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albums ~ b-sides/promos


Stanford Prison Experiment
released on World Domination

  1. Disbelief
  2. Take It
  3. Written Apology
  4. Super Monkey
  5. Get On
  6. Course
  7. What's An Epidemic
  8. Mr. Teacher Dad
  9. It's Expected I'm Gone
  10. Frozen
  11. Sheepshit
  12. Rob Hates

The Gato Hunch
released on World Domination

  1. You're the Vulgarian
  2. Repeat Removal
  3. (Very) Put Out
  4. Cansado
  5. Flap
  6. So Far So Good
  7. El Nuevo
  8. The Accomplice
  9. Hardcore Idiot
  10. Swoon
  11. Worst Case Scenario
  12. Bonus Track - Political Speech
    by activist Noam Chomsky

released on Island Records

  1. Compete
  2. Contusion
  3. I'm A War
  4. Hightower
  5. Fine Line
  6. Extinguisher
  7. But Of Course
  8. Babyticker
  9. Nails That Stick Up Get
    Hammered Down
  10. Machaca
  11. Burner
  12. Spin
  13. Sweet Talk
  14. Written Apology


Mr. Teacher Dad (7" World Domination)
green vinyl. malcolm x looking guy on the cover.
A. mr. teacher dad
B. opey of the masses.

Take It/Slip (7" World Domination)
blue cover w/ black block lettering.
A. take it
B. slip (old song that doesn't even sound like them. mario has a much different tone in his voice)

Super Monkey (World Domination promo)
1. super monkey (radio remix) * 4:30
2. opey of the masses (from the mr. teacher dad 7" single) 3:59 (great song!)
3. little dragons (previously unreleased) 4:41
4. super monkey (ecko intensive sucker rock radio edit) * 4:04
* remixed and edited by steve fisk

Disbelief (World Domination cd single)
Disbelief, Got it wrong, Slip and What's an epidemic ( live)

Gato Hunch (World Domination promo)
no cover, clear tray w/ no real art, track list on back, disc looks different.
songs are the same but it lacks the speach at the end.

Gato Hunch (World Domination promo)
same as the one you can buy but it is in a cardboard case.
(this is what they were tossing out from the stage on the last Rage tour ~ Spiral)

Cansado (single)
no cover, clear tray w/ similar art as the first Gato Hunch. promo mentioned.
the extra songs on here are covers that were in the running for the slot won by worst case scenario.
original artists of the songs are noted adjacent to track title.
1. cansado
2. going up (echo and the bunnymen)
3. worst case scenario (babyland: old band featuring certain s.p.e. members)
4. natural's not in it (gang of four)

selections from Wrecreation (Island promo)
black cover w/ big white block lettering. disc looks similar to final album.
1. fine line 4:22
2. i'm a war 3:03
3. burner 2:15

Compete (single)
orange cover with the four pics of the guys from the wrec. poster on the bottom. black disc.
new pic on the back of the cd.
1. compete 3:25

SPE/Quicksand split single
A. SPE - "You're the Vulgarian" (limited edition cover shown)
B. Quicksand - "Thorn in my side".

Soul Arch - the theologian compilation.
this is a compilation from what "i believe" was the band's first label(not sure). bullets on the front. songs are live!!! pretty good quality too.
1. disbelief
2. frozen
3. mr. teacher dad