Your cars.

This is where you come in. I'm looking for as many Sunbeam Fastback Rapier/Alpine owners out there to send me their pictures of their beloved cars, so that I can feature them right here on this very page! You can write a little paragraph explaining about your car, and I will put it all on this page along with your name etc if you wish. All you have to do, is send me a picture of your car, along with the relevent details. Details of my adresss are given at the bottom of this page

  • Steve's Fastback Alpine
  • Leif Gaarde's Fastback Rapier
  • Peter Attwood's Fastback Rapier
  • Jason Copland's Fastback Rapier
  • Sam Frank's Fastback Rapier
  • David GreenField's Fastback Targa Top
  • You can send me details of your car in one of the following two ways:


    Sending me a photgraph and the details by post, along with your address so I can send the photo back. I will then scan the photograph in colour and put it on the web page. I will return any photos you send me, so don't worry about that!

    Send all post to the following address:

  • 30 De Chardin Drive,
  • Hastings,
  • East Sussex,
  • TN34 2UD,
  • OR


    Email me a picture tagged onto the end of an email (if you know how to do this). The picture can be in just about any format (I can convert them to the relevent format), such as JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, ILBM etc etc.

    Email me them to the usual address:

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