Stills Gallery

Stills Gallery
Desert Overhead
Desert Front and Side View
Overhead Studio Shot
Studio Wide Shot
Camera with Model
Trestle Crossing
The Grand Central Set
Swimming Pool Set
Boarding Supertrain
Red Carpet at Grand Central
Baggage Loading at Grand Central
Camera Crane at Grand Central
Model Close-Up on Trestle
Nuclear-Powered Engine
Real Illusion

     Here's an excellent collection of Supertrain stills from an NBC promotional materials mailer.  The set features over a dozen 8"x10" black and white pictures.  The set was mailed from NBC in Burbank, California to a reverend in a small town in Kansas. 
     These NBC publicity materials, as with many other materials presented on this site, are courtesy of Mr. J. Morrissey.  A great debt and much appreciation is owed to Mr. J. Morrissey for donating items from his collection for everyone to enjoy.
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