No name 1    (Dana)

early. cold but not dark.
late. colder. darker. moving.
a distant truck.

body. watching big moving lights.
soul. longing to gett inside.
fragrance. subtle. black-purple-blue.
semantics. implying. fragile. untrue.
canvas. lumps of deep indefinite blur.
circle. viciously closed. polished floor.
the reception clerk prohibits disturb.

vehicle. coughing & smoking handicap.
driver. drifting in a cloud of nap.
passenger. little cozy coma.
low maintenance. every day trauma.

puzzle. unsolved. not enough words.
song. a silent scream. test of the vocal chords.
past. impressive starvation. feelings filtration. interior fight.
present spiritual diet. dehydration. a stand by.
futuer. road. big. loud. distant. truck.
to punch up. to stab up. to lift up the dark.

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