Nursery Rhymes (Dana)

snoop doggy dog
and nosy foggy frog
had a light jog
badmouthed a talk
inhaled some good coke
invested in stock
pulled the junkie yoke
went to see a doc
had one cool joint-smoke
rented a casino frock
smartassed a trick folk
set up an explosion clock
blew up the whole block
got a free-basing shock
playboyed in vogue
hanged around somewhere in new-york
scared the shit out of a black jerk
hired them a legal hawk
stuffed their fatassed stomachs with non-kosher pork
launched out of the russian poison bottle a cork
put brand new siren-song doorlock
got there a kind of a gun-machine tender knock
shat in the pants out of that funky mock
and all they saw there was only a dork
hey, people, cool off this is just a yabbadabbadud joke.

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