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(Governed By The O.T.R.A. Tech & Safety Committee)


1) 1928-1940 Canadian or American coupes, 2 door and 4 door sedans. To be stock appearing. (Effort must be made to keep rear wheels in wheel well openings). Steel bodies only. Steel metal or aluminum for damaged panel replacement.

2) Minimum height 5 feet to top of original body panel. No bending of roof panels to meet height. No adding any type of trim to meet height.

3) Engine hood to be solid and cover top of radiator and air cleaner, back to main body of car. Some cars have hood air cleaner interference so a bubble can be installed with a maximum height of 2 inches. Air cleaner adapters not to be longer than 30 inches measured from carburator air horn on outside arc of any curve to cleaner element and must remain under hood.

4) Windshield's Lexan allowed for safety. No side windows. No forming of metal panels either inside or out to act like a spoiler or wing (Vertical or Horizontal). No ducting of air directly into carb. unless approved by tech 

5) Cars to be constructed on original manufacturers steel frame but need not be make for make. No aftermarket steel tubing to be in main rails between the center of front axle and center of rear axle. Minimum wheel base 100 inches. No jigged or home made frames to be allowed.Maximum 79 inch track width tire buldge to tire buldge.

5(a)Minimum frame height 5 inches NO UNDERSLUNG FRAMES

6) Minimum weight 2300 lbs. including driver 56.0% maximum left side weight

7) Car to have (steel) leaf spring suspension front and rear. No monoleaf suspension. No independent suspension. Solid front axles only, or aftermarket stock appearing axles, (with tech approval).. No coil over shocks. Bump stop on Right rear only allowed. Front axles could have center section repaired with square tubing to go from drop section of axle to drop section original drop to be retained. Maximum length of tubing 42 inches Flanged axle ends are permitted

8) No rack and pinion steering.

9) Any stock North American OEM production 3 ,4 or 5 speed manual , automatic transmission, coupler optional (all gears must work) 

9a) Automatic Trans cooler lines too be steel double flared. A maximum of 4 inches of Hi pressure hose double clamped.

9b) All vent lines to be sealed and plumbed to a minimum 4 liter catch can.

All Automatic Transmission Installations Are To Be Teched Before The Car Runs :

10) On existing cars, bodies to be centered on frame. All newly built cars to have frame and body centered on front and rear axles. No offset allowed. Bumpers to be 16 inches from center to ground and have finished edges, if you have wrap around bumper needs to be secured to frame. Side rails (Nerf Bars) to be a two bar system on both sides of car with 3 mounting points to prevent wheels from getting entangled with other cars.

11) Car numbers to be a minimum of 16 inches. In Height and appear on both sides of the vehicle. Auxiliary numbers to appear on top right rear corner. If space does not permit, the hood is acceptable.

ENGINES: Rules Frozen until the 2019 season 

12) Only Canadian or American oem in-line 6 cylinder or flat heads V-8s allowed. 310 cu. in. Maximum

13) Stock heads only, with stock valve size, make for make. No porting, polishing or any other method of enlarging or cleaning intake ports, exhaust ports, or combustion chambers allowed. Gaskets can be cut to match head or intake manifold. Surface grinding and replacement of stock valves with high performance is allowed as long as stock valve size is retained. Machining of heads for HP valve springs allowed. Screw in studs and roller rockers allowed. (heads can be teched and sealed if requested)

13a) Flat tappet camshafts only. No mushroom or roller lifters must be stock make for make Flat tappet lifters.

14) CLUB CARBURATOR Rochester 250 or 292 Mono Jet with a maximum of 1 11/16 throttle bore. Stock intake manifold. No alterations unless approved by Tech. No Holley 1 11/16 rebuilt carbs permitted Rochester only

15) No engine offsets permitted. Engine to be centered between frame rails and mounted perpendicular. Slant six dodge allowed. Center of crank at 13.5 inches high minimum

16) No radical engine set backs. Minimum distance of 62 inches from center of rear axle to rear of engine casting (Bell housing surface). Maximum of 8 inches from center of front axle to vibration damper.

17) Exhaust system optional but must be muffled to meet dB requirements at tracks. Must exit behind driver. Will be enforced. Maximum 85 Decibels!

18) No electric Fuel pumps. No Alcohol or Methanol.

19) Disc type clutches only.

NOTE: Engine could be torn down. If engine is legal O.T.R.A. will pay for necessary gaskets. However, anyone caught cheating could be banned from racing O.T.R.A. events for 12 months. This includes car & driver (one time rotating drivers could be excluded). Any suspensions will remain on car even if sold. If its not in the rules it is illegal unless approved by Tech.


20) Four tires are to be Hoosiers 970. No option may be used, with a maximum 8 inch tread width. May use old American Racers tires until worn out. Tire softener permitted

21) Wheels are to be 8 inch maximum width of steel construction. Wide 5 bolt pattern permitted

21a) Any thing not specifically covered in these rules is not considered legal. Anything that was considered legal in the past superseded by this book. Any interpretation and the intent of these rules will be ruled upon by the head tech, race director and the technical committee.

22)Rear gears are allowed to be open welded or locked with,a mini spool or full spool. No Electronic Traction Control,No free wheeling Lockers and no Quick Change rear ends Permitted

Minimum Of 2 people on the Tech/Safety Committee or executive with Tech to inspect all cars. All Cars Must Pass inspection prior to running an O.T.R.A. race.

No Tolerance:

If a car is obviously not ready (E.g. too low too light or too noisy etc.) then it doesn't race or collect tow money until fixed Tech may give one race grace.


23) Roll Cage; Main bars to be cross braced and corner gusseted. Diagonal brace forward and rearward from main cage. Wall thickness to be 1/8in(.125) wall for pipe or .095 for tubing for all bars in cage, Minimum 1 1/2 inch. OD. Three door bars required on drivers side and two on passenger side, as close to outside parameter of car as possible. Two upright bars between each bar to frame required. Roll Cage to be welded to frame at 6 points. Inspection holes to be drilled in main bars to check thickness. One center bar in cage roof. No exhaust tubing. All cars to have side rub rails neat in appearance.

24) Roll Bars in close proximity of driver to be padded with roll bar padding. Top brace to be welded so that wheels or bumpers cannot go through roof onto driver.

25) All doors to be securely fastened to body.

26) Cars to have full floor boards to meet body panels on both sides. Full firewalls front and rear are required.

27) Seat to be bolted to roll cage or frame Not To Floor Boards. Seat to be a high back aluminum manufactured seat. Home built seat not allowed. (Full containment seat strongly recommend)

28) Steering wheel centers to be padded

29) Main seat belt and racing harness to be approved racing type. No more then five years old from date of manufacture, Drag race belts ok to 5 years (not 2 as per drag race stats) all belts date must be on belt or approved by tech. Head Safety has call on any weathered seat belts

30) A 2 1/2 lb. dry chemical fire extinguisher is to be in your pit area and accessible.

31) Fuel Cells to be strapped in trunk and have screw on caps and proper venting. Cells are to be red and guarded and passed by tech.

( Fuel Cells Mandatory)

32) Radiator catch cans to be securely mounted outside drivers compartment.

33) Four wheel hydraulic brakes in working order. Disc on front only, Vented OEM rotor and cast brake calipers Single piston Calipers Mandatory. No cross drilled rotors. Must have Dual master cylinder.

34) All drive shafts must have 360 degree metal hoop securely fastened behind front universal joint 1/4 X 1 inch steel. Drive shaft to be white

35) Drivers to have approved Snell SA 2010(or Better) helmets and" approved" 2 layer fire retardant driving suits(or single layer plus fire retardant underwear)Driving gloves and shoes. Head and neck restraint mandatory

36) Driver must use arm restraints with open roof or window net and closed roof

37) All Cars to be equipped with scatter shields or suitable belting to cover bell housing.

38) A battery kill switch must be mounted on the right side of the vehicle on the bars and well marked.

39) All bolted on weight must be painted white and have car number on weight

40) Cars holding issued numbers that do not compete during one year forfeit number.

41) Drivers to have Valid drivers license or approved by O.T.R.A. Executive.

42) Anybody driving an O.T.R.A. car must have valid current membership prior to competing

43) Any driver not obeying the flags can be suspended for 1 race event. The flagman is to deal with the pit boss and highest ranking executive member at the track. NOT THE DRIVER. Any additional penalties will be handed down within 24 hours of race.

44) No lights on exterior of car on while in motion.

45 Duel file restarts, If you are involved in yellow flag you go to the back of the pack


Crew to consist of driver and crew members. No alcoholic beverages or drugs of any kind in pits until the final checkered flag drops. If caught will be asked to leave pits. It would be appreciated if each car owner would make sure the pit area is cleaned after the race meet. This will leave a good impression of our group with track owners/promoters.

No O.T.R.A. member or guest to create any disturbance at tracks. No foul language toward track personnel, other members or track management. Unsportsmanlike or immature conduct (e.g. rat racing in pits, fighting) at the track This will not be tolerated and will be dealt with by the executive. Direct any problems to O.T.R.A. executive members. Car owners are responsible for the actions of their crew etc..

The O.T.R.A. executive and pit officials will initiate penalties on offence. (e.g. loss of tow money or loss of privileges to race).

** Please line up your Race cars when requested to do so. This assists our pit boss's as well. This help makes our show look more organized and professional. Remember we are here to put on a good show for the fans and promote the sport of auto racing. One crew member to remain with the car at all times.

O.T.R.A. Tech & Safety Committee BR>
Rule No. 13 states that engines will have stock heads only, with stock valve sizes. Manufacturer's specifications define stock valve sizes as follows:

Intake Exhaust

Ford - 170, 200, 250 1.750 1.390

Ford - 223, 262 1.780 1.510

Ford - 240, 300 1.781 1.560

GM - 194, 230, 250, 292 1.720 1.500

GM - 235 1.937 1.500

GM - 261 (Pontiac) 1.875 1.500

Chrysler - 170, 198, 225 1.620 1.360

AMC - 223, 258 1.787 1.406 BR>
The above measurements are the only measurements acceptable to the Tech & Safety committee for the stated engines. If your engine is not listed, or if you have any questions, please contact one of the Tech & Safety Committee .

Rules are frozen until the next rules meeting to be held after the season.

NOTE : If its not in the rule book it may be classied illegal . Check with the Head Tech or Assistant Tech  before its done!!!!!

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