The Dark Art of:

demetrios vakras

Demetrios Vakras was born in Melbourne in 1962. He has been painting
       with oil paints since 1977 and has never wavered from his elucidation of the bizarre,
       fantastic and surreal. He is self-taught.

       His art rejects the notion that art is expression at the expense of technique, for every
       one of us has something to express and that would make us all artists. He maintains
       that unless you have an understanding of what has been expressed in the past you
       are likely to repeat it, worse still repeat it badly. There is no effort required in painting
       badly and it is just as easy to redefine what had hitherto not been defined as art as
       being art - after all Marcel Duchamp did. But, that was novel and could only ever
       have been done once! That there is persistence in repeating what Duchamp did 80+ years ago
       demonstrates the historical vacuum within which art tends to hover. Andy Warhol and
       pop-art were already anachronisms well before they ever came to be! Marcel
       Duchamp had already exhibited his mass-produced urinal (Fountain) as art in 1917!

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