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Electec, St. Maartin, Netherlands Antilles
Electrically, the best in the Caribbean!



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Electrically, the best in the Caribbean

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Electec: - Servicing Mastervolt dealer, power electronics / generators, photovoltaics

Waterfront Rd 25A

Cole Bay

St. Maarten

Netherland Antilles

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Electec N.V. is proud of their continued representation of Mastervolt, and of  being recognized as the First Energy Shop in the Caribbean

This island home gets 90% of its energy from the sun! 

This island home is 100% energy independent! Robert Warren mounted the PV system on a concrete pad to ensure it is well secured in case of a hurricane. The thermal panel in front provides solar hot water, and the 960 watt PV system provides reliable solar electricity, stored in deep cycle batteries. 

If you are planning to build a home in the Caribbean, or already have a home but  rely on all your electricity from a generator, then you need to look into getting a solar electrical system. It is quiet, doesn't use any fuel, and best of all, it gives you clean and reliable electricity 24 hours a day, 7 days/week.

Photovoltaic (PV) is the term for making electricity from sunlight. This will work for both grid connection and stand alone requirements. We can also provide you with a reliable solar back-up source of power in case of electrical outages. We work with architects, developers and home-owners. We offer clients a complete package from load analysis, system design, system supply to installation and warranty.  Electec supplies a full range of  PV modules, Mastervolt inverters, controllers, meters, and batteries, providing excellent reliability and value for your off-grid home.

If you are planning a new home, please write or call to discuss your needs and ideas. There are certain limitations to running a home on PV: it is usually too expensive to try to run air conditioning, or a large scale desalination system. But there are always ways of making your new home energy efficient and comfortable. You may be connected to the grid or running entirely off-grid with a diesel backup system. You can see various options here on our Electec web site. 

Floating a new solar electric boathouse to a Mastervolt PV customer.

This is a 1,000 watt, roof mounted PV system on a boathouse: a complete Mastervolt system, providing power for a remote island home. It replaces an old diesel generator. This innovative system allowed the homeowner to locate his PV system in full sun, provide shelter for his boat, and still keep all his large trees to shade the house.

Electec is a factory dealer for all Mastervolt products, as well as carrying thousands of hard-to-find specialty electrical and electronic parts.

Electec NV was founded in the early 90's and started out in a 45 square metre warehouse on the island of St. Maarten. Today the facility is located in a building 10 times that size, situated on the waterfront in the southeast corner of Simpson Bay Lagoon. Electec has the largest retail stock of electrical equipment, parts and components in the northeast Caribbean.

They now boast a full time staff of over 30 people and a fleet of service vehicles and yacht tenders. Electec has a team of experienced personnel that can provide service and support for all Mastervolt products from battery chargers to generators, inverters and instrumentation. Their facilities have dedicated electrical and mechanical workshop areas with skilled and qualified technicians available in house for consultation and repairs. Their team of marine technicians work 6 days a week and will make themselves available outside normal working hours for emergency repairs.