Finding Fairies
Marjorie Barrows

When the winds of March are wakening
The crocuses and crickets,
Did you ever find a fairy near
Some budding little thickets,
A-straightening her golden wings and
combing out her hair?
She's there!
And when she sees you creeping up
To get a closer peek
She tumbles through the daffodils,
A-playing hide and seek,
And creeps into the tulips till
You can't find where she's hid?
Mine did!
Have you ever, ever come across
A little toadstool elf
A-reading by a firefly lamp
And laughing to himself,
Or a saucy fairy queen upon
Her favorite dragonfly?
So've I!
It's fun to see a fairy flutter
Off a catkin boat,
And wrap her fairy baby in
A pussy willow coat;
Oh, don't you love the fairies
And their fairy babies, too?  I do!

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Puck  Lost and Found
Lewis Carroll
Puck has fled the haunts of men;
Ridicule has made him wary:
In the woods and down the glen,
No one meets a fairy!

Cream! the greedy Goblin cries
Empties that deserted dairy--
Steals the spoons and of he flies
Still we seek our Fairy!

Ah! What form is entering?
Love lit eyes and laughter airy
Is not this a better thing,
Child, whose visit thus I sing.
             Even than of fairy?           


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