Mr. Nobody

I know of funny little man,
As quiet at is a mouse,
Who does the mischief that is done
In everybody's house!
There's no one ever sees his face,
And yet we all agree
That every plate we break was cracked
By Mr. Nobody.


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'Tis he who always tears our books,
Who leaves the door ajar,
He pulls the buttons from our shirts,
And scatters pins afar;
That squeaking door will always squeak,
For, prithee, don't you see,
We leave the oiling to be done
By  Mr. Nobody.

The finger marks upon the door
By none of us are made;
We leave the blinds unclosed,
To let the curtains fade.
The ink we never spill; the boots
That lying round you see
Are not our boots--they all belong
To Mr. Nobody

Christmas Greetings
[From A Fairy To A Child]

Lewis Carroll

Lady dear, if fairies may
For a moment lay aside
Cunning tricks in elves play,
'Tiss at happy Christmas tide.

We have heard the children say-
Gentle children, whom we love-
Long ago on Christmas-Day
Came a message from above.

Still, as Christmas-tide it comes around,
They remember it again-
Echoes filled the joyful sound
"Peace on earth goodwill to men!"

Yet the hearts must child-like be
Where such heavenly guests abide,
Unto children, in their glee,
All the chill year is Christmas-tide.

Thus, forgetting tricks and play
for a moment, lady dear,
We will wish you, if we may
Merry Christmas, glad New Year.







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