About Me.

Name : Aaron McDonald

Aka: Bobafett

Age: 21

Well, I'm 21, and have finally finished studying Computer Science at Sussex University in England. I've been interested in computers from a very early age, playing around on my mum's Amstrad CPC 464 with games and programming in BASIC alot (infact at this moment I own a CPC6128!). I also own an Amiga 1200 and a PC for which I use for programming and of course games. I'm very interested in cars as you may have guessed and regularly purchase Practical Classics magazine.

I'm a great fan of science fiction series and films and love the Star Wars trilogy, the X-files and Doctor Who. Sometimes I'm a bit partial to a nice beer now and again, well a bit more than now and again actually!

By clicking on the link below you can see a few shots of my car - JLA 758K, and some info on it:

My Rapier

If you ever want to talk to me through E-Mail or real time feel free, I'm an easy going sort of guy. You can E-mail me on: bespin@clara.net (Note this is a new email address and should be used from now on).

I'm sometimes found on a place called MONO - a very good Bulletin board/Real-time talk service. Using telnet, call up:

telnet electron.mono.org

My user name is greedo or bobafett on MONOCHROME if you are interested. If you want a bit more information on MONO then click on the links below:

Monochrome Web Ring (join)


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