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***CALL AHEAD TO CONFIRM OUR SCHEDULE at (860) 586-xxxx ***   

Winter 1999-2000 
             Club Cancellations procedure and notice:

We DON'T usually cancel for 'routine' storms or traffic problems but MAY in
 some severe situations such as likely or occurring freezing rain or SEVERE
 blizzard type conditions- or when other circumstances may also contribute
 to a reduced turnout on that day.
     So please call ahead before leaving if there is any question about a
 particular session - again AT (860) 586-xxxx. 
( or my home number 635-xxxx ONLY if there is a problem with the voicemail #)
     Of course, even if we don't cancel use your own judgment in
 deciding if your own particular drive to the club would be safe.

DEC 99 
          Dewitt Scores another upset in tournament play  
    Rich Dewitt of Fairfield scored an upset in the recent NJ December Open,
 beating 2500 level player David Fernandez. David was reportedly suffering from
 the flu but felt well enough to play until he ran in to the 'brick wall' of
 Rich's close to the table blocking game. The win may propel Rich's rating back
 from the low 2000's up to near 2120 - close to his personal best past rating. 
  Rich had upset 2300+ NJ Champ Barry Dattel in a previous tournament.

Dec 99
        CT players attend US Nationals in LV

     Michael Lazerev and cousins Steve and Dave Yee of Connecticut all
 attended the US Closed championships in Las Vegas in December as players.
  Roman Tinysin attended as an Umpire and Norm Chouinard assisted
 in tournament operations.
    Cheng YengHua of Maryland won the men's singles title. See USATT.Org for 
 more results.  


      VIRGO WINS TOP CONNECTICUT TITLE IN 40 Player Middletown event.

 "The Black Pearl", Ernie Virgo of Hartford, overcame fatigue, deception and
 youth to take top honors in the 1999 Connecticut state Championship event, and
 showed glimpses of the form that carried him, in past years, to
 Jamaican National Singles Championships, and a place at the World
 Championship tournament.
 (FOR Complete Article and results see: page linked at bottom- 99CTOresults)

Nov 99 Laskova wins Boston event

 Inna Laskova, a Fairfield club regular, and a finalist in the 99 CT Open
 recently won the open singles in a Boston area USATT sanctioned tournament.
 - more details as available. 

Nov.99  Middletown attendance increases in anticipation of tournament.

    October 25th saw a '99 record 17 players show up on Monday including
 three 2000+ players in the second to last meeting in M-T before the CT. Open
 and championship.

OCT 31 99  Europeans rebound to take World Cup in China!

   Vladimir Samsonov of Belarus turned back Werner Schlager of Austria
 in the European dominated '99 World Cup Men's Singles Final.
    After an all-China final in the 99 World Championships in the
 Netherlands, the European men more than returned the favor.
    They not only placed 1st and 2nd with Samsonov's straight game win
 over Schlager (23-21,21-15,21-10) but also took 3rd and 4th with Jorgen
 Persson (SWE) dropping the 1st semifinal to Schlager (21-15,22-20,20-10)
 after beating Liu Guoliang and Zoran Primorac (CRO) bowing to Samsonov 
 (21-19 22-20,16-21,21-7) after defeating JM Saive (BEL).
   J.O.Waldner (SWE) lost to Schlager earlier in 4 games while 
 Samsonov's run began with an easy win over Matsushita (JPN)
 in the Quarter finals.
 China's Kong Linghui, and Wang Liqin lost in preliminary rounds. 

OCT/NOV 99  Fall TOURNAMENT announced for CT Table Tennis

  Connecticut Table Tennis will hold the 1999 Connecticut Open and State 
Championships on Nov 6 / 7 '99 at our large Middletown location.
 Rating Events are open to anyone including out-of-state players
 but entries are primarily being distributed within Connecticut.
   Rating events include: 
 u0850 /u1000 / u1150 / u1300*/ u1450 / u1600 / u1850 / u2000* / u2100
 (all played on Saturday except u1300 and u2000 held Sunday evening)       
   CT (only) Championship events include:
 "Open Singles", Juniors U-18, Srs 40+, esquires (50+),Sr.Esq. (65+)

Oct 99 - Middletown attendance improving

Recent turnouts at Middletown have been 11 to 13 players with signs of
 continuing growth. Play continues to be on Monday nights 7:45 to 10:45
 through (at least) Nov 8th. (Call ahead to confirm after that) Space
 and tables are available for up to 8 tables so we can easily handle at
 least 20 players before needing to consider adding an additional night.

Sept 99 - Monday Play draws larger turnout

     The second of our fall Monday night sessions in Middletown, 
 attracted almost twice the players as the first session, announced and
 held on shorter notice. Monday September 27th drew 11 players ranging
 from unrated (3 players) to 2000+ (one player) with the rest
 mostly in the 1300 to 1700 range. Players remarked about the excellent
 playing conditions 
 including 'Pro' Tables & very good lighting, the huge gym floor
 and the 'easy on the knees' (slightly) cushioned non-slip floor.
 (wear 'old' shoes if you prefer to 'slide' a little bit when you play).
    Though we start a little later (7:45)due to Gym scheduling, 
 tables are usually already set-up at 7:45pm and with the
 large number of available tables, time is rarely spent waiting
 for an open table. 

Sept 99 - Fairfielder Makes big upset in NJ tourney

    1998 State Men's singles champion Rich Dewitt upset 2300+ Barry Dattel
 at the September New Jersey Open in Westfield. Barry is a former New Jersey
 state champion, and president of the Westfield Club. Rich's rating is 
 usually in the 2000 to 2100 range, making the win a big upset and perhaps
 Rich's best 'career' win ever.   

Sept 99 - Saturday play draws 'drop-in' guests from a wide area
     Saturday afternoon play in Fairfield (2-5pm) has been attracting
 visitor/guests from a wide area, including from as far as Albany, and
 Northern New Jersey as well as the usual Fairfield regulars.
    Typical Saturday summer turnout of a dozen players and Fall attendance
 of around 15 players allows for maximum individual
 playing time (on up to 8 tables) while still providing a wide range
 of possible partners from unrated to 2100 level 'experts'.
 (more lower and unrated players come on weeknights than on Saturdays
 though, at least until the daytime weather turns less pleasant)

Sept 99 - Monday Night play begins Sept 20 in Middletown
    Join us for play Mondays from 7:45 to 10:45pm Mondays in Middletown
 at the spacious School West Gym at Riverview Hospital. First fall 
 session is  September 20th. We have room for up to 8 tables -No waiting 
   Help us get Monday play  off to a good start and we may be more likely 
 to add Thursday play and/or a fall tournament soon in Middletown.

Sept 99 - Joe P back from Polish TT Summer
   Joe Pomianowski finished his summer TT vacation in a Junior player's
 camp in Poland as the #9 singles player and on the #2 doubles team 
 (out of over 30 youth).
 This was competing with juniors who usually play daily year-round in a
 country where table tennis is one of the most popular sports, though
 Joe is usually only able to attend club once a week plus a one hour 
 'training' with 'coach' Strang.  

August 99 - New Playing Day for Middletown?
    Turnout for Sunday play in Middletown has been low in July and 
   August. Therefore we are suspending Sunday night play but
   due to interest expressed in playing Monday nights, we may switch to 
   Mondays (7:45 to 10:45pm). Assuming we get the expected permission
   for this switch, we will probably begin Monday play in September.
    ** CALL the club schedule recording at (860) 586-7055 to confirm **     
August 99 - New Editor and Executive Directors for USATT

     Larry Hodges, a past 'Topics' editor has been retained as interim
  editor for the USATT magazine 
 The search for a new Executive Director is reportedly
 concluded with the hiring of Ben Nisbet, a lifelong TT player recently 
  employed in the financial field. Non- TT playing employees have
 frequently used the top USATT positions as stepping stones to
 higher profile and pay in other sport associations, leaving TT with
 continuity and staffing problems.   

August 99 -World Championship 'Sweep' by Chinese

          Though Waldner and Schlager made it to the Semi's before losing,
 Waldner with a quarterfinal win over '95 champ Kong, the rest of the world
 championship singles and doubles events were dominated by Chinese players.
 See ITTF site (linked below) and www.sportserver.com for results of the
 event concluded on August 8th.  

August 99 - Near miss for rule changing TT ball size

A vote to change the official TT ball size to 40mm from the current 38mm
 failed by only 2 votes at the ITTF meetings in August. The issue could be
 passed at the Feb 2000 meeting for possible implementation after the 2000  
 Olympics next September. 
    Proponents say that the ball will be easier to
 see and move somewhat slower with less spin, resulting in longer
 rallies and, they hope, more TV coverage. Newly elected ITTF President 
 Shahara from Canada suggested this could be the first of a series of
 changes including possibly the Table size or height, intended to make
 the sport more popular with spectators and TV.
     Skeptics are alarmed that fundamental changes in the sport could be
 made with limited input from current players and predict that clubs
 and local players may reject the changes and split away from the ITTF and
 national organizations that promote the changes. 
    Leon Weinberg, Inna Laskova and Michael Lazarev all had good 
 results at the recent US Open. Leon, partnered with Louis Radzeli of
 Ohio to reach the finals of the Over 70 Veteran Doubles event.
   Inna reached the semifinals of two events, Foreign Women's Singles
 and Under 2100 Women's singles. Michael, while not reaching any
 semifinal, improved his rating by 50 to 100 points by not losing
 any matches to players rated below him, and with wins including one
 over a 2000+ player.
   Other results of note to Fairfield players were Stacy Schoenberg's 
 semi-final appearances in U-18 Girls singles and in the National 
 all-star  Junior Women's singles, and Jennifer Johnson's wins in two
 of the women's wheelchair events.
 Stacy & Jennifer, both from NY state, who sometimes visit Fairfield TTC.
  Complete Results are posted at USATT.Org (link below)

  Jeffrey Marshall, a student of Dave Strang, who is a regular in 
 Fairfield, was ranked 8th for boys under 10 in the June '99 issue 
 of USA Table Tennis. 

 **June/July 99** Fairfield CT TT Players competing in US Open
 Inna Laskova and Micheal Lazarev will be competing in the '99 U.S.
 Open in Ft. Lauderdale this year over the long July 4th weekend. 
 NETTA/Middletown founder Norm Chouinard is also there, coordinating 
 the scheduling of the thousands of matches in over 40 event
 categories and National Umpire Roman T. of Connecticut will be
 umpiring international and North American Championship matches.
**June '99**Joe Pomianowski in Poland at Youth Table Tennis Camp
 As he did during Spring Break, Joe P, one of Dave Strang's TT 
 'students', is spending another Cheshire Academy school holiday in
 daily youth training with youth selected for intensive physical
 training and table tennis summer camps by the Polish TT association.
     While most of his Polish peers train daily throughout the school
 year, the coaches and players are surprised by Joe's progress in
 Connecticut playing only 2 or 3 times a week including weekly
 coaching sessions at Dave Strang's' 'Pro-shop' location in Middletown.
 Joe even skips a week or two during exam periods, putting school
 first, ahead of sport, but continues to 'hold his own' with peers.   
**May 99** Fairfield Player wins 2250 event in New Jersey
 Jamil Rivera, a regular this winter in Fairfield, won the 2250 event
 in NJ at the Westfield club's May tournament. Jamil is leaving for
 his June wedding in Puerto Rico, and will be living with his bride
 in Miami soon after where she is beginning her career as a 
 Radiologist. Inna Laskova, won the Women's singles in NJ.     


 The recent repair/replacement of burnt-out lights in the
 Middletown location's Gym makes a summer tournament a POSSIBILITY
 (maybe August or Sept) E-mail Dave your opinion (include your
 address / phone #)  if you are interested in this possibility. 
**MAY '99**  Senior Olympics in Southington on (Fri) June 4th
 Table Tennis Event in Southington H.S. Gym 'hosted' by Dave S.
 with his tables. Contact Senior Olympics at (860) 621-4661 for info.
**MAY '99**  Worlds Rescheduled
The World Championships Individual Events have been rescheduled to
 August 99 in the Netherlands - replacing the original April date in
 BELGRADE (!). The Team events, previously held together with the  
 individual events, will be rescheduled for another location,
 'To Be Announced' ( probably in February 2000) See ITTF link below 
**May 99** May TT Demo at CCSU
 Dave Strang Joined with CCSU student Wilbert Lawrence and surprise
 guest Ernie Virgo for a TT demonstration and 'mini-clinic' held at
 Central Connecticut State University in New Britain and sponsored by
 NETTA / USATT and 'Rec Central', the school's Intramural Department.
**Apr '99**  Middletown Schedule Reduced to Sunday play 6-9pm (only)
   The Thursday night play held this winter in Middletown has been
 suspended - probably to be restarted in the fall or winter ('99)

**Apr '99**  Large RATING GAINS for Sergio and Mark F.

Sergio Aguilar, playing in his last US tournament before returning to
 South America gained 98 rating points to reach 1910 and 7th on our
 Connecticut ratings with a win in the U-1900 at the Spin Open event
 in New York. Mark Fischetti reached 1371, a 143 point jump in March.
(see the link to monthly ratings list at page bottom below) 
**MAR '99** CT Junior Champ training in Poland
Joe Pomianowski, a student at Cheshire Academy will spend his March 
school break in a full-time youth T.T. Camp in Poland. He will also
 compete in a local youth tournament arranged in his honor. Joe is a
 regular student of NETTA Pro Dave Strang who won the state U-18
 event in October, less than a year after taking up the Sport.
**FEB '99** THREE NETTA/CT Players reach 2100+(see ratings-link below)
New addition Jamil Rivera, a former member of Puerto Rican Junior 
Team leads the pack with 2149 rating. Native 'Fairfielder' Rich
Dewitt and Russian 'import' Inna Lascova, (winner of 3 most recent
Women's events in New Jersey tournaments) also passed 2100 with wins
and 'top 5' finishes in the Springfield January RR tournament.
Feb '99 - Youth Enjoy 'Fairhaven Winter Break table tennis tournament'
co-sponsored by NETTA/Connecticut Table Tennis & Fairhaven Athletics 
*High School: 1st-Rigo Torres 2nd-Anthony Pedraza 3rd-Marelyn Vega
*Middle School Boys: 1st-Jesus Torres 2nd-Pedro Lopez 3rd-Jose Lopez
*M.S. Girls:1st-Wilmarie Rivera 2nd-Angelik Robles 3rd-Jessica Estrada
*Grade School Boys: 1st-Rene Robles 2nd-Jose Roman
*Grade School Girls: 1st-Alisha Daniela Noble 2nd-Alisha Roman
**JAN '99**
Nguyen/Laskova edge past Dewitt for 2nd/3rd in NETTA/CT USATT ratings
 list for 1/1/99       (see link to NETTA ratings page below) 


 See link to USATT.ORG (below) for complete results of Dec98 US Closed 

**Nov 98**

The Thursday November 19th CT Post included a 3/4 page article about
 table tennis and our southern Connecticut clubs. Photos showed Steve 
 and Dave Yee and a box on the next page listed Connecticut 
 Championship Results from the OCT/NOV 98 tournament.
 SEE COMPLETE Tournament Results linked below 

**Oct 98**
CT TT / NETTA Recognized by USATT with 'Grass-Roots & Youth Table 
 Tennis Development Grant - The $2000 '98-'99 award will assist in
 the continuation of the 4th year of New Haven Youth TT development
 with Peter Noble/Fairhaven Athletics (see Yale article linked below )
'98- '99 FALL/WINTER
    see 'MAP' page linked below for directions to either site
FAIRFIELD Schedule: (East of Bridgeport)
 Thursdays (7-10pm) (year-round except holidays)
 and Saturdays (2-5pm) (year-round except holidays)
MIDDLETOWN Schedule:  (South of Hartford)
  SUNDAYS from 6pm- to 9:30 
 and Thursdays 8:00- 11:00 pm **(seasonal)

NEW HAVEN Youth TT Schedule: (near Fairhaven M.S. on Grand Ave) 
  Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 3-5 pm
 (and some Saturdays 10am-12pm) (call Dave for more info)
       Go to ITTF.COM Site for Complete Results (link below)

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