Real Illusion

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Desert Overhead
Desert Front and Side View
Overhead Studio Shot
Studio Wide Shot
Camera with Model
Trestle Crossing
The Grand Central Set
Swimming Pool Set
Boarding Supertrain
Red Carpet at Grand Central
Baggage Loading at Grand Central
Camera Crane at Grand Central
Model Close-Up on Trestle
Nuclear-Powered Engine
Real Illusion

REAL ILLUSION--The giant train used for filming NBC-TV's new comedy-mystery series "Supertrain" (Wednesdays, 8 to 9 p.m. NYT), is actually located inside three big sound stages, but when the script calls for wide shots of the full train, miniature versions of it are used.  Supertrain hostess Rhonda Foxx (lower right) adds perspective to the miniatures, which are located in an airplane hangar. 
NBC Photo (2/9/79)