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Curriculum Vitae
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Robert Warren on the job in London

 Robert Warren

PO Box 73982,

San Clemente, Ca 92673

mobile 949-212-5852

Objective: Designing and installing grid -connected and off-grid solar electrical systems for various power requirments.

Solar Century Holdings, Ltd. (Aug. 2000--April 2003)
Senior Engineer
London, England 

Providing quotes, design and project management of commercial photovoltaic installations, from 10 kWp to 100 kWp for Sainsburys, Texaco, Oxford University, N-Power, Canon UK, BBC TV, UK Dept. of Trade & Industry, etc.

Special expertise in Trace and Sunnyboy inverters, solar data monitoring and all types of batteries.

Off grid systems included hybrid wind & PV, as well as custom PV/ hybrid designs for the Ferrari Formula-One support team, and Cambridge Univ.

 American Energy Technologies, (Projects Manager)
Jacksonville, Florida
Sales, engineering, and project management for photovoltaic installations. Other duties included product development and nation-wide distributor development. Major accomplishments included design and installation of solar projects in Jamaica and the Bahamas. References available. Completed a 40-hour grid inter-tie training course with BP Solar.

June 1999 to Feb. 2000 

Power Design, Inc (Service Manager)

Huntington Beach, CA

Sales, repair and maintenance of Uninterruptible Power Systems for large computer networked systems. Power Design is Southern California's largest Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) sales and service centre. Duties included sales, contracting, and servicing clients' UPS equipment. In March, '97, I successfully completed 120 hours of advanced electronic training with Toshiba in Houston, Texas, specifically, troubleshooting inverter and rectifier circuits.
Accomplishments included writing and completing service contracts for the US Army, the US Navy, and Pacific Bell, for UPS's up 500 KVA(400 KW). Service customers included Toshiba America, Toyota Motors, Airtouch Cellular, UCLA, TRW, Calif. Highway Patrol, KHNL-TV, Boeing, Dexter Aerospace, Union Bank of Calif., First American Bank, and many others.

I wrote and managed a contract for the US Navy, replacing a 500 KW/Hr. battery bank, and servicing their 500 KVA UPS on a two-year contract.  1996-- 1998

Dependable Power Supply, Owner

Ashland, Oregon
Renewable energy and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

Contracting for Best Power, Inc, as a factory service technician, troubleshooting Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS). Clients included hospitals, police, television media and banking industry service work. Established sales and service contracts with various banks, hospitals, Jackson Co. Courthouse, US Dept. of Agriculture, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Channel 5 TV, and Medford Police 911.

 I took several service training courses with Best Power Technology  in 1990, 1991, and 1993. In year 2000, I completed 80 hours of training for the latest generations of single phase and 3-phase UPSs at Best Power (Invensys).

As a private contractor, I provided photovoltaic design and installation for many off-grid photovoltaic systems and solar water pumping projects.

 Rocky Mountain Institute, (Solar Consultant) 

Snowmass, Colorado 
(Contract work on various finite projects) Duties include maintaining and upgrading several photovoltaic and solar thermal systems, implementation of an energy data monitoring system, and writing an instruction/operations manual for same. Designed and installed a solar UPS for a computer network with 30 + workstations. I have been their primary solar contractor for over three years. Also, living and working in China was an independent project completed on behalf of RMI.
Working periods: Intermittently from April 2, 1996--Nov. 29, 1999

New Tech Marine (Project Manager)
Guanzhou, China 511458
Project was designing and specifying solar and utility resources for a prototype disaster recovery module. I also engineered a highly reliable, failsafe 3 KW PV system for very remote area in Tibet. I lived and worked in China for 6 months (contract work, on behalf of Rocky Mountain Institute). Dec. 1, 1999- June 1, 1999

Heliotrope, Inc. (Photovoltaic Products Manager) 
Spring Valley, Calif. 
Solar product design period: June, 1996-September, 1996 (short term contract)
Heliotrope is a well established photovoltaic electronics manufacturer, best known for their pioneering development of PWM charge controllers. My accomplishments included application-oriented design of an integrated PV Power Center /controller, as well as customer assistance and contributing strategies for global marketing.

Utility Free, Inc. (Vice President) 

Basalt, Colorado  

Accomplishments: Substantial contributor and editor responsible for publishing a 104 page solar energy catalogue, the Utility Free Source Book. Sales accomplishments include PV and UPS contracts (and providing service) with Aspen Ski Co, Vail Associates, City of Aspen, US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Institute, Adkins Homes, Inc. (Florida), and numerous solar systems to homeowners throughout the US. Provided engineering consulting to the Ukraine State Academy of Physics in Nov. 1995, assisting in setting up a solar energy research laboratory at the Odessa University facility. Responsible for the design and installation of various sophisticated solar thermal and photovoltaic systems with data logging capabilities. Job duties included installation and service of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) as well as solar systems.

Arcade Water District, Sacramento, California

Electrician/Water Treatment Plant Manager:
Responsible for maintenance, water quality, and repair of American River Water Treatment Plant (a 50,000,000 gal/day facility) and 50 deep well
pumps, turbines, & chlorination stations.

College Education: BS in Physics, California State Univ. Sacramento, June, 1973.
Various speciality-engineering courses (electrical systems, hydrology, and water treatment chemistry and processes) at American River College and Sacramento City College, post graduate, 1977-1978, leading to a Grade II State Water Treatment licence. 

Computer Skills:
Proficient in Windows 98, 2000, NT, MacIntosh 7.5,
Excel 5.0, Microsoft Office, Netscape, MS Outlook, Powerpoint, Sales Logix, & much more. 
Training and experience using PV-Syst, Energy10, Size PV, & System Spec (software design tools for sizing / engineering photovoltaic and heating systems).

Language Skills: Basic language skills in French, Spanish and Russian.

Two teaching credentials (California Community Colleges, 1976 & 1978

Personal: Vegetarian, non-smoker.  Age 50.