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SPE live STANFORD PRISON EXPERIMENT is currently not on tour.

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Past Info/News/Rumors

February 19, 2001.....

  • the SPE will join many other bands this Sunday, Feb 25th to take part in a benefit for The Children of the Night orginization. The show will also be a webcast and will take place @ Mr. T's in Los Angelas, CA.
    The webcast will be carried @
    For a complete rundown of the bands playing, and other info, go to

    as always, more news as i recieve it..............

December 9, 2000.....

  • the SPE show on January 5th has been changed. The new show is Saturday, January 6th at Mr. T's Bowl, 5621 1/2 N. Figueroa Ave. Highland Park CA.
    The current lineup looks like this: earlimart @ 9pm, autolux @ 10pm, distortion felix @ 11pm, SPE @ 12pm, and vaz @ 1am.
    for more info, use one of the following phone numbers: (323) 256-7561 or (323) 960-5693 <

    August 31, 2000.....

    • Yes, it's been awhile since i've updated. Unfortunately not a whole lot of news though, but here is a little bit.
      First off, the SPE is playing again. The next show is Saturday, October 28th, 2000 @ SPACELAND in Silver Lake, with BABYLAND and 400 BLOWS so make it if you can.
      Secondly, Mario himself dropped me a line to let me know that SPE is still mixing/about to mix the forthcoming album and not to expect anything till next year "But we may get some tunes out on"
      So, there you have it. maybe some holiday teaser to wet the SPE whistle.

    January 19, 2000.....

    • SPE frontman Mario Jimenez reports that the new album is completed but will take a while to mix. he also said it is a new sound for SPE. No word on a title or possible release date.

      If you haven't noticed the email has changed again. I had to rebuild my pc and i lost/forgot the password for the email. Yes, i tried to get it from them, but i guess i also forgot all of the fake info i put on the registration form. oh well. any emails sent to the between the 1st of the year and Jan 19th, i will not get. Please resend to the new email -

    December 4, 1999.....

    • SPE frontman Mario Jimenez states that "the Stanford Prison Experiment will  start recording album #4 on December 13th". Although still without a label, the band will move forward with the new album. no eta date, song titles or anything else so far, but as soon as that information is available i will post it.

    • the Last SPE show of the Millenium will be Saturday, December 18th at the Troubador in LA with Fu Manchu.

    • SPE drummer Davey Latter can still be caught playing gigs with Fireball Ministry

    do you have any SPE news, fill us in