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Black Crocheted Purse Pattern

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New projects 2004-2005
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Black Crocheted Purse Pattern
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Designed by Patt Marcial
Copyright 2001

With nylon cord and an E crochet hook
Chain 52
Row 1:, 2dc in 4th chain from hook, beginning shell made, skip 2 ch, sc in next ch, skip 2 ch, 5 dc in next ch, skip 2 ch, sc in next ch.* repeat from * to * 7 times more. Skip 2 ch, 3 dc in last ch. Ch 1, turn.

Row 2: sc in 1st dc, skip 2 dc, 5 dc in next sc, skip 2 dc, sc in next dc, skip 2 dc, 5 dc in next sc. repeat from * to * 6 times more, sc in last dc. Ch 3 turn.

Rows 4-30: Repeat rows 1 and 2
Row 31: Repeat row 1
Row 32: Sc across, ch 1 turn.
Row 33-36: repeat row 32
Row 37: Dec 1 sc, sc to last 2 sc, dec 1 sc. Ch 1 turn
Rows 38-49: Repeat row 37.
Row 50: Dec 1 sc, twice, sc to last 4 sc, dec 1 sc twice, ch 1 turn.
Repeat row 50 until there is only one sc in the row, fasten off.

To assemble: with right sides together, fold purse by putting 1st row and align it with row 31. With nylon cord attatch at joining of 1st and 31st row and sc down side of purse. Do the same thing on the other side of purse.

Now weave in all loose ends and use Fray Check liquid or some super glue on the weaved in ends, just a drop on each end is good enough.

Turn purse right side out. Attach cord to side of purse and chain 150, being careful not to twist chain, attach to other side of purse. Ch 1, sc in each chain across and fasten off .

I used a premade frog or closure for the purse but you may also use a strip of velcro or a couple of circle velcro to sew on the inside of the flap and then on front of purse to make closing tight.