo it's better to donate whole blood  (keep track of your Hb !)  than convert your meat intake to pescatarian

a reddit askdocs questioner  asks

loud banging in my head every night before i fall asleep. wtf

been going on for a couple months

can't move  (sleep paralysis?)  when banging is going on

how do i stop this?



I think it's a natural part of the brain shutting down for sleep process, but most people become unconscious at the same time and don't remember it !

something like a high quality krill oil for neural health and attention to the circadian rhythm and light color  (red looks dark to the circadian rhythm)  at night and close to bed may help

I did have something like  that ,  but don't any longer so I really think it's a brain health thing !

you are insane

you are sane

sane and insane









florence  welch ,  dyslexic and dyspraxic ,  red  haired autism.................

a reddit askdocs questioner  asks

I did not get sick at all during 2013  ‑  I've been sick twice in the last month. thoughts?

I worked in hospitality full time during all of 2013, at a very large establishment. I wasn't ill even once. the last time I was sick was during my last year of high school in 2012.

I've recently moved to melbourne  (from albury n.s.w.)  and moved into university campus accomodation. and I've been sick with a cold about 4 weeks ago, had a bad cough for the last month and now something worse over the last couple of days  (full body soreness, sore throat, headache, running nose etc)

what gives? any thoughts?



Melbourne gets constantly pumped with new viruses by cruise ships and international air traffic  (especially asians and winter fleeing americans and europeans)  !

colder means the viruses live longer when out of the body !

albury would be a low viral city  (except for the mosquito borne stuff !)

a reddit zen questioner  asks

who are the great living zen masters of our day ?

suzuki, maezumi, and seung sahn represent some of the zen masters that defined zen in the west

who do you consider the equivalent today?

what great masters should an adept consider studying with?



seung sahn was the best of that lot,  maezumi was a drunken womanizer,
Suzuki was a bit fucked in the head

apart from myself, the one's today that are sorta ok are  (in no particular order)  george   bowman ,  diane rizzetto  (I think she's getting abit old to be interested in new people!) ,  lorianne  disabato ,  pierre  tesuten  and wayne coger  (of the  springwater  center)

there may be a few others, possibly seon  joon .............

as the 7th zen  patriarch  I  have  “sacked”  or  “deregistered”  most of the rest,
the earthly transmission system is just generating conformist clods ! :o()

from experience and this is having stayed in several centers and had contact with quite a few teachers  (yup even a phone conversation with joko beck ! :o)  it's very important not fix on any one teacher, they all have different strengths and weaknesses, indeed one's approach should be what I call  “ vampire zen ”  suck a teacher dry and move on ! ............... : o )

but basically it's self taught and zen itself is just part of larger context, like if you don't read Emily  Dickinson ,  you will remain crippled like just about all do in zen

the usual zen products descends slowly into  madness  ! ............... :o(

i   write 

it's the sanity of craziness that matters ! :o)(

dota2nub  replies

does it? what for?



you will never be enlightened so you will never understand will you ?

it's odd, it's like a literal barrier, I can see you hit your head against it !

you are not willing to learn I am afraid,  too up yourself,  just another of the dead cogs that drift around in zen pretending what they do is real ! :o(

dota2nub  replies

figuring things out again, huh?



yeah this is where you are going wrong, in fact there's a lot of figuring out to do, otherwise mentally vacant morons like yourself would know what they are on about ! :o) .. {

nothing new about this, you are exemplifying the old zen phrase of  “ living in a ghost cave ”  ! :o)

keep knocking your head don't you ! :o)(



who's knocking?

you keep seeing things that aren't there

have you ever taken a look?



you have to see both what is there and what's not there !

ultra realism ignores the fantasy and pays the price..............

this of course is quite beyond you ! o()

zen, or rather what it is about is both the real and unreal, paradoxically, retards like yourself who just plumb for a minimal reality through a wilful ignorance end up neither in a minimal real nor functional unreal, but an entirely bizarre and rather spaced out fantasy ! :o(

it's the sanity of craziness that matters ! :o)(

yoga attracts the mentally sub-normal !

how does it feel











pain ! ?

how does it feel











pain ! ?

kurt von hammerstein ‑ equord    quote

i divide my officers into four groups

there are clever, diligent, stupid, and lazy officers

usually two characteristics are combined

some are clever and diligent  ‑  their place is the general staff

the next lot are stupid and lazy  ‑  they make up 90 percent of every army and are suited to routine duties 

anyone who is both clever and lazy is qualified for the highest leadership duties, because he possesses the intellectual clarity and the composure necessary for difficult decisions.

one must beware of anyone who is stupid and diligent  ‑  he must not be entrusted with any responsibility because he will always cause only mischief

my  comment

i wish i wasn't all four at once ! :o()

i think the only way to handle reddit zen is not to read it, so i'm going to start to do that !

it's been sorta productive, but starting to go in circles ! .............. ! :o. } ){ ! . } - - - . ! -

i think the only way to handle redit zen is not to read it, so i'm going to start to do that !

you are mentally ill  (ed. dota2nub)  and really creep out any board you post on, manic mad fucked in the head a hypocrite to your feeble bones .............

kirya yoga is for the alien slime.........................

y e a h ! :o ()

the saliva  tree ,  p13,  by brian aldiss

he fell asleep early that night

in the early hours of the morning, nightmare visited him

he was in a strange city where all the buildings were new
and the people wore shining clothes

in one square grew a tree

the gregory in the dream stood in a special relationship to the tree: he fed it

it was his job to push people who were passing by the tree against its surface

the tree was a saliva tree

down its smooth bark ran quantities of saliva from red lips like leaves up in the boughs

it grew enor ‑ mous on the people on which it fed

as they were thrown against it, they passed into the substance of the tree

some of the saliva splashed onto gregory

but instead of dissolving him, it caused everything he touched to be dissolved

he put his arms about the girl he loved, and as his mouth went towards her's
her skin peeled away from her face. .

there is  amylase  in  saliva  !

“ people with fewer copies of a gene coding for a carb-digesting enzyme
may be at a higher risk of obesity ”

i asked mario  falchi  why he thought that more amylase leads to less obesity !

his  reply

it is difficult to say what is the real role of salivary amylase,
it is surprisingly expressed in other tissues apart from salivary glands,
and pancreatic/salivary proportions in serum are about 50:50

also, it is not know whether it is deactivated in the stomach

my personal thought is that its action is probably not related to how much starch we break in the mouth, but there are two possibilities  (that could coexist) :

1.  breaking of starch into sugars activate signalling pathways that prepare the pancreas to receive starch endocrine/exocrine functions

2.  reduced salivary amylase changes how some food taste  ‑  e.g. starch is less creamy if there are low salivary amylase levels

creaminess makes food more appealing to people  (reason why people love chocolate, ice cream, etc) .

lack of creaminess might change food preference,
with a shift towards more fatty food

this changes in food preference can also change the composition of gut microbiota,
which itself might also drive obesity



low serum amylase is reflective of metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance, it may be that there is some cojoining of the production of salivary and pancreatic amylase  (at the level of genetic expression?) ,  if you have a problem with low pancreatic amylase then is there necessarily also low salivary amylase ?

“ low serum amylase is likely to be  associated  with obesity and metabolic abnormalities, which are often accompanied by impaired insulin action ”

mario's  reply

yes, they are highly correlated  (personal unpublished observations) ,  as probably their genes are repeated within the same block.

if you live long enough


leaves !

an    askreddit   question

what harsh truths have you learned as you have grown and aged?


that people with personality disorders never get better
they will remain as they are for evermore

learn how not to lie, skillfully...

silver linings are often tarnished

I'm only 22,  but I quickly realized that women like to fuck you in more ways than one


parenting pearl of wisdom

if children were born as teenagers, the human species would die out …
a natural form of birth control


the key to maturity is figuring out the acceptable moments to be immature


we are talking about harsh truths so.... sometimes, life's better gift is death

when you are on continuous endless suffering, death is a welcomed issue

it's pretty hard to get, but when you know, you know


as a woman

your attractiveness has a very limited time frame

do not count on it for long term happiness


don't put all your eggs in one basket is a good one that can be harsh

people die and then they're just gone

people will walk out of your life  ‑  let them

the world is in dire need of a eugenics program

there are no truths, just shades of ambiguity

that there is no substitute for dialogue over lazy mood music

never be comfortable

all relationships that are not blood are transactional

schoolteachers give the worst life advice


people don't change

don't expect your SO to change

they won't

this is more true the older they are


life is so much easier if you just lower your expectations


your parents are not as trustworthy as you thought

they are liars and cheaters like everyone else

and you have to be more careful about who you trust than you thought


it's nearly impossible to not be hypocritical in certain situations


there really is a difference about how you feel towards your step child
when compared to a child of your blood

even if you've known the step child and acted as their father/mother since before they could hold a bottle, the moment your own child is born, you'll feel it

no matter how much you try, your own child's actions will outshine your step child's

it'll be subtle

and maybe you won't consciously notice it

but it happens

and it's okay

as long as you treat them as equal as possible, this feeling will be just that, a feeling

just because they're pretty, doesn't mean they are not dysfunctional bitches !

:o) :o( :o( :o) :o( ! :o( :o) :o(  .


just because they're pretty, doesn't mean they are not dysfunctional bitches !

:o( :o) :o( :o( ! :o)


just because they're pretty, doesn't mean they are not dysfunctional bitches  !

just because they're pretty, doesn't mean they are not dysfunctional bitches !


just because they're pretty, doesn't mean they are not dysfunctional bitches


what I mean by mad is absolutely unable to make needed changes ! :o()

what I mean by mad is absolutely unable to make needed changes !

what I mean by mad is absolutely unable to make needed changes . . .

nostalgia  is aging's lethal  fire  ! :o(

nostalgia is aging's lethal fire ! :o(

nostalgia is aging's lethal fire !

an    askreddit   question

what took you way too long in life to figure out?


you can't reason with crazy and you can't argue with stupid

there is no absolute right or wrong in life

I can't get by without putting in hard work

how much it helps to sit down and think about how your day went

old people's ideas are our reality today. don't be fooled by them, think for yourself

get what you desire today, it might not always be there tomorrow.

stop giving advice to people that keep asking for it, but do the complete opposite

to shut the fuck up. I fucked up most of my relationships
because I can't be patient and just wait

sometimes there are things better left unsaid

that the longer you avoid dealing with serious problems  ‑  they don't go away
or get better on their own,  ‑  they get worse.

good credit is way more important than I thought. Poor credit can snowball, and sets you back years   [ ... ]   I wish I understood this significance in my 20's

breakfast,  break  ‑  Fast


that no matter how old or wise someone may seem, nobody has perfected life
so just do your own thing and try to think it through yourself

don't just do something just because someone says so, or society says so
because everyone is still trying to figure things out


failing is a fucking amazing way to get better at something, don't be afraid to fail

not all men are cheaters

ignorance and incompetence are almost always a more likely motivation for a person's actions than bad intent

you need to do it yourself

money is important . . . to, like, pay for stuff

that  'Sean'  is pronounced Shaun and not  'Seen'
I actually thought people were  called  'Seen'

that some men see  'kindness'  as a  'coin'  to put in a woman until sex comes out
and women see men who do this and take all their coins and laugh at them

there are some arguments you can't win, no matter how right you are

sometimes hard work doesn't beat talent

trusting in something for too long is a mistake

Hard work doesn't actually always pay off

that life begins at the end of your comfort zone

that girls have 3 holes

in the words of the great Ferris Bueller  "life moves pretty fast. if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it".  I know because I have missed it.


hiding your head in the sand just makes it that much easier for someone to kick your ass.

stick up for yourself and bitch when you need to.


   knowledge itself is power   ‑   francis bacon


I am 51 years old. I worked my way into senior management. I was making money like a champ. I worked 70 hour weeks and provided my family with whatever they needs, and often, just what they wanted

my marriage failed, my son won't talk to me, the career took a toll on my health
and I realized far to late; money is a vain and pointless pursuit.


How much what I eat affects how I feel


that no one is paying attention/looking at you as much as you think they are. they are all just focused on themselves, no one has time to look at your every action. you're the only one constantly paying attention to yourself. SO, don't be so self conscious and never worry about what other people might think of you.

this is more like my mantra to myself.


you don't need a Significant Other to be happy

not waste my time with toxic people

pay attention to how much you spend  /  spend less than you make


everyone fucks up !

you just gotta keep on swimming : o (...,{  }/ {.


that I used to care way too much about what other people think

if you're too nice, the majority of people will take advantage of that and walk all over you

do not romantically pursue people who are already in relationships; it's rarely worth it

women. I can't say I have it all figured out now, but man
I was totally clueless for so many years

always read  'segue'  in writing and heard  'seg-way'  in speech. knew that they had the same meaning. then I saw a subtitle that spelled out  'segue'  when the character said  'seg-way'  Mind blown

you can't change someone, they need to change themself

debt enslaves you

under commit, over deliver

it's better to ask questions than to mess something up and look stupid
for not asking questions

cart wheel's are called  'cart wheels'  because you put your arms in the shape of the spokes of a cart wheel

the key to success is learning to work when you don't feel like it

that percent meant per-century. which meant -/100

trying to get an English degree in today's world is not smart. wasted two years before figuring out this isn't what I want to do

odours are very important in social interaction

a quart is called that because it is a quarter of a gallon

that it's okay to be wrong


it's  rape  the women  steal  the cattle

years of just piss poor banditing and, frankly, a lot of long dark nights of the soul
until I figured this one out


for years I thought there was a diner in NYC called  'Tiffanys' and I was determined to go an have breakfast there, because I had always heard of the movie  (but I had never seen or knew what it was about)

I saw the movie when I was eighteen and when I realized breakfast at Tiffany's
meant a Danish in front of a jewelry store, a bit of me died


[..]  finding out you don't share DNA with someone
doesn't mean that anything has to change at all

especially when that someone is an absolutely adorable two and a half year old


that I shouldn't do anything out of obligation
I should spend my time doing what I want to do.


for too long I was hanging out with people I didn't want to hang out with out of pity  (people discarded by everyone else)  and obligation  (people I had nothing in common with, but had been friends with for a while)

once I got a full time job I realized how limited free time really is, and that sitting around with a bunch of stupid chicks gossiping about people we knew in high school was wasting precious time that could be spent bettering myself


my self esteem issues aren't just irrational thoughts

it's my body's way of warning people that there's something wrong with me
so they shouldn't attempt to mate with me


I learned way too late in life that religion doesn't solve any of life's actual problems


that missing people is a part of life

there are tons of important people I miss incredibly badly, but will never see again


realizing that nobody in my life will be around forever, except me

you have to find intrinsic happiness independent of other people or you are going to have a really tough time in life when those people are gone


men are always attracted to sexy women  ‑  that's not love

women are always attracted to men who can provide for a stable family($/career)  ‑  that's not love either


1 Liter of water = 1 Kilogram of weight

not to cheat on girlfriends

I could have made more money and changed the world more by being on honest auto mechanic than by being a jerk with a philosophy degree


great people are rarely famous

famous people are rarely great


being alone is beautiful.  just overcome the fear of being alone
and you will see how much your personality gets stronger

with no one else to influence you, you can be yourself
you will have time to learn new things and get smarter


don't stick your dick in crazy...

the world is a difficult place, it'll kick you and break your legs while you're down


I was 32 before I realized that if you piss on the side wall of winged urinals, you don't have any fucking splash back.

now, I hate any urinal without goddamn winged sides


showing up is half the battle

The first time you do something, you are going to suck at it  ‑  but every skill can be learned  ‑  you just have to persevere

upside-down is called upside-down because the  'up'  side is  'down'   my mind was blown

itchy mouth can sometimes be a sign of an allergy


if you work for someone else, unless you've been there for years or risen to management, they will pay you the bare minimum to keep you there.

if you work for yourself, you keep far more of the rewards


that the life we all live in is just a machine to harvest the meek

that sex really isn't the most important thing in life

that unless you're very careful, alcohol will take a lot more from your life than it gives back

a vasectomy has that name because it is a cutting of the vas deferens


if you've done something terrible, confessing will not make you feel better

it will only make others feel worse


that my taste in men sucks and I should just remain single


financially, live way below your means and stick to a budget

my wife and I now make six figures but are so mired in debt from previous poor decisions we're barely scraping by

credit cards, mortgages, student loans, home improvements, cars, dining out.. figure out just what you need and put the rest of your money away

keeping up with the joneses is completely and utterly meaningless


the division symbol in mathematics looks likes it's dividing two dots


there is no such thing as equilibrium in this world

things that matter need to be constantly maintained

you don't see this as a kid: you're born into a world where everybody seems to have things figured out, and there seems to be a working, more or less unchanging, system there for you to fit into  (school, family, etc.)


that if you hold ctrl and backspace, you delete a word at a time

realised this yesterday, and I've been using computers since the mid-90s


that it's called a triangle because it has three angles

that life is short

making excuses is a good red flag that something is wrong

how much better it was to be young


it is okay to be alone

some people don't need people around

some people are not meant for relationships, and that is okay,
they are very happy being single, etc.


how to make myself a priority while still serving others

being alone is better than being with the wrong person

just because you can, doesn't mean you should

a bad day for your ego is a good day for your soul


don't trust the people in power

they got there by crushing others

all takers, no givers


masturbating to pornography has harmful psychological effects

I learned this one about 14 years too late...


“ If you never do, you'll never know ”

you only have a limited amount of attention, and if you split it up,
the total will not be the sum of its parts



there is no substitute for hard work

I'm still trying to learn that life lesson


nobody is truly good or truly bad, everyone is in the gray

that there are people in this world that won't work hard in this world and still get ahead


when to lie

I've always been an over[t]ly honest person thinking that
"honestly is the best policy"  is actually true

turns out it's bullshit

no one wants to hear the 100% god's honest truth all the time

it only pissed people off or hurts them

it's taken me way too long to figure out when to lie


being right about something can be a good thing

thinking you need to prove it to everyone else is not


There, Their and They're

there, their and they're


your reputation will always precede you.

you can't change the past

“ god's  away  on   business  ”

for some reason it put me in mind of the Russian  film  Kin-dza-dza!

  chocolate  jesus

well i don't go to church on sunday

don't get on my knees to pray

don't memorize the books of the bible

i got my own special way

i know jesus loves me

maybe just a little bit more

i fall down on my knees every sunday

at zerelda lee's candy store

well it's got to be a chocolate jesus

make me feel good inside

got to be a chocolate jesus

keep me satisfied

well i don't want no abba zaba

don't want no almond joy

there ain't nothing better

suitable for this boy

well it's the only thing

that can pick me up

better than a cup of gold

see only a chocolate jesus

can satisfy my soul

when the weather gets rough

and it's whiskey in the shade

it's best to wrap your savior

up in cellophane

he flows like the big muddy

but that's ok

pour him over ice cream

for a nice parfait

well it's got to be a chocolate jesus

good enough for me

got to be a chocolate jesus

good enough for me

well it's got to be a chocolate jesus

make me feel so good inside

got to be a chocolate jesus

keep me satisfied

tom  waits  is interesting ,  unlike the falsely abstract crap you posted !

you walk between the raindrops and remain  dry  ! :o(


I've never listened to him before, but there's something in that song with the hammer on that stone block that really  “resonates”  ! :o)

when I say  “ falsely abstract ”  (ed.  dharmabumzz's poem!) ,  it's because you conform what you write to  “monism” ,  it's a false theory of reality and so you bind yourself into fakeness !

can you see you try to use tom waites with the song  “ walking Spanish ”  from his album  “ rain dogs ”  to bolster the authenticity of what you write.........

yet you haven't looked at or accepted the meaning of the song which is actually that life is crucifixion...........................

that is the truth of the patriarchs ! :o()

that is we are wet by infinity and seeing and not avoiding the crucifixion  (you can't avoid it anyway)  is the ultimate truth !


“silent mind”  is bullshit, glad to see ug  calling  the fakes on it !

dota2nub  replies 

silent mind is silent mind, but you insist on adding bullshit to anything

I guess that's your religion



crap artists like yourself can't be silent can they when shown up as frauds ?

it's sickening to see how crazy deluded you guys get ! :o(

sludge for brains ,  no self observation whatever !

dota2nub  replies 

there'd have to be claims before one could be labelled as fraud

you're claiming a lot, where do you get all your magical knowledge from?

have your crystal ball fairies told you the easter bunny doesn't exist yet
or will you cry once you find out?



when you know the easter bunny exists, then you will be enlightened, as it is you disbelieve ! :o(

the easter bunny sprinkles it's magic fairy dust everywhere, and holds its nose as it walks past the sewerage of  “the silent mind”  !




toads that splash there thinking








know !




the  bluebottle and eccles  8'oclock  sutra

the  bluebottle  8'oclock   sutra

the bluebottle 8'oclock  sutra

99%  of the people involved in anything are boring contentious idiots ,  including  you !

what else



expect ?

what's different about reddit zen is thanks to some  “enlightened”  mods it is not censored !

if it's rough stupid and abusive then that's what the real is !

when you censor, you walk away from truth !

99%  of the people involved in anything are boring contentious idiots ,  including  you !

what else



expect ?


the experience of a silent mind... it's all bullshit  (ug flicks his hand)

“silent mind”  is bullshit ,  glad to see ug calling the fakes on it !


the experience of a silent mind... it's all bullshit  (ug flicks his hand)

you have to go where you don't want to go, that's the hard thing . . . : o (

you have to go where you don't want to go, that's the hard thing . . .

you have to go where you don't want to go, that's the hard thing !

you have to go where you don't want to go, that's the hard thing : o)(

the brain of the woman is designed to breed !

:  o  )  .  . .  {  .  .  .  .  {

the brain of the woman is designed to breed !

: o) ... { .. . . {

the brain of the woman is designed to breed !

the brain of women is designed to breed ! : o) ... { .. , . {

the brain of women is designed to breed !

the blackmores   eco krill   is very good for  reducing  cholesterol !

makes the brain work better too !

you probably need about 900 to 1500mg a day !

it has to be a good quality krill oil !

read  this ,  it will really expand your horizons, you will see how dumb and moronic/stupid most of the stuff discussed on reddit zen really is !

reply  to kogen

you must be afraid to engage yourself !

I am puzzled ! :o()

a lack of control?

then i say  further

no reply to my comment above huh this is the wall that stops you, you won't engage where you don't want to go !

this   going where you don't want to go   is very difficult and why basically zen is a celibate practice, relationship and family is a very different priority !

enlightenment is this process of stepping out of this world of semi certainty about being right that  normality  is, to the real world of just about always being wrong and working through this process of discovery to being righter  ( of which  “practice”  is a poor mimic ! )  and this of course alienates you from normality and this is just how it is !

if you really do this, it's so rare that no-one will understand you and you will always be caught in a time warp of dissonance with the crap life people and all the religious and other bullshit the morons put over you !

you can see a thing again and again

but you just don't get it  !





you can see a thing again and again

but you just don't get it  !  :o()

you can see a thing again and again
but you just don't get it  !  :o()

you can see a thing again








it !

read alan watts and d.t Suzuki and you will be well set
to completely screwing your life up with meditation and pap !

go to it ! :)(

the zen motto is,  “ stupid going in, a moron coming out ! ”  :o)

do  not do  any sophisticated  reading  that makes you really question !

now you are all set for a life of fakery, pretending and irrecoverably ballsing up ! :o)

when you rattle the idiots,  out comes the  “troll”  word   !  : o )

when you rattle the idiots,  out comes the  “troll”  word ! :o)

when you rattle the idiots, out comes the  “troll”  word ! :o)

  Chariklo is a comet-like miniature planet located between Saturn and Uranus. It has a diameter of 250 km and new observations show that there are two rings of ice particles and pebbles

rather  fascinating  ! :o)(

reincarnation does attract the loonies, I have noticed that ! :o)

a redditor  asks

need help  ‑  schizophrenia & pregnancy

my wife is diagnosed with mild schizophrenia on 2 months back

her symptoms includes hallucinations, listening to voices in her head, less sleep etc

however she is on medication & counselling

she is recovering very fast within 2 months because she now talks sense
can understand that she was hallucinating etc.

we are married for 5 years  ‑  I'm 30 and she is 29

I just wanted to know due to schizophrenia, is there any problem can arise to the baby if she conceives? 

Is there any risks to her pregnancy?

I am just being cautious



I would think that the medications and their effects on the fetus
would be an overriding issue with being pregnant !

Also you need to consider that a child needs 15 years or more of mom not relapsing into schizophenia, my personal opinion is that some people are too frail to raise children, it's a whole extra area of extreme difficulty that is best avoided !

the men often leave when things get rough, would you commit to taking over the care of both the mother and child ?

also the degree to which the schizophrenia is genetic needs considering !


there's a lot of women having children that  never  should have, a huge social problem !

that link is recent research and one of several I have seen recently indicating a changed view of thinking that psychiatric medications do have a deleterious effect on the fetus !

you don't want to be blind to what is happening, there's a nightmare of damaged children and dysfunctional families being created !

my views on the problems of multivitamins   are below

it's well known that there a lot of problems with taking inorganic minerals

the minerals we get from food are all bound to proteins  (chelated !)  and are thus safely absorbed through biochemical channels designed to accept them !

inorganic minerals like the seven seas formulation are basically garden fertilizer, they do this because the cost is 100th of what decent chelated/organically bound minerals cost !

for instance that seven seas formulation has a dangerous inorganic form of selenium   sodium selenite  that is associated with blindness, they should be using a combination of selenomethionine and selenocysteine !

the cells in the testicles have some degree of photoreception having the genes for photo reception expressed, same with the spine and brain, so the testosterone enhancing effect of strong sunlight on the testicles is due to sunlight itself !

if you can get animal testicles to eat which some cultures like the turks still do and so did we up until about 100 years ago, they certainly give a strong testosterone boost !

prostate  artery  embolization

the latest  research  shows that the chemical citrate  ‑  a by-product of natural cell metabolism  ‑  is mixed with water to create a viscous fluid that is trapped between the nano-scale crystals that form our bones

this fluid allows enough movement, or  ‘ slip ’ ,  between these crystals so that bones are flexible, and don't shatter under pressure

[..  this nano-scopic layering of citrate fluid and mineral crystals in bone means that the crystals stay in flat, plate-like shapes that have the facility to slide with respect to each other

without citrate, all crystals in bone mineral would collapse together, become one big crystal and shatter  ..]

it is the inbuilt shock absorber in bone that, until now, was unknown.

if citrate leaks out, the crystals  ‑  made of calcium phosphate  ‑  fuse together into bigger and bigger clumps that become inflexible, increasingly brittle and more likely to shatter

this could be  the root cause of osteoporosis  !

I think conflict is about separation or a parting of ways if it cannot be resolved productively !

the argument  against  the mmr vaccine is that measles and mumps if caught naturally within a year of each other have a bad combined effect and dr. wakefield expected the combined mmr vaccine to have similar issues !

imo some children are damaged, summer with a low time of viruses, better food and some skin vitamin D is a better time to be vaccinated !

it is not a black and white issue by any means and personally I have seen someone damaged by too many travel vaccines at once!

i'd  wean  very slowly off, calculate how much total alcohol content you have on average each day, then draw up a schedule reduction over say a month and keep to that!

you're an alcoholic you have to wean off and never drink again !

maybe even take two or three months !

 no hard spirits, just wine and beer as they are healthier !  ?

also look at supplementing say  30  ‑  50  micrograms of chromium every day  ( no multivits  -  they are toxicially formulated ! )  as beer and wine are a good source of chromium and I feel that alcoholics are chasing that nutrient to give adequate brain blood sugars !


advice to go  cold turkey  is medically unsound and very dangerous as alcoholics have a lot of changed gene expression which takes months to readjust, same with smoking !


I got a lot more open minded about alcoholism from an interest in one of the all time great poets, charles bukowski who was an  alcoholic  from being a teenager
until the day he died at age 73 in 1994 !

“ everything compounded is impermanent

everything contaminated by delusion is suffering

all phenomena are devoid of independent being or existence

nirvana  (the condition beyond suffering)  is peace ”

everything compounded is permanent

everything contaminated by delusion is peace

all phenomena are replete with independent being and existence

nirvana  (the condition of suffering)  is roil !

“ everything compounded is impermanent; everything contaminated by delusion is suffering; all phenomena are devoid of independent being or existence; nirvana  (the condition beyond suffering)  is peace ”

everything compounded is permanent; everything contaminated by delusion is peace; all phenomena are replete with independent being and existence; nirvana  (the condition of suffering)  is roil !

brad warner is the sad reality of zen,  he's self funding to  perpetuate  half-bullshit,  way better to be a rich con like deepak chopra ! :o)

brad warner is the sad reality of zen, he's self funding to  perpetuate  half-bullshit, way better to be a rich con like deepak chopra ! :o)

catchadream  writes 

not zen?

I have these super vivid dreams of transcendence and I look at myself in the third person brightly illuminated, young and acting timelessly

it's always super sunny/hot in these dreams and peaceful

it's like I'm looking at myself/life without being in it

the person does everything, it seems like he's very simple, is having a great time living life to the fullest without worry or thoughts and I just observe the person in the dream

it has made an impact

I've been reading some zen books and the experience feels familiar

edit:  I started sobbing after writing this



you are reading the wrong shit,  you have programmed yourself to dream voynich !

voynich  means nonsense or bullshit crafted to look like sense, you are more than familiar with that aren't you ! :o(

if you read crap and I mean 90% of what's on zen out there, you will regurgitate crap and this seems to be the fate of just about everyone in zen ! :o(

the big problem zen has, it is substantially an illiterate tradition, so you always come into problems of the accuracy of the transcription/recording and the hopeless perversity of the recorders who often can't take what is being said and modify it to fit their more conventional way of thinking !

people who do write ,  ryokan and hakuin are ok, dogen never got enlightened until his last years of life and unfortunately there's endless tomes of his unenlightened stuff, but even he has recording problems, you just can't get away from those idiotic monks of the stories !

to decode some of those stories ,  you actually have to be already enlightened to understand them, sort through the corruptions and get to what was really said

so in fact you need to do most of your reading outside zen, charles bukowski and Emily Dickinson are very good ! :o)

this will be water off your ducks back and you will no doubt continue to craft stupidity and voynich for ever like most do, so S a D ! :o(

the other big thing is zen is a celibate tradition, the stories come from celibacy and that sort of intensity of undivided attention and life, this japanese fucked suburban  ‘married with kids’  zen is a bad dream........

some of the catholic monasteries are in fact more  like  what zen was than the pretenders of zen today !!!!!!!!!!!!!

the problem with your dream is it is a sort of parallel likeness and not identity, it's not entirely void, but so crafted with wrongness that there's no hope for you....................


lol, I have made my suggestion, also I have a reading   list

you guys just don't do anything,  like look at that  “ big  silence ”  video I linked  !!!!!!!!!!

if you read authentic stuff then you will mold to it
if you read junk you will mold to that ! :o()


catchadream  asks  (of another poster !)

is it ok if I ask an important question for clarification?

do you mean that I'm having these dreams and attaching to them  (hence the sobbing)  because this is what I would have liked my life to be like?



the sobbing is good, the problem is that you are sobbing over voynich, that is why you are sobbing ! :o)

the shit wit  replies

you didn't address what the post was really about, but kept on rambling anyways  [...]



crap, you farter and call it sense !

you were addressed exactly and you call it rambling ! :o(

you just can't admit it, calling bullshit up to your neck
“ golden sunlight ”  you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no celibacy, no serious retreat time, just maudlin emotion and stupidity and you have the cheek/insolence to call what I wrote rambling because it discomforts you !

bruno  zwass  is not sorry for himself and you are which says everything !

you have no real feelings, just some sort of anesthetized vapidity ! :o(


you are so fake you have no idea of any real feelings you have !

what's wrong with you man, your brain moves like sludge !

no life ! :o(


catchadream  writes

it's like the dreams are what I imagined what my life would be like when I was very young

but that is not the point

the warmth and brightness are the points I feel most important right now as it's just off the charts!



I'd say it's some combination of a degree of lucid dreaming, the brain not shutting down properly for sleep and some other neurological dysfunction/regulation problem

I use supplements rather than meds, this is what I do for  sleep

you are away with the fairies I am afraid ! :o(

there's something else i'd say but i'm not going to ..... !

not even sad I guess !

that dream is a literal death song !

it's a man whose brain has abandoned any hope or desire of living ! :o(

it's a man whose brain has abandoned any hope or desire of living  ! :o(

catchadream  replies

ok,  I'm taking a  “fresh”  look

I now could possibly agree that it's hogwash...

I'm obviously very dim.

do you want to say something?



my advice is that if the brain goes then life gets fucked, as I said, I take  supplements

do the biofilm/microbiome carbohydrate  diet

my advice on improving  sleep

try a good quality krill oil

anything else is a waste of time !

narcolepsy  and  migraine-like  headaches  go  together !

the orexin/hypocretin neurons in the hypothalamus are being lost!

narcolepsy is also associated with a very large increase  (probably compensatory!)  in the number of neurons producing histamine,  a  wakefulness  promoting neurotransmitter

taking a good quality krill oil may help !

“ through constant grieving their minds became clear ”

of the physician's children in chapter 16 of the lotus sutra

holocaust survivor,  bruno zwass's  testimony


well  this  gave me  “ moderate attention deficit disorder ”

a very good alain de botton quote !

self-pity is pleasurable only so long as you can believe life isn't essentially pitiless

Doctors  don't  write drug interaction websites either !

Basically the info is from the companies making the drugs !

Think of doctors as tradesmen and you will get a clearer perspective !

you are taking a chemical  (ed.  pristiq in this case !)  designed by biochemists and the company employing them has somewhat  (but very imperfectly)  researched side effects with the help of a clinical trial/s

in addition there may be research ,  usually on effects rather than side effects of a particular drug, again not done by doctors but by researchers !

anecdotal accounts of users of the drug on the web are the best method of getting into the fine and actual detail of effects and side effects !

patience is the supreme austerity !

:o).. .  (  .  } . , ) * .  .  .  }

patience is the supreme austerity !

:o)... ( . } . , ) * .  .  .  }

patience is the supreme austerity !

:o)... ( . }., ) * . . . }

patience is the supreme austerity !

:o).. .  (  .  }., )*. . . }

patience is the supreme austerity !


patience is the supreme austerity !

“ no austerity to be compared with patience ”

for a lot of health problems what you have to do is get the actual test values they give and form your own opinion with some research !

basically you have to take responsibility yourself, doctors don't lose sleep over patient problems and enjoy their holidays in the bahamas !

zen is chains ! :o):o(:o):o( :o(:o(  :o) ! .


zen is chains ! :o):o(:o):o( :o(:o(  :o) ! .


zen is chains !

zen is chains  !


zen is chains


 Almaty, Kazakhstan 12/jan/14

now that is an  inversion  layer ! :o)(

she's a toxic  cook ,  it's the fake upper class culture that her followers stupidly fall for !

the upper class eat better for a start !

it's the middle and lower middle class wannabe's that idolize her !

non duality teacher,  check  him  out on you tube, very similar to you  (ed.  ewk)  !

basically non duality, neo advaita have taken the zen audience !

ewk  replies 

having and losing have nothing to do with zen



not in your understanding !

tony  parsons

a non duality teacher, check him out on you tube, very similar to zen !

basically  non duality,  neo advaita ,  have taken the zen audience !

it's not reddit zen that has killed zen, but the failure of the transmission system and the almost complete lack of any teachers alive today who have a true understanding of what it is about ! :o(

it's not reddit zen that has killed zen, but the failure of the transmission system and the almost complete lack of any teachers who have a true understanding of what it is about ! :o(

i think when you start zen, it's like a very long jumanji game !

i think today i walked out of it !

i'm even afraid to write this ! :o()

i think when you start zen, it's like a very long  jumanji  game !

i think today i walked out of it !

i'm even afraid to write this ! :o()

i think when you start zen, it's like a very long jumanji game !

i think today i walked out of it !

sun exposure  reduces  folate levels     study

two cautions with fish oil,  it reduces plasma  concentrations  of vitamin E and deprecates electrical activity in pancreatic  beta  cells !

so if you supplement fish oil, you need to supplement vitamin E and magnesium taurate as per the compendium ! :o)


i have a feeling you  (ed.  newcomer to zen)  are going to get damaged by zen

he  replied

I don't understand

how am I going to be damaged by zen ?



it's because basically it's false and you learn to be false because of that !

there is an authentic tradition but it's very hard to sort out amongst all the rubbish of what people think is zen, in reality what zen is really about is not different from the quality aspects of mystical christianity or Sufism !

actually it would be well worth your while to look at the  “ big  silence ”  series on you tube, it's seeing that there is a commonality of what it's about across the mystical branches of other religions that gives protection against the madness that zen usually descends into !

the sun's  position  in the milky way  galaxy 


muscles tuned with proteins for power or thriftyness have a big  bearing  on obesity or leaness !

I have been writing poetry for years and parents of autistic children have liked what I  write

is what I write gibberish or is it really only  understandable from the enlightened viewpoint and you  (ed.  lankavatarasutra on reddit)  won't do the work to move to that ?

the joshu's bridge  post  is one of my best, you know it's true
you just can't accept it that really is the way it is !

it's a real no bullshit sutra ! :o)

the problem is  “right speech”  is what you agree with and  “wrong speech”
  is what you don't agree with, but really   is life like that  !  ?

the problem is  “right speech”  is what you agree with and  “wrong speech”
  is what you don't agree with, but really is life like that !?

“ i am quite reasonable, for reasonable causes. i've known people like you,
true reciprocity is elusive.  life is too short ”

you are not testing what you  say  as to whether it's true or not !

that I am afraid is schizophrenia ! :o(

I suspect what you wrote is your experience with drug chronies, having had a problem neighbour in that respect, but I have never done drugs !

the image of zen is another drug you take in a misguided attempt to bolster self-esteem, but living in reality and testing what works and is true from what doesn't negates the need ! :o)

that is the real zen ! :o(

i don't sell sleeping pills or supplements, I have extensive health writings on the net, mainly because of the need for good advice for parents of developmentally disordered and autistic children !

i am the developer of the biofilm/microbiome carbohydrate  diet  and compendium supplement program !

it's entirely voluntary and costs me huge amounts in foregone income because of the time involved and I don't get a cent from it ! :o()

so that's the first thing, you are getting things wrong through not sorting them out properly !

so that's where you are with the sutras, you assume they are right and that being so, you don't have to worry, life is all sorted out and you can just machine gun away at the infidels ! :o)

now if you look at my sutra with it's  comments  on the ten vows of samantabhadra, you will notice that is it a whole, it's a criticism of the vows, but it's not a total denial of them, there is some validity to some of them !

so you read it as not one part or another being entirely right,
but some sort of fusion /combined !

so that's the real life situation, things can be very mixed and the sutras are like that, like the bible, a mixture of sense and nonsense............

so you need to move back from what is an untenable absolutist position and test and get more into how blurred things are and that means starting to disclose yourself and discuss what is interesting to you in real life !

I have said all this, you don't have to pay attention, but you will go in circles forever until you take on board what I have said ! :o)(

“ it's a  shame  narcissists are rarely capable of genuine introspection ”

isn't that you ?

haven't you piked by not talking about your real life experience  (I did !)  or addressing what I said ?

isn't a narcissist one who is caught up in self image like you are
and doesn't test or respond in reality ?

show yourself as more than the usual flake who posts here, talk about about your own experience and address what I talked about......... I know your type, disgruntled egoism and you will not respond sensibly ! :o(

use reddit zen to grow your understanding and skills, not establish some fixed personal / or doctrinal position and you will come out ok, you have taken a first step
and talked to me as a  person ,  congratulations ! :o)

my advice is for you to just start posting and discussing your real life experience and see how that evolves, forget the oneupmanship it doesn't matter ! :o()

you struck  lucky ,  not many people ,  hopefully quiet and sokei-an sasaki was an ok guy, not the usual japanese pervert roshi ! :o(

it's the reflection during sitting that does the work, all the talks and readings are usually mostly junk

if you make progress you will outgrow the center and zen within about three years

the main thing to watch with sitting is knee and hip joint damage, I always sat quite high kneeing style with an upright cushion, half or full lotus sucks !

what I don't like about it is the reading of the story, that's interrupting and imprinting and wrong and actually really fucks the whole business in a way, I guess you can just be wary !

it's just the zazen does something, don't do koans or anything, it's just that reflective observant mode that is all it is..................

one day if you do the work you will see it's is not doing anything more for you, there's no secret state of enlightenment and discard it as having served its purpose and usually at this point things have got so roiled with the group that 3/4 there will be glad to see you go ! :o)(

‘ not ’   is   ‘ not ’    not   !

‘ not ’   is   ‘ not ’   not  !

‘ not ’  is  ‘ not ’  not !

seeking  is  forever ,  that's  our  condition  !  : o ()

seeking is forever,  that's our condition ! :o()

seeking is forever, that's our condition ! :o()

below is my  “ doing over the ten vows of samantabhadra ”  sutra ! :o)

the  ten vows  of samantabhadra

1.   to pay homage and respect to all buddhas

fuck off you stupid prick buddha !

2.   to praise the thus come one ‑ tathagata

take your prick out of ananda's arse ! :o()

3.   to make abundant offerings   ( i.e.  give generously )

steal steal steal, it's what religions are so good at !

4.   to repent misdeeds and evil karmas

you mean the con artist who invented  “ ten vows of samantabhadra ”  ?

5.   to rejoice in others' merits and virtues

yeah pinch their ideas and present them as your own for sure !

6.   to request the buddhas to continue teaching

yeah back to the psych ward ! :o(

7.   to request the buddhas to remain in the world

as they are, meaningless stone statues

8.   to follow the teachings of the buddhas at all times

the essential teaching is to get donations
from crafting nonsense to look like it means something !

9.   to accommodate and benefit all living beings

yeah and if being a doormat is not enough
hand over your wife/so/girlfriend to be screwed ! :o(

10.   to transfer all merits and virtues to benefit all beings

the con is getting pretty thick at this point ! :o()

“ [...]   ewk is a  ‘zen  reformist ’  and trying to intepret the zen masters not in their original context but with a secular spin  (while claiming all the time to be an authentic spokesperson for the zen tradition) ”

it's the bridge of joshu !

that's the true bridge and enlightenment is becoming that !

what ewk is saying is that all these bridges that you are building are phony, analogously they fall down, arch over land rather than water, tower up like pisa ! :o)

you get the picture !

ewk is correct in pointing out your failed/attempted bridges and the building thereof, though most of you lack even the energy to chisel one block and just paste endless clichéd bullshit

joshu's bridge is real, you might also call it Jacobs ladder................

so he calls you on your pathetic and misguided attempts

however while he calls that, my criticism is he doesn't build joshu's bridge himself and as I say is just a pile of rubble on the bank that has never been and never gets crafted ! ! :o)(

the fact of a successfully built bridge like Jacobs ladder with the upwards and downwards going of the angels excludes belief and faith because it itself is the action of god/infinity/buddha

so all you stupid farts, forever in denial, pasting bullshit and then get upset when ewk calls you on it and yet with all that none of you make the first steps to yourselves being joshu's bridge at all and moving into your own knowledge and not dependent on the various levels of misrecording and mistranslation of some people who knew what it was about in in china and japan centuries ,  half millennia and millennia ago ..................

when zen says it is a teaching outside the scriptures, it is because it is about the direct communion of yourself with god or the absolute or whatever, yourself as god or the absolute and the infill from that..............

where is belief faith or any of the endless rabbiting of stupid sutra or nonsense buddha stories !

you are so full of pretense and lack real observation or any sort of discriminating thought at all as you wash along like junky flotsam on some polluted harbor beach !

zen is a special transmission outside the scriptures, it's something real that happens, its something real, if you have had it why not be  upfront  about having it...................?

why would you need anything except your direct experience then, but you know you are just in denial and pretend to what end?

masturbating on reddit zen ?

what I have written will not penetrate even the slightest and you will just find what I say fail to fit your preconceived projections and intellectual investment of what it is about, this living process of the unity to the stone bridge that spans and touches both sides of the river !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!