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The formation of the Old Time Racers Association (OTRA) began in 1977. Ross Rockett and Dave Ireland had the nostalgia bug and
thought it would be fun to find and restore one of the old "stockers"
that had been raced at Victoria and Nanaimo until 1963 when the
class was scrapped.

They found a 1932 Chrysler Coupe resting in a wrecker yard in Cobble
 Hill. The car had been formerly been driven by Fred Anderson. The
car was purchased for $40.00 and then refurbished in its original colors
and signage and same six-cylinder engine was rebuilt and used.

At the same time Norm Wilcox had purchased and restored a
1932 Chev Coupe that was formerly driven by Bill Halliday. The three
owners then got together and decided to use the cars for show and
exhibitions at the track. not long after three more cars surfaced and the
first racers reunion was organized and held at Western Speedway
in 1978. After this successful event and interest it had generated, Norm
Ross and Dave decided to form a club OTRA  and see if enough cars
could materialize to set up exhibition races. The rest is History

The OTRA club was growing fast and car counts continuted to climb. We then expanded our horizon and put on yearly tours to various Northwest
racetracks where the fan reception was overwhelming. We traveled
 as far north as Prince George; as far south as Roseburg
as far east as Kalispell Montana In 1990 seven cars made the long
trek to race at Flamboro Speedway in Hamilton and the C.N.E. Stadium
in Toronto. The traveling O.T.R.A. group also resulted in formation
 of sister clubs in Roesburg and Spokane Washington.

To date, the O.T.R.A. is the longest continuously running class on
Vancouver Island. The quality and number of cars plus the
consistently great shows ars something the membership should be
proud of and to work hard to maintain. As one of the "founding fathers"
and life time member of this organization, i am very proud of the clubs
accomplishments and heritage. Keep up the good work and
togetherness-your professioalism shows.
Ross Rockett

****Fact did you know that OTRA Club founders Ross Rockett and Norm Wilcox went on to form the now Winged Sprint and Wingless Sprint cars  known as WILROC ***