Ile Osikan
Ile is a yoruba word that can translate to mean "house". Osikan is a praise name for Elegba, the trickster that can translate to mean "mischief".

Ile Osikan is located in the Midwestern area near the great lakes.

Established in 1987, we are a small community of Olorisha (initiated) and Aborisha (noninitiated).

Ile Osikan practices Lukumi religious tradition. We are dedicated to counseling believers and instructing them in Yoruba/Lukumi way of life.

We adhere to strict observance of Lukumi religion as it has descended from the African Old Oyo empire, through Cuba, and to the Diaspora.

We are dedicated to researching our traditions, through primary resources, document resources and discussion so that the Lukumi religion shall remain strong, vital, and continuously evolving. We believe that it is the nature of West African religious tradition to grow and evolve with the changing needs of our world, but that we must be careful and reasonable about this growth, as our ancestors were.

We feel that the only way to learn the practice of this religion is through apprenticeship with a competent elder, and NEVER solely through books, the Internet or other media. We believe that these should be reserved for the discussion of the religion and never the instruction.

Ile Osikan believes that each and every person, regardless of age, race, sex, national origin, ethnic background, "social position," and/or appearance has a full and proper place within the membership and priesthood of the Lukumi religion, as well as in the world at large.

We believe that any person or group who excludes from their Ile or attempts to deny any sort of freedom and/or equal status to any individual for any reason forfeits their legitimacy. Olorun, the ancestors and the Orishas speak through our oracles regarding the role of any person in this religion. Judgment belongs only to Olodumare.

To contact us, send an email to Ileosikan@aol.com