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Building-integrated Photovoltaic Power
Building-integrated Photovoltaic Power
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Recent Photovoltaic accomplishments

(Various PV jobs Robert Warren has done around the world)

106 Kilowatts total, from1760 Kaneka PV modules
Robert Warren doing final commissioning, Birmingham, UK

Alexander Stadium, Birmingham (106 kilowatts)
Robert setting up the largest PV system in England

What a job!

This is the largest photovoltaic system in the United Kindom! This photo was taken on the last day of installing modules. You can only see about 1/4 of the 1720 Kaneka amorphous silicon modules in htis view. Here, I am hooking up the data connnectors for the calibrated raditaion sensors.  
This 106-kilowatt system took less than two months to install, complete! 
 Customer: N-Power and Birmingham City Council
 Building: A new indoor Olympic Sports training facility
 System Designer: Andy Bodycombe, Solar Century, London
 Project manager / installation and commissioning engineer: Robert Warren
 Installed Cost: 396,000.
 Projected output:  +80 Megawatts/year.
 Carbon dioxide Greenhouse gases displaced: 51 tons/year

A Solar Powered Apartment Complex

This is a grid-connected Photovoltaic installation
These 15 homes have PV as well as solar thermal and daylighting features.

Robert Warren installing Astropower 90 watt module
Intelligent design makes for an easy installation!

An off-grid solar-wind hybird system in London
This Unisolar roof produces 2 kilowatts of electricity. Click on photo to find out more!

Monks at the new Bokar Monastery in remote Tibet
This is the first monastery built in Tibet in 40 years, and is solar powered.

Bokar Monastery, Tibet
Robert Warren designed this 4-kilowatt PV system to provide lights for this Tibetan Monastery.

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