Iwa Pele - Good Character

African Proverb: Good character is sufficient armor against any untoward happening in life. Anyone who wears it need fear nothing.

To have a successful life one seeks to develop Iwa Pele. Iwa Pele translates to good character. This concept represents the growth of beauty and depth of character from within. By our actions and interactions we demonstrate that we are in harmony or balance with our being and the univeral concepts or traditional way of life that shows respect to all that is a part of concert of creation. Iwa Pele understands the importance of responsibility and the consequences that come from positive or negative actions.

Here are a few attributes we may acquire in striving toward Iwa Pele.

  1. Integrity - conduct your life and behavior according to religious/social principles and code of ethics.
  2. Trustworthiness - develop the honesty and trust so as to become the keeper of not only mundane secrets, but also sacred mysteries. More importantly, trust allows others to feel safe and open to communication.
  3. Objective - do not be judgemental nor allow yourself to be hung up with fear and fixed perceptions.
  4. Non-Controlling - Accept that things happen when they are to happen and once it is done it is done. All is working in accordance with divine order.
  5. Inner Peace - become one with self. Listening to our inner voice and thinking before action is taken.
The result of Iwa Pele is a good reputation. Your good reputation helps to build good social relations. These worthy social relations help to build a strong and righteous community for our children and their children.
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