No name 2    (dana)

cockroach in the bathroom, polished nails, non-fattening food
las avegas, beavis and butt-head, cnn, well tuned mood,
orgy, frozen yougourt
the simpson trail,
nescafe classic, constant denial,
world's on fire.
amature bastard, expert bitch,
big mac with mustard, another heart-stitch,
bank account with interest, credit card,
somebody prejudiced, mtv charts,
dominos's pizza, a joint,
career climbing - what's the point?
self brain scan,
always coca-cola, glamor girls,
life on the instalment plan,
pig in the pearls,
complexes free, a multiple choise.
sugar substitue, caffeine free,
soul-prostitute, an inborn creep.
consideration, meditation, contemplation, recommendation,
desperation, anticipation, obligation, annihilation -
syphony of mental masturbation.
huge black limo, traffic jam,
cellular phone, californian tan,
dickface walking all spick and span.
life support system - what is this,
money, ego feeding, a kiss of breeze,
freedom, vodka, another mirage,
mocking reality with hiyenna-like visage.
not bad for an entourage.
levi'sjeansation of mind and soul,
is it original blue
or as black as coal,
and what is humanity's ultimate goal?
a meal in the mall, a torah scroll,
or maybe a freefall?
temple of lies as giant as skies,
castle of hate of mate towards mate
2000 years of solitude
2000 years we self-pollute
2000 years we are destitute.
depression, impression,
expression, regression,
rejection, perfection,
selection, direction
-some idiosyncrasy collection.
but still 2000 years of emotional infection.
still no justice somewhere between ocean and sky,
still dreamers called suckers, still no answer why
waiting for disillusion - the time has come for revolution.
start, nirvana will be a part of your soul naked
and me cleanheart,
intersected with no faking
feeling overflow, emotion stroke,
we only grow,
we learning to fly.
the city icarus will fall and will strive for the clouds
to distance from crowd,
to cry out loud,
up on the way down.
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